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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:00 pm || Meets with Mayors on reducing teen violence
7:30 pm || Hosts a reception for the March on Washington

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

37 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 27, 2013

  1. Welcome back, Keith! Q? for BHO. Has this guy ever worked one day in his privileged life? Done one thing for anyone? Volunteered? BHO is the DNNNfAEM! Object lesson:WKYLT!

  2. Welcome back, Keith.

    Meeting with mayors on reducing teen violence? Let me guess, more flagellation of the decent, hardworking American citizen for our “gun culture”. Rush made a great comparison last week. Putting the blame for shootings on guns, is like blaming lynchings on the rope. What Preezy Revenge and these mayors really need to discuss is how to address the immoral thug culture that is destroying the lives of generations of American children.

      • When I learned that one of the three kids who shot that Australian man had a mother in jail, I wondered if they look at who will be minding the kids when putting someone in jail. Is there a home visit? If there is no one there and the kid(s) will basically be on their own, isn’t there some group house situation that could be required–where they might encounter a stricter authority? I don’t mean put the kid in jail–but at least see that the kid has someone, whether that kid wants anyone or not..

  3. You’re back!

    And your front!

    They’re both here!

    Sorry about all the empty kegs we left all over the place…kidding! Kidding!

    Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back Keith. Just in time to watch Obama lend a hand to AQ and try to topple another ME dictator. Uh maybe — depending on what the girls say – Susan, Sam, President Valerie.

  5. ‘Bout time! (friendly joke)

    And what is your opinion on Miley Cyrus? (friendly joke)

    There are chemical weapons in Syria with threats of imminent war…and the Drudge top story is something about Miley Cyrus?

    REALLY? That is the most important news release in the US?!?!?!

    Yesterday was National Dog Day (per my niece) and I must say, I prefer dogs to most people – and nowadays, I think my dogs are smarter than most people I know or read about.

  6. Yes, welcome back !
    Just read Kerrys sharp words about the situation in Syria.
    Kerry: We just witnessed the shocking, inmoral slaughter of civilians. Now we have to respond with some moral slaughter of civilians.
    Well, many dead civilians may very well be the result , and then the media willl be without mercy. Obamas halo may be too rusty to use anymore. I believe that is his real fear. That´s why he is dithering.

  7. How nice, party time at the WhiteHouse again.

    BTW, that purple stain on the carpet was there before we had the cheese and wine-tasting party.

  8. The Brits are gearing up.

    Britain’s armed forces are making contingency plans for a possible military strike against the Assad regime to deter the “abhorrent” use of chemical weapons, Downing Street has confirmed.

    Amid expectations that David Cameron will announce that parliament is to be recalled later this week to discuss the Syrian crisis, No 10 indicated that Britain and the US would not be bound by the findings of the UN weapons team which inspected the Damascus suburb hit in the chemical attack.


  9. “PDB at 10:15am”…?
    Seems alittle ‘late’ for a PDB. By 10:15am the US and most of the world has already started their workday.
    Does anyone in the Obama WH know that Syria is +7hrs ahead of DC?

    (if I was a Syrian trouble maker I would do attack/blow stuff up early in morning DC time. Obama wouldnt know about it for hours! -lol)

  10. Does Obama ever work? The most powerful office in the world and this he only has 3 scheduled appointments and one is a reception? I would love to see a comparison between the amount of actual work between Obama and Bush. I would Bet Bush accomplished 3-4 times or more the actual amount of work that Obama accomplishes.

    Maybe Keith should post Valerie Jarrett’s schedule instead since she is the De Facto President anyway.

  11. His schedule has to be brief. Never mind Syria and Egypt, he and President Jarrett have to work on his MLK “I AM the dream” speech for tomorrow. (His Friday college speech had 111 I’s in it)

  12. He’s meeting with the mayors on how to reduce teen violence? Brilliant. What will they do after their big meeting SOLVES that problem? Stupid politicians think having meetings is doing something.

    • why don’t he make time in his “busy schedule” to call the families of those who were recently killed because of their skin color?
      um.. I forgot, they must be black victims only…

  13. Welcome back Mr. Koffler. Ya know, you blew my “right wing conspiracy” theory when Sean Hannity went back to work yesterday, and you didn’t. And here I was hoping you guys were going to take over and fix it…

    Thanks for bringing the business. Let’s get to it;

    “10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing”

    Consist of “Mr. President, you’re wonderful and all your critics are racist heathens. Please continue your good work and command us to victory over the Americans!”

    2:00 pm || Meets with Mayors on reducing teen violence
    Here’s a thought. Give them something to do. Like WORK. You know, Mr. Prezzy, that thing you killed for the kids with your Obamacare, minimum wage hikes, constantly threatening businesses and telling them they can’t make profits, onerous and unnecessary – and sometimes politically motivated – regulatory strangulation? THAT work?

    N.B. to Obama – Telling the kids Travon is a hero and that cops act “stupidly” does little to reduce “teen violence”. Neither does setting such a shining example by acting lawlessly YOURSELF, then calling “racist” every time someone suggests that maybe one of your illegal activities is, well, illegal. Just sayin’…

    7:30 pm || Hosts a reception for the March on Washington

    We all know you love the divisive stuff, Prezzy. Always glad to keep the hate flowing, nicht wahr? Worked pretty well for dictators past, yes? Set aside the inconveinent truths, such as you wouldn’t have your job if White people followed the racist voting patterns that you accuse them of (that Black people follow); that the best way to stop discrimination on the basis of race (in the words of Justice Roberts in an affirmative action case) is to (drum roll) STOP DISCRIMINATING ON THE BASIS OF RACE; that prosecuting real or perceived White (or “White Hispanic”, as the case may be) on Black violence vigourously while ignoring actual race-based Black on White violence doesn’t lend itself to racial harmony or equality under the law; that the hated figures of the “civil rights era” (cf. Bull Conner, George Wallace, the KKK) were ALL DEMOCRATS; but ESPECIALLY, ignore the fact that TODAY’S Whites did NOT abuse Black people during slavery, nor were TODAY’S Black people EVER enslaved.

    Ignore ALL these things and MORE (such as slavery is flourishing in Black and Arab countries), and just keep the flame of hate burning in “your” people, and this can be a LIFETIME thing – as long as you don’t push the military over the edge like your buddy Morsi did, or anything…

    Best to keep your power. A man with nothing but hate in his heart has nothing else to turn to…

    I will pray for you, that you may yet turn from your evil, and for all of us to be saved from it as well. You have made such a mess that only G_d can fix it, at this point…

    • Not to worry cincy–I am sure he will pivot (evolve?) tomorrow and say, “Let’s cast aside all the drivel about what color person killed what other color person and quit blaming people or weapons of violence for bad actions. Martin Luther King was concerned about all wronged or poor people–black or white. I am calling on all educated, working Americans to contribute to their communities–to reach down and pull up…. That was his dream–not all this petty wrangling.

  14. Welcome back, Keith! Thanks for leaving the door unlocked. We kept the noise down to a decent level and didn’t even raid the tea trolley. No complaints from the neighbors, either.

    Meanwhile, looks like another typical day at the WH. A bored community organizer passing the time of day while waiting to give his next ‘speech’ and counting the hours til his next golf game.