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Open Thread || Weekend – August 24-25, 2013

Okay, final open thread of the week. I’ll be back Monday. Thanks to all of you for participating and reading. I’m glad this has been so popular – I’m sure I’ll do it again in the future.


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  1. I caught some of the MLK ceremony on c-Span. CNN and other MSM are calling the assembly “throngs” or “thousands” who came to listen to civil rights speakers. RevJackson (the only speaker I listened to) phoned it in by reading from something on the podium with an accent so mumbled that it was hard to understand what he was saying.

    Lots of banners, flags, signs, smiling people. It looked like a beautiful day and everyone there seemed to be happy. It was nice.

    • I’ve had Cspan on mute this morning and just reading the speakers’ affiliations (Planned Parenthood, N.O.W., NAACP, etc) I’m guessing it’s a Democratic Convention Street Fair ?

      They lost me at Julian Bond saying Trayvon has joined Emmet Till as proof there is still “unjustice”.

      Oh look who just popped on my screen …. John Lewis. Didn’t he call Bill and Hillary Clinton racists in 2008? Probably a pivotal moment for Obama’s momentum.

      • John Lewis used to be a giant in the civil rights movement, but I think like all of us as we age, we have to fight for relevance and a voice as things change. And some things HAVE changed in the civil rights area in 50-60 yrs. Now, it seems it is being stirred up again–and I wonder if it’s to give people relevance again.

        • Jesse Jackson did say we all have to be less violent about the school bus thing, but he also used a wussy expression like “frowned upon” for the Oklahoma shooting (and sort of apologized–but was it via tweet?).Sharpton stayed out and concentrated on reframing some encounters with Bill O’Reilly to favor himself. Julian Bond and Oprah seem to want to reignite the image of the Klan yanking people out of bed and killing them. I honestly believe that sort of approach is dying out and will continue to. I think incidents should be reported no matter what color people are. But this may not be what we see going forward. It will slow progress.

          • That’s rich Jesse Jackson calling the brutal murder in Oklahoma in terms used for bad table manners ‘frowned upon’. His son and and his wife are thieves but we hear
            nothing but compassion and concern granted it’s his son
            but one father is burying his son.

          • I do know it’s hard dealing with bipolar people–and Jesse seemed very upset over that–but his son and the wife will pay for their illegal actions. Jackson also has turned in later yrs to holding big business hostage for their civil rights programs–which I think is questionable. But for some reason, I don’t find him as hard to believe and listen to as Sharpton…speaking of whom, did he go on some diet–he looks shriveled.
            I heard Bond speak at a funeral–now that man has a gift, but now he seems to have gotten all kneejerk (everyone is a racist), as has Harry Belafonte. I guess I wish for better, clearer thinking.

        • Well, I’m an “old fart” and remember MLK well. He inspired a whole generation to ignore “color of skin” and embrace “content of character”. This is not what I’m seeing on Cspan today.

      • They lost me at Julian Bond saying Trayvon has joined Emmet Till as proof there is still “unjustice”.

        The fact that a cokehead like Julian Bond is not in prison right now proves to me that there is still ‘unjustice’.

    • There’s an AM show on the west coast airing what is billed as the longest running game show on the air: “What the he## did Jesse Jackson Say?”. Callers are asked to guess the meaning of the words in various pronouncements from JJ.

      Perhaps a follow-up game: “What the he## did Jesse Jackson Mean?”, with a partner: “What the he## did Jesse Jackson Accomplish?”

  2. I hope you are enjoying your time off. : – ))

    It appears Obama will have to golf tomorrow, not today. He actually has a WORK day this Saturday. He’s meeting now with his team on what to do about Syria, and then he will give yet another speech at the Washington Mall to celebrate the 50 years since MLK’s speech. I predict it will be yet another campaign speech. Obamacare? Amnesty? Travon Martin?

    • The Navy ships that are on their way over there are a threat.
      We had threats waiting to rescue the Patriots in Benghazi also.
      Somebody said ‘Stand down’.
      Will it be said again in this incident ?

      • The statement that Obama is waiting for “all the facts” on Syria implies that it will be a long time before our “leader” makes a decision.

        Granted, it’s a very difficult situation, but that’s what real leaders are able to do. Once again,he is paralyzed by the challenge…

        …but he will probably be golfing tomorrow.

        • “All the facts” …. I’ve seen on numerous sites wondering if the gassing victims’ photos are legit or just propaganda? So I hope Obama’s intel on the ground can verify before we start World War 3 ! I’m sure he’s already checking his poll numbers too, he needs a bounce desperately ;)

      • Being a USN Vet I have to say the DDGs ‘on their way over there’ are “not a threat”.
        Its just a few destroyers with a fewTomahawk cruise missiles that MIGHT? hit some random targets in Syria…
        (re: Clinton missile strikes in Sudan)

  3. Have a good break, Keith. BTW, I just got an email which reports the
    the National Black Republicans Association has sent BHO, various congressional leaders, DOJ and SCoTUS demands for impeachment.

    • Any movement on impeachment wouldn’t be like opening a can of worms, it would be more like opening a barrel of poisonous snakes.
      What better way to gin up support for the President from every corner of the Dem party than to try to “take him down”. No matter that what he’s done in the past might be illegal or unconstitutional, all the MSM would see is another Black man in the dock with White conservatives trying to lynch him in court.
      Bad idea, IMHO.

      • I am not sure misleading, lying, using Straw Man arguments, and being an indecisive executive is impeachable. I agree with SrDem–not worth the effort and think of the paperwork!.

      • Agree srdem, not a fan of slinging the I-word around for either party.

        Just seems that everything being done in Washington today is party before country, all this political maneuvering and tossing shiny objects at the media is just dizzying.

        Probably why I’m such a fan of the Whacko Birds (Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, et al). When your own party turns against you must be doing or saying something right !

    • I am seeing calls for impeachment increasing, but imho it’s not a good idea unless you feel confident you can carry through to the end, and that means conviction. We’re just not there yet, and we would drum up sympathy for Obama and be accused of wasting huge amounts of tax payer money.

      • I’m not a fan of “impeachment” because it seems to give the other side the same power when they’re in term/power. But, Obama seems to be running away with abuse of power, he needs to be nipped with a wriist slap like a “vote of no confidence” or SOMETHING !? Oh wait, that’s political too, nevermind :(

          • I still haven’t forgiven John Roberts’ decision to uphold Obamacare as long as they refer to the penalty fees as taxes or something. So much in that monster is so unconstitutional, especially now that Obama’s using waivers as political leverage, or simply not enforcing certain parts for his buddies.

    • “…Black Republicans…” – rawheadrex

      Not allowed, you can only be one or the other, not both. Here’s some of the NICER examples of things said about “Black Republicans”…

      “Here go the good ole token republican Negro black boy talking trying to convince people that they care about minorities

      King of All Blacks (@Hale4Now) August 29, 2012”

      Shame on you. As Twitchy reported last night, the racist Left started using the despicable hashtag #NegroSpotting during last night’s coverage of the Republican National Convention. But that was just the tip of the repugnant iceberg.

      “I love playing Where’s Waldo looking for the token minorities at the RNC.—
      (@pencil_skirts) August 28, 2012”

      “LOL I don’t care if it is token night at the RNC convention. It’s not going to work cause their policies don’t show they care for minorities—
      Curtis (@cfreelakers24) August 28, 2012”

      “They trot out all their token minorities (women, hispanics, blacks) during the #RNC while their rhetoric and policies are hostile to them.—
      J. Gobert (@MrGobert) August 29, 2012”

      “I love how the Republicans are playing up their token minorities with racial/immigrant success stories. “Look we have colored people too!!!”—
      AlbertArt (@albertart) August 29, 2012”

      “The GOP specializes in USING their token minorities and really believe they are fooling the rest of us. The fools are at the podium!—
      Jackie James-Lyttle (@DrJPLyttle) August 29, 2012”

      “As much as the #GOP liked to trot out their token minorities tonight – sad truth remains that there is a visible and vocal racist contingent—
      Imraan Siddiqi (@imraansiddiqi) August 29, 2012”

      In the view of many, “Black” is a mindset, not a skin tone; therefore, Clarance Thomas is not Black, and Bill Clinton is. Google Mr. Thomas or, better yet, Condelezza Rice, to see what is said about “Black Republicans”. Make sure you have your duct tape handy first…

  4. Prosecute Obama after he leaves office. Benghazi cover up would be number one. There are 100’s of charges. Dereliction of duty. Not upholding the Constitution he was sworn to protect. Name Hillary as co-conspirator. Where was he on Sept 11, 2012? Four dead Americans and their families deserve better. Prosecution after he leaves office will not create rioting in our streets. Right now, I feel like it is all out war on whites. That was created by families teaching hatred instead of values in the home.
    If Obama is held accountable after he is no longer in office, just think of all of the high-paid public speeches and golf games he would have to miss.

    • “Prosecute Obama after he leaves office.” – Bonnie

      And what leads you to believe he’s ever leaving? That “Dear Leader” thing is a lifetime gig. After all, when you’re appointed by A!!ah and Heaven smiles upon you, why would you ever want to stop smiting your American enemies?

      It’s GOOD to be the Caliph!

    • Intriguing idea, Bonnie. Would the sitting POTUS be able to pardon him if he was to be indicted and convicted?

      Something needs to be done straight away – the guy is using the power of the pen to commit blatant crimes – the most serious being his utter defiance of our immigration laws – beginning last year when he granted a back-door amnesty to millions of Dreamers up to, and including, his (DHS) most recent order to stop deportation of illegal aliens with minor children.

      His abuse of power knows no bounds!!!

  5. Meanwhile, U.S. naval forces are moving closer to Syria as President Barack Obama considers a military response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by President Bashar Assad’s government.

    U.S. defense officials told The Associated Press that the Navy had sent a fourth warship armed with ballistic missiles into the eastern Mediterranean Sea but without immediate orders for any missile launch into Syria. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss ship movements publicly.

    • are we going to revisit the WH “Red Line” position again?? Stage the forces and then BO (not the dog) can make a statement of – “I double dog dare you to cross the line.. again for the 23 time!”

      • I saw John Bolton the other night on Fox. He doesn’t think we should get involved with one side or the other in Syria, but he said that Obama ‘drawing a red line in the sand’ has committed the idiot to action or he makes a fool of himself.

    • I was a part of “US naval forces” off Bosnia (1994-1996)…
      All we did was float around at modified ‘General Quaters’ [18hrs of “battle stations”/6hrs to rest as we were 150+ miles away from Bosnia and any ‘war’]

      The ships (Destroyers; DDGs. If you want to know what ships check sent to the East Med, my old stomping grounds with 6th Fleet USN/USMC, carry USN Tomahawk Tactical Land Attack Missiles (TLAM). The TLAM IS NOT a “ballistic missile”.
      Its just a smart cruise missile with a 1,000 lb warhead that can fly thru your bedroom window.

      • I wonder what MEU is sitting off the coast now ? My husband babysat the coast near the Beirut Embassy after the barracks bombing in ’83 with a battalion of Marines. The Ambassador didn’t want them ashore because it made the locals nervous and he was trying to normalize relations with Hamas and that ilk.

        Several months after Reagan pulled the Marines off the coast altogether, the Embassy was attacked and the Ambassador seriously wounded. What have we learned ?

  6. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Mr. Koffler and Mr. Hannity are off at the same time?

    Just putting a conspiracy theory out there for our leftist friends, since they need few actual “facts” to calumnize conservatives anyway, and are rarely concerned with the veracity of those “facts” that they DO have…

    “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

    • Ah ha! The Conservative Illuminati! Well done, cincycinco. Here’s another great Reagan quote that has to do with the class warfare the regime is waging against America:

      “We have so many people who can’t see a fat man standing beside a thin one without coming to the conclusion that the fat man got that way by taking advantage of the thin one!”

      • HA!
        Can we get “membership cards” for
        When all of us, We Proud Conservative Patriots :-) are ’rounded up’ around 2016 (?)…
        I want to flaunt my “ Supporter/Member Card” in front of the Dear Leader Obama Guards (re: Mao Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution) who want to take me away for “re-education” -LMAO!

  7. Sweet, I think? Tuesdays are always a movie “date” with my Special Adult Child, Handi-capable Greg. His choice for this Tuesday, The Butler, because he loves Oprah. Then again, we have run out of Adam Sandler, Smurf, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Pixar movies this summer. Who am I to question his 6th choice ? :D

      • I can think of two reasons I would never see the Butler.

        1. Hanoi Jane who actually wears one of her support N. Vietnam tee shirts in the movie.
        2. Oprah Winfrey. That is one entitlements woman that loves to stir up racial crap—in Europe–twice. Both times over handbags. She isn’t even original

          • Speaking of Al Capone…for three years in the early 60’s, my family lived in River Forest, Ill….next door to mob boss, Tony “Big Tuna’ Accardo. One thing sticks out in my memory – a huge guard tower in his front yard. Al Capone was a frequent visitor. My sister and I would climb on a ladder in our back yard and peek over the wall when ‘the Outfit’ was there. It really was exciting and, believe it or not, they were a friendly bunch – invited us to Sunday afternoon barbeques. We couldn’t understand why our parents always declined. Then again, we were only 8 and 10 year old. IMO, the Obama regime makes the mob look like altar boys!

        • Did not know about the t-shirt appearance in the movie.

          Oprah? She has loads and loads of unresolved issues, IMO. She cannot determine exactly what she holds to be true.

          However, I will watch the movie someday -on TV- if I live long enough!

  8. It is sweet, Denise. Special time with your son transcends politics. Sometimes we just have to pack up our biases and put them in an old kit bag…and smile, smile, smile – at least for a couple of hours. I’m sure TheButler is a well-made film, despite the fact that it belongs in the category of science fiction.

  9. I can’t find any mention of Obama being there, only Holder. And the “producers” named as Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and Martin Luther King III. Harped on Trayvon Martin a lot.

    • That piqued my curiousity, too and this I found:
      CBS news….
      Wednesday will mark a half century since Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the iconic “I Have a Dream” speech on Aug. 28, 1963. A rally is planned on the National Mall for the anniversary, and President Obama is scheduled to speak on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

      No doubt that this speech will be televised so that all White people can hang their heads in shame as they enjoy a special privilege not afforded to Black people.

      srdem’s family’s special privilege includes a house so far underwater that we would need a canoe to clear the gutters if we had any, one offspring lost her home to bankruptcy, another has worked three part-time jobs in the last two years, and we have the 53yr old unemployed entrepreneur who thinks someone can make a decent living as a dog groomer. Grandchidren with college loan debt working as rental agents and in a day-care center, others just doing nothing much.
      White Privilege my patootie.

      • srdem65, Have you tried working with your lender for a principle reduction? It is worth a try and the worst they can do is say no. If they were to work with you, it might get your home somehwere near market value. No idea where you live or what your mortgage balance is. I can tell you this for sure. The lender does not want your house. They have enough of those already. You do not need a lawyer to do this. All you need is a telephone and lots of patience while you wait on the hold button. If you call your lender, ask for loan modification department. Just remember, they do not want your house.
        Hope this helps you.

      • When my son was transferred from Florida to DC a few years ago he had to short sale his FL home and had to get special permission from his bosses at DHS so he wouldn’t lose his security clearance. He never missed a payment either and was surprised to find out he could only get re-fi help if he missed 6 payments or more. (Obama’s new rule for deadbeats).

    • Beginning impeachment proceedings would set the record straight. For that, we need a Congress with even a modicum of courage. Impeachment filings would make prosecution after Obama leaves office much easier.

    • I really don’t know what the answer is, I’m in favor of impeachment proceedings but the others above posted good comments about why we should not impeach. However, I keep thinking of the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers and how they had to courage to do what was necessary, sacrificing their personal lives, families, homes and businesses. Obama took an oath of office to uphold our constitution and he has failed miserably. Letting him off the hook only emboldens him and others to wreak even more havoc upon our country. God forbid he choose to stay in office a 3rd term as someone alluded to.

    • We’ve met the enemy of the leviathan, and the enemy is US – the American people.

      Nowadays, instead of dressing in sheets or publicly espousing hate messages, many extremists will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place.

      Hard to believe the DoD would use the Southern Poverty Law Center as a reference for hate groups. These are the same leftist haters whose ‘map of hate’ caused the domestic terrorist attack on the Family Research Center, whose only crime is their Christian beliefs.

    • Another outrageous quote from that disgusting piece of propaganda put out by the DoD:

      l. Tendency to personalize hostility
      Extremists often wish for the personal bad fortune of their enemies and celebrate when it occurs. When a critic or an adversary dies or has a serious illness, a bad accident, or personal legal problems, extremists often rejoice and chortle about how he or she deserved it. For example, right-wing extremists celebrated the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and leftists agonized because George Wallace survived an assassination attempt. In each instance, their hatred was not only directed against ideas, but also against individual human beings.

      George Wallace, the Jim Crow segregationist, was a right winger? Republicans danced in the streets when one of their own, Martin Luther King, was assassinated? The authors of this propaganda piece are attempting to rewrite history.

      • “Rewrite history” – As promised, I believe, during a recent presidential campaign…

        The commenters here do not need to read the following thoughts but I need to write them.

        What we all need to accept is this – not all people of any given group are bad. Extremists are present world wide – and press coverage of those extremists apparently generates revenue for news organizations.
        Don’t believe anything you read or listen to as presented by any one news organization. Cross check information via various news sources – including those in other countries.
        Stand for aomething or you will fall for anything. Decide what you believe is truth – believe with all your heart – and don’t just accept others’ opinions of what is truth.
        Judge one another on character – not appearance. The truth is we all look different and most of us are decent human beings who want to provide security, education and fun times for our families. This is a truth that is held by people world wide. Acrions truly do speak louder than words.

        My mother-in-law’s three rules for successful living:
        1. Work hard
        2. Treat people right.
        3. Trust God to take care of the details.
        We have put these rules to the test many times – and they have held true.

        May God bless America – my home, sweet home.

    • Yesterday in the photos on the NYT you could get a little glimpse of it, but you wouldn’t have known what it was unless you had seen it before. The commenters on The Blaze were outraged. I don’t know how many of those flags were there, but one person said that one flag was being waved by someone wearing an NEA sweatshirt.

  10. My favorite (cough) topic: Voter I.D. is Raaaacist

    What’s funny, the local paper announced a free shot clinic for rising 6th graders to get whatever that shot is required by the public schools. Yes, it also requires the accompanying adult to bring a PHOTO I.D. I’m sure this clinic is for those children too poor to have a regular pediatrician (I believe mandatory vacs are fully covered by insurance?) or just as a convenience for working parents.

    I notice more and more situations where I.D. is required and nobody’s screaming racism and suppression. That’s why we got rid of poll taxes!

      • Just a reason for Holder to sue the state of TX. Pissing away more tax payer money on a frivilous law suit that our AG cannot win. This administration, all of them, are beyond stupid.

      • And serving on juries – I don’t even want to be in this Amerika. If followers of MLK can rally around Al Sharpton, up from the gutter race hustler, there is no call for working together for a better America. Three more years and America will be Obama’s Detroit.

        • There’s an interesting story from the Wall Street Journal which I read on Real Clear Politics today concerning Obama’s plans to revamp higher education. What struck me is how Obama is turning on the elite liberal professors of the country who not only have supported his presidency but have pushed him along all his life as well as his philandering father and even his mother. And now he is throwing them under the bus, portraying them as the 1% of higher education. Which they are, but turning higher education into another Obamacare bureaucratic federal department would be no better. I don’t know how I got off on that: perhaps it was your mentioning of three more unbearable and unsustainable years of Obama.

          • Julie, the first paragraph of that article was priceless:

            “President Obama recently concluded a five-year campus speaking tour in which he explained to students how his financing programs were making college more affordable. Then on Thursday he kicked off a new campus speaking tour to tell students that college is unaffordable, and that the financing program he has championed faces increasing defaults.”

          • IMO English is the official language. Trials are official proceedings and should be conducted in English. Translators can be provided for those who find themselves inexplicably unable to speak English on the days they appear in court.

            I refuse to enter into the education arena for self preservation purposes. That said, what is interesting to me is how many libs are either being thrown under the bus,or who are crucified by their peers when they step out of the ideological line.

            “Revolutions” generally eat their own, and at some point that They came for the Jews, but I was not Jewish … will end with the Democrats and they do not see it or refuse to believe that it will not fall on them. Maureen Dowd got criticized by the left for less than complimentary commentary of Hil — although I think there is some bad blood there. Corey Booker had his famous hostage tape moment and does not stray. And there are so many others — so if it’s time to sacrifice the liberal profs. no problem for me. Also no problem for them either as they are tenured. Also look at that whole shameful thing going on at Oberlin College to see how far educators and their institutions have to go to redeem themselves.

            And while I am not by any means defending Filner this exposed so much about the rot that runs through politics — people knew for so long and only when it began to unravel did they ‘fess up. It is beyond inappropriate sexual behavior.

            Anyway more than a few libs will be sacrificed, thrown under the bus or out the window in the service of what can only be called the statist cult of Obama. And the lightbulb will not go off until there is a big heaping stinking pile of them done in by their own. And if we don’t self correct in this country, the people who turned on the liberals and leftists will only get worse and you will be seeing real boots on those throats.

            I just had a bad experience with an abandoned dog so consider this cathartic. Thanks for the indulgence of this rant.

          • The catering to the Spanish language has to end in our country. Why are we catering to Spanish speakers? I just don’t get it. The signs in Wal-Mart and Lowe’s, for example. Spanish signs are just about as big as English.

            There are plenty of other immigrants, legal or illegal, that do not speak English.

            We are enabling another cultural to thrive within the main American culture.

    • Note to Keith,….
      Please consider doing this on a weekly basis.
      The past few days on this site have been GREAT !
      It is an extreme pleasure to converse with so many informed individuals.
      We even had the troll patrol on duty. :)

    • I agree. The civil rights hucksters have nothing left; no segregated schools or housing, their own elected officials, firemen/policemen (or women), affirmative action for jobs, and what more do they want, really.

      IDs for innoculations: a few years ago when Arizona was overrun with illegal aliens and their families, the powers that be decided that no one had to show any form of ID to have their child (or even adults) innoculated as a public safety issue.
      So many Mexicans and others came here without any kind of medical care or preventive care that it was in our own interest to use public funds for all the meds necessary.
      Every Saturday, some local hospitals would open a “free” clinic to treat all kinds of illness, and for the preventive vaccines.

      We had so many illegal aliens here at once that we could tell ‘where’ in Mexico or South America they were born. Call it racism or insensitive, but the shorter the alien meant they were from southern Mexico or some other hell-hole country to the south. The southern men were no more than 5′ 1 or 2″ and had no facial hair, the women were much shorter, and they all resembled ancient Incas.
      Mexicans from the northern areas looked more spanish and had facial hair.

      Back to MrsObama and her visit to the Spanish TV; her message to the hispanics was the same as she’s been touting to everyone; Your children are fat. And, it’s your fault.

      What she’s doing isn’t exactly fair to certain ethnic or racial groups who through eons have a genetic dispostion to store food (fat) in times of plenty or who have genetic problems with modern high-calorie sugar-laden foods. For instance, some native American tribes have high incidents of diabetes and obesity as a result of their genetic inability to process sugar.

      • We do want a certain percentage (herd immunity) vaccinated. Whooping cough, for one, is making a comeback bec some people did not want to get the pertussis vac for their kids.

      • People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. As Paula Deen once said: “Michelle Obama ate more than any other guest on the show – she even kept eating during commercials. Her favorite – Hot Wings”.
        If it wasn’t for the fact that MO has an army of chefs, dieticians, and plastic surgeons to perform liposuction, etc., she would look like the backside of a barn. In fact, one of her body parts does resemble the backside of a barn.
        She is probably out on the trail promoting her rap video for blacks and latinos. What an insult!

  11. Let Allah take care of Syria. Not one more American life, not one more American cent. Republican party fund raisers, don’t call me any more. I am so ashamed of most of you reps and senators.

  12. Politico has a picture of Dr. King and Obama with an article I did not read.
    I am offended to see the two of them in the same sentence. Dr. King would not support Obama.
    Obama is going to speak on Wednesday at the Lincoln Memorial….SHAME!

      • I am grouchy because I read a very well written, moving story by a man who attended the speech and related how it had changed his life..and even lives internationally…then he ended with saying things had changed bec we now had a black president, even though this was accompanied by some bitterness…This is what gets me–at least for me, the bitterness is not from the president being black, but his ACTIONS, his attitude, his snideness. I have a beef wth him as an individual.

        • I have a beef with his ideology. His Communist agenda. His redistribution of wealth belief. I don’t even like his toothy grin and his woosey hand wave. Hate that phony crap.
          Free enterprise built America. We DID build that. If we can get back to our original core values of working for a living we will be okay. The building of one house creates 15 new jobs. Not many people are buying because they are insecure about their jobs. Healthcare, Obamacare, was passed on Christmas Eve in the still of the night. Everyone else could see the unintended consequences. Everyone except Obama, and Nancy, who hadn’t even read it. It’s all beyond belief and impeachable

        • His hatred of America is obvious.
          His hatred of the capitalistic system that built this Country is obvious.
          He is determined to destroy both.
          I get tired of the pundits that proclaim that he is doing the best he can given the circumstances he inherited.
          I swear, if I hear that again, I will gag.
          His policies are the exact opposite the economy needs.
          He inherited GWB policies that already had the Country on the road to destruction financially.
          The progressive agenda has to be curtailed, again.

  13. Where’s Michelle?
    @ABC new/ AP
    Associated Press (yesterday in NYC)
    “Michelle Obama urged her daughters to get active in tennis so they won’t struggle at the game the way she does as an adult.
    The first lady shared that story Saturday during Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at the U.S. Open, where she promoted her “Let’s Move” campaign.
    Obama applauded a USTA initiative to install 5,000 new kid-sized tennis courts across the country and train 15,000 new coaches, trainers and teachers over a three-year period beginning in 2014.

    Obama is leading a national campaign to get kids more active and eating healthy meals. She told the fans at Arthur Ashe Stadium that tennis, which has created new kid-friendly courts, rackets and balls to make the game more accessible to young players, is a great way for children to say active.”

    Now we know.

    • Well, we now know she didn’t make a *live* appearance in Miami yesterday, sneaky little devil :D Wonder if her and the girls fit in some Broadway too ? A new update to Romeo and Juliet just opened in previews, with a white boy (Romeo) and black girl (Juliet). Haven’t seen the reviews yet, but stars Orlando Bloom (hubba, hubba).

    • Michelle and Oprah are so full of themselves. Nauseating.

      snip: From Michelle Obama’s Mirror:
      I know you’ve heard about the release of her upcoming hip hop album, “Songs For a Healthier America.” The 19-track album, with song titles like “U R What You Eat” and “Veggie Luv” will be released by the Partnership for a Healthier America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Organizing For Action (OFA), previously known as Organizing for America (OFA). And Lady M will be appearing in – count them – no less than ten of the accompanying musical videos! Not rapping, butt doing what she does best; dancing:

    • Oh, the schtruggles!!!

      I had a feeling about this tennis ‘thing’. I think she’s into tennis as much as Barry is into golf. One of the first things she did after winning the WH lottery was to invite the Williams sisters to visit. She wasn’t going to let that tennis court go to waste. She is definitely more interested in following Serena around on the tennis circuit rather than her duties as FLOTUS.
      She gets to ‘buy’ her friends now….Beyonce, Serena – and we’re paying for it!

      Something tells me that we are subsidizing daily tennis lessons for her and the kids, along with the most hedonistic lifestyle in American Presidential history.

      • Her whining that taking up tennis as adult did not make her “a good player” is not very inspiring to all those adults who do take up sports later in life and become quite good (not Olympic or professional level, but….). So I call b.s. on her very hypocritical Let’s Move campaign message. I took up “daily walking” in my 50’s and I’m damn good at it now …. lol.

        Really, MichelleO, don’t be so hard on yourself, let us enjoy the journey to even going to a tennis court ;)

    • “Obama applauded a USTA initiative to install 5,000 new kid-sized tennis courts across the country and train 15,000 new coaches, trainers and teachers over a three-year period beginning in 2014.”

      This is fantastic! It’s good to see the private sector stepping up, no matter who leads the effort.