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Open Thread || Monday, August 26, 2013


Due to unforeseen circumstances that I should have foreseen, I will be away from the blog for one more day, returning Tuesday instead of Monday. So have fun with another open thread, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.


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  1. Keith! Are you becoming a closet democrat, extending weekends by some surreptitious legerdemain? Just kidding. Hope everything is copacetic in your venue.

  2. In a long article bemoaning the fact that the new CEO of the New York Times likes to keep his eye on the newsroom, an interesting anecdote reveals executive editor Jill Abramson has a special vacation destination when she wants to unwind: Cuba.


    Deep in the story we find this passage (emphasis added):

    In February, when the staff held farewell parties for two popular veteran (and, by Times standards, expensive) editors, Jon Landman and Jim Roberts, who had been encouraged to take buyouts, Abramson left on a trip to Cuba with her sister. “I remember at one point Jill announcing she was leaving on this vacation because she was exhausted by all the tension of the buyout,” says a colleague. “Oh, I’m sorry, it was even harder for the people who were leaving.”

    So, here we learn that the executive editor of what is purported to be the premier American newspaper, the New York Times, thinks the oppresive Communist utopia of Cuba is the best place to unwind.

      • if obambo had an adopted dad, he’d look like this scumbag!
        btw: wasn’t this maniacal racist awarded with a tv show?
        .. sounds like was intoxicated during his appropriate arrest.
        should have checked his blood for drugs..

  3. Hope all is well Keith. Take care and don’t worry, the open thread is a big hit and the regulars have done a terrific job of holding the fort down.

  4. I’m not sure if anybody covered this in the earlier thread but Sir Putts A Lot went golfing again today. It was round #141 since becoming Preezy and 30th time in 2013.

      • While Preezy Revenge Puttsed alot, MO and girls attended the U. S. Open and took in The Trip to Bountiful on Broadway. A study in black heritage. The Obamas do not make any pretense of a together family.

        • I personally don’t care if they all go their sep ways except for the gasoline and protection costs–and those stupid Mother’s and Father’s Day mag covers of how great they are.

    • (Potential) Quote of the Day || August 26, 2013
      “…are there any Syrian goals planned? Ya know….uh…when I took your question, uh…. I thought you asked…uh…. are there any serious golf plans?”
      – Barack Obama
      A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote but the week is just getting started!

      • Ha! I saw that too this morning. Of the 1,242 days he has left in office, any guesses on how many of those he’ll be on the golf course?

          • I agree. Best case scenario, Obummer stays on the golf course or on vacation for the next three plus years. We’re also a lot better off when Congress isn’t there either.

        • He’s on pace for about 240 or so. But that pace has definitely picked up this year now that he doesn’t have to pretend for the voters that he gives two shoots in Schaumberg.

          I’ll put him at 260 total, assuming he doesn’t resign or get thrown out of office early.

          • hmmm Keith needs to make this a contest.. guess how many time BO (not the dog) will golf this year. Double bonus if you get the # of times btwn Andrews and Ft Belvoir. Special bonus if he puts at a pvt course near DC.

      • No worries. Prezzy will happily kill for his Sunni brethren, once someone tells him that Alawite is a Sunni offshoot. They didn’t have them in Indonesia where HE grew up, and Kerry probably doesn’t know the difference, so it might take him a minute; but, when the politically opportune time comes around (think Bill Clinton firing tomahawks at tents in the desert whenever Lewinsky’s name came up), he will CHEERFULLY kill Shi’ite Muslims so HIS Sunni buds can dominate and rape whoever’s left…

        And I mean rape.

        Yup. Ladies, get in da Sunnah, or you’re fair game. Christian, Shia, Alawite, whatever; once Obama start flingin’ the missiles, his Muslim Brotherhood folk on the ground in Syria will have your back. And front. And whatever ELSE they want…

        The Angry Caliph is actually quite predictable in these matters, but just remember that his #1 priority is HIM; so the variable is when HE thinks the political timing works for HIS purposes. Other than that, sorry, all Non-Sunni must die in HIS world, sooner or later, and if he can use American taxpayer money to make it happen – so much more it pleases him.

        Woe is America that one such as this can rise to power. And the rest of the world will pay for our folly…

  5. Apropros of nothing, here’s a reflection on the weekend MLK “speech celebration” festivites;

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. ”


    Well, Dr;

    “But, the most disgraceful part of the whole protest rally was the fact that in the area of the State House plaza where the people were gathered, stands a statue of America’s first president, George Washington, and the South Carolina NAACP, which organized the rally, went so far at to construct a plywood box, cover it with black cloth, and place it around the statue so the statue was out of sight of the rally attendees. What kind of mindless, hateful action was this?

    I attempted to contact the South Carolina NAACP in the hopes of getting a statement from them on why they chose to do such a juvenile thing, but the contact form on their website was a dead link, and the message I left on their telephone answering machine requesting a call back for comment was not returned. So, I am left to remark on this backward behavior without their response, even though there is no good answer as to why they did this.

    The fact is the NAACP does not want black Democrat voters to be free of hatred for white people. That organization thrives and makes its living on keeping black people divided against white people. Conservatives have long hoped that black people who blindly vote Democrat generation after generation would wake up and see that the policies of the Democrat party are not at all in their best interests. Keeping a hatred for white people and an entitlement mentality ingrained in the minds of their black constituents is crucial for the well-being of the NAACP and the Democrat party.”

    And a litte more, eh, anti-content bias;

    “He sees it in the comments of radio host Tom Joyner, who told his millions of listeners a year ago, “Let’s not even deal with facts right now. Let’s deal with our blackness and pride — and loyalty. . I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that as black people, we should do it because he’s a black man.”

    The actor Samuel L. Jackson said much the same thing: “I voted for Barack because he was black,” he told Ebony magazine. “Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them.”

    In 2011, as black unemployment continued to rise, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus said that if Clinton was still president, “we probably would be still marching on the White House . (but) nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president.”

    And just last week, the rapper Snoop Dogg posted a list of voting reasons, written by someone else, on a social media account. No. 1 on his pro-Obama list: He’s black. Snoop’s top reason to not vote for Romney: He’s white.”–election.html

    Keep dreaming, Dr. King, keep dreaming…

      • The actor Samuel L. Jackson said much the same thing: “I voted for Barack because he was black,” he told Ebony magazine. “Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them.”

        He was equally thoughtful on the dopey recap show for BREAKING BAD, saying he admired Walter White for taking matters into his own hands when he found out he had cancer. Walter was also a teacher with insurance and maybe it wasn’t the “Caddy,” but most people don’t decide on a life of crime when they get sick.

        • I might add–Esp when so doing will bring down a rain of psychotic assassins on your family, who otherwise might have had to get a payment plan on some leftover medical bills.

    • It’s not that Black people don’t notice it as well. I’m not normally a fan of the TV show “Boondocks”, but THIS episode is a nice “What If” as to what Dr. King would think of “his” people if he could come back now (that “now” being before The Black Messiah’s “now”), and is rather brutally honest. WARNING! The creator of this show – being Black and “proud” – DOES use the “N” word frequently, and is rather fond of stereotypes.

      He also makes some good points, though, that are even MORE relevant today…

    • Ok, let’s all play the ‘race’ game. I didn’t vote ‘against’ the half-black guy – I voted for the ‘American’ guy, John McCain. It just kinda made sense that nothing good would come from an unknown entity with a murky background and a teleprompter who called himself Barack Hussein Obama. Tried it again four years later – same outcome.
      The upcoming ‘race’ speech on Wed at the Lincoln Memorial will be as surreal as the Gettysburg Express before the first inauguration. Has nothing to do with the price of beans. It would be a magnanimous gesture if the masquerader who is posing as POTUS would apologize for ‘his people’ in So Carolina who had the audacity to erect a box around our Founding Father and covered him with a black cloth. I won’t hold my breath.

  6. Re: Cuba….On August 22nd the US diplomatic mission in Havana issued an alert on cholera. Appears Cuba does not want to talk about it because it will hurt their tourist business. My source is …the blog…The Real Cuba.

  7. Prezzy’s schedule today:

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (UPI) — President Obama will award U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Ty M. Carter the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry in Afghanistan, the White House said Monday.

    The daily schedule also indicated Obama will:

    — Receive, with Vice President Joe Biden, the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office.

    — Meet with faith leaders to discuss the anniversary of the March on Washington, civil rights and equality, voting rights and closing the gap on education, unemployment and access to healthcare.

    — Meet with the 2013 Urban Debate National Tournament champions, part of the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues in the Oval Office.

    Read more:

    • I wonder if Amb. Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith will ever receive posthumous Medals of Honor for lives lost as a result of Presidential cowardice.

      • I wonder if Obama will be able to get through his “historic” speech Wednesday without mentioning Trayvon Martin and Skip Gates, and if “his people” will attempt to bus in enough people to surpass the size of the crowd that hear MLK 50 years ago.

        (…and if O.F.A. will be selling copies of the speech to further fund Obama’s campaign style campaign…)

      • I have thought of this too..and they should receive the medals of honor; maybe after this sleeze is gone, the next pres can award them!

      • I wonder if when the truth of the rape and removal of The Ambassadors genatalia …The American will be able to muster up a little outrage or question why they were cremated before being returned home.

  8. Hope all is well, Keith. We miss your insight into the events of the day. Know it’s not a laughing matter, but had to smile when I saw the Drudge headline this morning. A picture of the sissy Steve Urkel Preezy Revenge above the caption “U.S. Ready to Follow on Syria”. In my opinion, this regime should butt out of Syria. He and his cabal of malcontents and misfits have already done enough damage to our reputation around the world. Back when Preezy was pontificating about arming the rebels (aka al Qaeda associates), Sarah Palin suggested our Syrian policy should be, “Let Allah sort it out.” I agree with her.

    • Mostly, Keith, we all hope you are well and there is just a little problem with your travel VISA that the state department can quickly fix. OTOH, the state department and the Obama administration would just as soon keep you out of the country.

    • Susan, I just read Toby Youngs article in The Daily Telegraph , “Syria, why the evidence for intervention is now overwhelming”. Young sounded like a megaphone for that foolish Obama buddy, Cameron. And then I read the comments. They are overwhelmingly against any intervention at all. They distrust the governments, they don´t believe that Assad did it, the motives are lacking, or, if he did it, it´s still none of our business. I hear the same thing over here when reading comments. People do not want any war. However politicians live in a parallell universe and are trying their dirty tricks and propaganda. It´s crazy, we have to set our hopes on a politician as distasteful as Putin to stop this madness. Or are the war drums beating just to save Obamas red-line credibility ? Good heavens.

      • I saw a Reuters poll where only 9% of the US wants intervention in Syria, 60% does not. Syria is the brightest and most shiny ‘squirrel’ out there, even for some Republicans. Obama is going to ‘confer’ with Congress, and Republican Speaker of the House Boehner is happy about that. You see, it gives all of them an out from dealing with Obamacare, the NSA spying, the IRS, and Benghazi. I hope I haven’t overburdened you with American politics, SwedishLady. Oh, and if Mon. Hollander of France needs to distract from all of the problems from his socialist regime, let him fly solo.

        • Oh of course, Julie, I overlooked that explanation. You mean it happens because the government wants it to happen and it might be… the CIA and similar agencies involved ? Like wag the dog ? But an intervention seems to be so extremely unpopular among people, Americans and Europeans, how do you make it less distasteful ? I guess that they have to spread some fear for that to happen, because however sad these pictures of bundled corpses, that didn´t make it. We have seen so many, many, many pictures of dead people in that region a long, long time. Why is it so important the way they died ? Oh, it´s all a tragic mess.

      • I think there may be war drums–at least the morning shows seem to think some sort of “surgical” action is coming…although they add, we are not sure what side to be on. To me, that means pend. But what do I know? My F-16 is in the shop.

          • There is no way I want to see American men and women involved in this. Having said that, I also agree with you that ‘surgical strikes’ often take out the innocent. To me that is just as wrong and cowardly as suicide bombing. Sarah Palin has the only acceptable way to handle this.

          • Surgical means small warheads as opposed to large cruise missiles.
            I agree with you on Sarah Palin’s attitude.
            The major problem is that the terrorists mingle with the innocent civilians.
            Same problem that we had in Vietnam.
            You never know where the enemy is.

        • Speaking the entertainers.
          Anybody have an opinion on last nights MTV Award Show ?
          Beck and Limbaugh have been pontificating on it.
          It seems that Miley Cyrus has gone to the dark side.

        • Star, are they not even sure in the morning shows ? Well, the governments PR section needs to work much harder. If they can´t even persuade these Obama loyals then…..

          • They had one of their pet retired generals on Fox saying they should “take out” this or that–but it was pretty much his ideas, he didn’t have info. I think it’s nice that these gentlemen can still get high-paying work–I am so jealous.

          • Ditto.
            They are only expressing an opinion as per their experience.
            I can express an opinion also, so can you.
            But you and I are not decorated Officers.
            I had a Clearance while serving.
            There are several other veterans that contribute to this site that also probably held a Clearance.
            The military experience gives another insight as to what is happening.
            The military establishment that I was involved in has been essentially demolished by the left.

          • And we are not Fox News Contributors. I once interviewed the late Joyce Brothers and said, I know you are a Fox news contributor and I wondered what that amounted to. She frosted up and said NUNYA. So I still don’t have a clue. I guess it is none of my biz, but does anyone know?

      • Picking a winner between two factions that equally hate America’s guts is wasting American blood to assist our enemies.

        LET them slaughter each other. It means fewer future terrorists.

        I know that’s cold, but go ahead: tell me I’m wrong.

  9. While we are “open topic,” has anyone read LEXICON by Max Berry? Sometimes I got a little lost, but I think it’s basically about specially trained neurolinguists who can use words and sounds to make people do things. I know that sounds dull, but it’s not, plenty of scary car chases and whole towns wiped out by one word–and if they are really doing this, it may account for this meme stuff, repeated message techniques, and who knows what.

    On the general subj–did you hear that some people at the NSA used their handy database to spy on spouses or dates? This has resulted in a spate of pickup line jokes, “Want to give me your digits? Never mind, I have them and is that the sweater you got from Land’s End?”

    • Assuming it’s true that NSA employees were spying on individuals they cared about is less about the bad conduct of those involved, but the ease that anyone working there can intercept any communications of anyone they choose without any offical approval.

      What it means is that the whole NSA employee roster can be considered to be rogue, on their own, can do whatever they want and no one has control over their activities. The potential for criminal activities such as blackmail or extortion are enormous. Sensitive information from any business, or even the stock market itself can be comprimised at any time by someone savvy enough to use their truly “insider” information to wreck havoc or to enrich their wallets.

      The information that flows in and out of the NSA pipeline can trump every right guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Free speech can be compromised or just shut down, gun orders can be intercepted, political decisions can be thwarted at the onset, military orders can be misdirected, and the list is endless.
      This has to be stopped.

      • I agree. I want cracks to crawl into. I do not want to be filmed everyplace or open to scrutiny. I am also completely ticked with people who say, “I have nothing to hide.” Well, maybe you will later–and quit giving away my rights!!!

        • As for “the kids” getting into the info cookie jar, O’Reilly said he didn’t believe the stuff about safeguards–these kids all know how to do this, he said. I tend to agree. They hack each other!

      • Srdem, I absolutely agree. The potentials are terrifying. Like you say, blackmail ,extortion, spying . An immense distrust. And goodbye to free speech. I am so glad that Snowden opened this can of worms. Otherwise, weird things would happen all the time and we, the little people, would never guess why. Do you know that at least one person with influence in the Peace Prize process has suggested Snowden for the prize ?

    • A play on Saturday night:

      And then another one on Sunday. (Motown, according to your link).

      Looking at these two plays, as well as the ones mentioned in that article above, I find it very interesting that all but one (the Addams Family) of the Broadway shows she’s seen since 2009 have one thing in common:

      2009 – Joe Turner’s Come and Gone
      2010 – Fela!
      2011 – Memphis
      – Sister Act
      – The Addams Family
      2013 – The Trip to Bountiful
      – Motown The Musical

      • Meanwhile, her husband is awarding the Medal of Honor to Sgt. Carter and she never bothered to show up to mingle with his family or the families whose sons were killed during the battle in Afghanistan. The CIC doesn’t seem interested either – he’s racing through his written speech without looking up at Sgt. Carter. I miss Bush – he was so emotional during these ceremonies. Obama is a cold fish.

        • When he does those events my heart breaks a little. He cares
          so little for our military denied them of a hot meal in the morning. I’d like to think deep down being in the prencence of
          such bravery and humility he would go crawl in the fetal position. But no it probably interrupted his golf game. Makes
          my blood boil especially when he reads the prepared remarks
          with all the emotion of a pet rock.

          • Preezy Revenge has no soul, so don’t hold your breath waiting for him to show any human empathy for this brave man who has witnessed the horrors of war. The left has such contempt for the men and women who serve in our military. Why else would Harvey Weinstein cast Hanoi Jane as Nancy Reagan in the fictionalized story of a retired White House butler?

      • The Trip to Bountiful did not originally have an African-American cast. It was written by the White Horton Foote from Wharton, Texas and was about a white family in 1940’s era Houston. I believe it starred Geraldine Page and Colleen Dewhurst in the movie version.

          • I think the black version was on t.v. I just read an article that the real life M’Lynn ( played bySally Field) just died and learned her son wrote the book to help his mom recover from her daughter’s death. So yes, that too was based on a real life white family.

      • I see where you’re going with this, lol, but wasn’t Addams family a little, ahem, lighter ?

        I think the girls would have enjoyed Kinky Boots and Pippin more, both award winners and I believe black Americans won major awards for their roles too. Both shows are very popular, maybe they couldn’t afford the hassle of accommodating a First Family hassle?

      • was back in the swamps over the weekend… lots of gators milling about looking for food … I bet they could get used to chomping on a steady diet of spineless politicians..

        chomp! chomp! :)

    • Aha… “The first lady was in town to promote her Let’s Move’ healthy living campaign during Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at the U.S. Open.”

      So that must mean it was “official White House business” with that Let’s Move thing tacked on.

      Woo hoo! VACAY time on the taxpayers’ dime!!! No $$$ out of their pockets.

  10. Michelle Malkin exposes another state-run media hoax. Kudos to Yahoo News for at least posting her article. Turns out the increase in the number of “hate” crimes at Oberlin College last March were perpetrated by one of Preezy’s OFA activists. Just sowing the seeds of hate and division for his messiah…

    “The Oberlin Police Department identified the hoaxers as Dylan Bleier (a student worker bee for President Obama’s Organizing for Action and a member of the Oberlin College Democrats) and Matthew Alden. Bleier told police the pair posted inflammatory signs and a Nazi flag around campus to “joke” and “troll” their peers.”

    • These are the same people who infiltrate the tea party rallies with racist signs and generally behave badly so the media will prove to the world the tea party is racist. So this doesn’t surprise me at all.

      I think the media is on to them thanks to conservative sites exposing the fraud. OFA needs to be investigated by the IRS !

  11. Frightening but typical story on Fox’s website: A black Chicago mob fractured the skull of a policeman who was trying to come to the assistance of a woman under attack. The man is in critical condition from being struck by a baseball bat. What caught my eye in the Fox report was that the newspaper did not identify the race of the mob. It must be the Chicago Tribune because I have seen them doing this before. Patrick Buchanan is right. It’s open season on whites.

    • Well, I take that last sentence back because I don’t know if either the policeman or the woman under attack were white. It could be black on black crime which is equally as bad.

      • It’s probably a good bet if they didn’t mention race, they’re black. Starting to pick up these media tricks when they don’t identity the political perverts as Democrat :D

    • How many perks does it take to make these pwerps smile? The whole bunch always looks miserable as they spend our money. It will be interesting to see what they amount to once they are out of power. It looks like they also included some of their best friends on the trip.

      • Will it be a train wreck once 2016 rolls through for the girls?? No more rides in the big Winnebago and the lil Winnebago’s at a drop of a hat to see a show, take in a special event, Spring Break in the Carrib.. having to walk BO (the dog, not the other guy) and Sonny, no more garden in the back (I will take bets now once they move out you will never see MOTUS near a garden again).

  12. Opened Drudge looking for an update to the Syria situation.

    Top story is something about Miley Cyrus.

    And that is PRECISELY what is wrong with our country.

  13. Darkangel, I do so agree with you, they would never help us if we were in trouble, why help people who might be terrorists? And also, these people will never stop fighting, they are bloodthirsty since time began.
    In Egypt, there was peace for 30 years with Mubarek, regardless how he did it, he did it! Obama and Clinton are responsible for all the uprisings in the ME — they encouraged it, so stupid, that includes Syria. The madness got worse in the ME because of them and their interference.