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Open Thread || Friday, August 23, 2013

It’s time for a new open thread. I’ll be back full time Monday. Meantime, you are still in charge around here. Please don’t leave the place a mess when I get back, okay?

Very glad everyone seems to be enjoying this.

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  1. Friday morning in August, no cars on the commute, Metro North 718am looks lighter than usual…..last days of summer are upon us. But thankfully our supreme leader is on the job, working the crowds in upstate NY at SUNY Buffalo, getting those college kids back in to the Obama frenzy. Talkin’ about the high cost of college tuition, need to get the feds involved in monitoring those dastardly universties that are holding back our young minds from getting jobs by saddling them with debt.

    wait…SUNY Buffalo tuition (without room/board) is under $9000 per year….what the?

    Poor choice of venue Mr President….

    • As usual Obummer is distracting us from the real issue’s of higher education costs and bringing on a bogus theme. For his plan we will need a rating system, rating system board, and a bunch of useless legislation filled with pork. He seems completely out of touch some days.

      • Some? This college thing does seem like a way to get the govt’s meathooks into another sector–higher ed. But I agree-the more loans kids can get, the more colleges will raise tuition to suck up the Benjies.

        • I also think the admin is stuck in the old thinking–four yr college at $50K+ per, grad school, etc. There are so many variations now-I write about this on my coping site quite often. Two-year degrees, shorter certification courses (in project management, nursing assistant, doctor’s office nurse, etc), MOOCs (FREE massive online courses from the top profs from the top schools–gradually being lashed together into degrees or certificates), even apprenticeships–a la some unions. Kids today will have seven or more careers–not just jobs. Most people will be part-time or will work in a field only part of their lives. The whole deal is in play. If you want to follow what I dig up on modern-day work, go to Disclaimer: Google makes sure this doesn’t earn me anything. I just do it to do it.

          • Verty good point in regards to certs and alternatives to the traditional 4 year degree which has become far too expensive. Gee I wondered how these certs and programs have popped up ??? Oh yeah the free market and capitalism- how horrible, we must stop it! The ratings system will be a complete joke not to mention having your child discriminated against in terms of financial aid because the university had a lower rating.

      • Rating system? Hmmmmmm…..I wonder what the ratings will be for those colleges in the Red States? Yeah, I’m probably just paranoid. It’s not like an arm of the government would discriminate solely based on political ideology. (sarc/off)

        • I don’t want these people rating squat–hospitals, docs, impertinent patients (who me?), colleges… Oversight of something that might kill us (bad meat) is one thing. But rating things with questionnaires with slanted assumptions if picking winners and judging.

        • And if your college/university does not have enough of the “right” people its ratings will be below average. So a place like Cat Tech, which refuses to lower SAT scores required for women and as a result has fewer of them, will be penalized. I may not agree with Cal Tech’s position (maybe it should give more weight to grades earned in high school science classes than SAT scores) but that is school’s decision, not Obama’s or some federal bureaucrat.

          • Many if not most students take more than 4 yrs to graduate. This could be for love of learning, weird scheduling of required classes, dedication of students inspired not to give up, the unaffordability of the school so classes must be spread out in partial loads, lack of money…but schools would be ranked lower for it. How fair is that?

          • US News and World Report has some very good annual ratings of colleges and professional schools. But why would anyone trust a non-governmental source, President Obama wants to know.

          • Plus we have to create more defensive paperwork for those pesky colleges…they need to defend their position, hire people to comply–wait, that might raise tuition.

  2. Another random attack by African-American males on a white man?

    An 89-year-old World War II veteran was savagely beaten by two teenagers in a parking lot in Spokane, Wash., on Wednesday evening, KXLY-TV reports. Delbert Belton died in the hospital Thursday morning from the injuries he sustained in the brutal attack.

    Belton was in the parking lot of the Eagles Lodge at around 8 p.m. on Wednesday when two male suspects assaulted him for no apparent reason.

    Police have released surveillance photos of persons of interest in the homicide investigation. “They are described as young African American males of average build,” KHQ reports. They are believed to be between 16 to 19 in age and were wearing black clothes, while one suspect was seen wearing a black “do-rag,” according to police.


      • Even before I read the article, the question in my mind was, “Is it open season on white folks now”?

        The commission of another crime, such as armed robbery in this case, is used to exclude a hate-crime charge? Yet, there’s no evidence robbery was the motive in Santucci’s murder: nothing was taken, and the shooting took place from a distance, and the killer jumped back into the car.

        • and there’s almost no conceivable way that Santucci could have properly defended himself without himself being charged with a crime.

          Short of mind-reading and aiming a loaded gun wherever you go, how does one stay safe in situations like this?

          • We were home invaded in 1981–for half an hour, the back door was open, only the screen door between us and the alley one flight down. All I can say is be watchful. I have noticed so many times in the intervening 31 yrs that people have no idea what is going on around them, they don’t listen to their uh-oh instincts (thus the discussion of whether avoiding males at night is PC). Use common sense. If you have an alarm system, put it on when you go to bed–just doing that when you go out is guarding something replaceable. See what I mean?

    • As if there isn’t enough racial animosity building in the US, NBC is producing their version of America in a one hour “Law and Order” by having someone who resembles the White Paula Deen shoot and kill an unarmed Black teen who resembles Travon Martin.

      In the twisted, convoluted logic of the hysterical racist culture the MSM and the Dems are pushing, a mild-mannered White woman who brought herself up from poverty to become a famous TV chef and admitted that she described a Black person as a “nigger” 30 years ago, is the face of deadly White racism in America.
      This is an outrage and unfair to MsDeen.

      • Will they also alter these transcripts and stage a phony car explosion to prove their point?

        NBC has a reputation to maintain, don’t you know…

        Which their head guy undoubtedly related to Obama when they recently dined together on Martha’s Vineyard.

      • What is even worse and more despicable is that the Democratic party is whipping up racial hatred by lying to African Americans that Republican’s (whitey) are trying to deny them their voting rights becuase they support voter ID laws. The reason they are so against voter ID is because they want to be able cheat in elections.

        In short the Democrats, led now by Hillary, are inciting racial hatred so they can cheat in elections.

        • Don’t you love the argument that Voter ID will lead to some poor people being unable to vote (because supposedly they don’t have transportation and IDs)? You understand, all of them are able to show enough ID to get food stamps, free phones, etc. And apparently they’re able to get to the welfare office…

          • Yesterday on the local news I heard some LULAC drone commending Holder on suing Texas (again) for voter ID and our redistricting map. That’s one Supreme Court ruling the regime chose to disregard. The guy was crying about the Texas law not allowing student IDs to vote. Of course, Texas allows illegal aliens to pay in-state college tuition, which makes their likelihood of having a student ID extremely high. The only reason the Democrats are fighting voter ID is because that’s the only way they can win an election – lying, cheating, and stealing.

          • Do you even need ID to get welfare and food stamps? Do you even need an address? I don’t think so but I am not sure? Does anyone know?

          • We go through this every election cycle. Instead of waiting till the last few months and then whine and complain about this issue, why not start now and get the job done. 3 years is more than enough time to be ready for the general elections.

            If they were to tie Voter ID to receiving federal or state assistance, and announce a cut off date of 2 years that if you are not verified, you will lose your assistance, you would see a huge wave of people without some form of ID making the trip to get registered.

            There are allot of way to make this happen, and done correctly.

        • Yes if they leaned any further left they show would capsize. And their decision to take any story ‘ripped from the headlines’
          is only to twist into a right wing attack. If I were Paula Deen I’d sue NBC. Remember when Gabby Giffords was shot the entire country came to a halt. Obama interrupted his speech flags were lowered to half staff. We’ve had in a matter of days
          a young boy nearly beaten to death on a school bus. A young
          man from Australia our very loyal friend shot out of boredom
          and a 88 year old WW2 Veteran beaten to death and what do we hear from Obama? Crickets silence wonder why?

          • Let’s not forget the mother out walking her infant when a couple (or three, so many it is hard to keep straight) thugs shot her and killed her infant as she watched. These kids have not just been brought up with no family or religious influence, they have been brought up by their families to hate white people. The whites were whipped into submission by Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright and others. Who was it that sat for 20 years in Rev. Wrights parish. Oh, that’s right, President Barrack Hussein Obama.

    • I wonder if the WH has heard about Mr. Belton’s beating death yet. As someone commented last night, this could have been Obama’s (white) grandfather.

    • I know someone who worked with Mr. Belton. My acquaintance’s response? “‘Shorty was one of the most harmless men in the world…what’s this world coming to? So sad.”
      My response? I am D-O-N-E with the “politically correct” attempts to pull all of us down to the lowest common denominator – under the guise of making us all equal. Call me a racist or an “old blue hair.” I do not care what you call me. My beliefs have nothing to do with skin pigmentation and everything to do with the continuation of our great Republic. It is time to take a stand for the principles and ethics we believe – and everyone needs to take some time to determine exactly what they believe. Read the Constitution. Read the Bill of Rights.
      “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

    • The Free Beacon says one of the suspects is in custody. And this story is getting good coverage on the right blogs. This is where the free press is.

    • Colin Flaherty had been documenting the rise of race based violence in this country for awhile. His book “White Girls Bleed A Lot” is in its 5th edition, and documents many of the attacks, and the media’s refusal to report or acknowledge what is going on. for more info on the book. He contributes to WND on a regular basis.

    • It may seem like an escalation, but that’s just because the stories are being REPORTED now. There have been many, many instances of “bored” teenagers violently attacking random citizens based on race. I recall Philly had a lot of them over the last year or two.

        • The media has ignored all the flash mobs stories too. We’re lucky if they just get mention in the local press once. This has been going on for a couple of years at least. I remember two years ago at the Wisconsin State Fair black youths were pulling people off buses in the parking lot and beating them up.

        • Speaking of flash mobs, did anyone catch the latest innovation – school bus stop robbers? Yesterday Drudge linked to a story from Gary, Indiana where a group of middle-schoolers were waiting for a school bus. A car with 2 men, 2 women pulled up demanding the kids’ lunch money and electronics. One child was punched in the face. All parties involved were black, but the perps were not racially identified. The couldn’t have been ‘white’ or it would have headlines.

          • Haven’t been to Gary – just remember Prof Henry Hill singing about it in the 60’s – ‘Gary Indiana – what a wonderful name’. Sounds like it went the way of Detroit. Sad.

          • We drove through Gary Indiana a few weeks back. I kept singing the song “Gary Indiana” from the music man, until we arrived. Not only is it run down it smells like nothing I’ve ever smelled. Still mad that Opie lied to me.

          • I was born in Gary, Indiana. It was hard to get my mother-in-law to leave but even in the late 70s or early 80s an underage black girl killed one of her neighbors for lunch money.

    • Animals killing a weak old man. They saw a white guy and they wanted his money. Low IQ’s and I doubt these murderers have any human feelings of love, sympathy, compassion or guilt.

  3. I maintain we are beginning to reap the effects of 5 years of the President, the Attorney General, and all the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton types sowing their racial bile. Because, you know, I as a middle-age, middle class, northern-European-decendant white man have personally kept quite a few black youth from realizing their potential.

    • I, too, must confess that even though I’m retired from just about everything, I still plot different ways to discourage Black youth from getting an education. I spend most of my days inventing new ways to hold Blacks from reaching their potential.

      • You two! But I was thinking–after posting that many whites had forebears that fought for the Union or went to Selma–that I had not done those things personally. But I also have not stood in anyone’s way and have more or less absorbed the cultural changes–every other car going by bumpin’ with rap, every other story about something for or against black people, the deluges of bad language and poor English, and now this spate of Lord of the Flies incidents. We all live in this country together–and are lucky to do so–so let’s tighten up on this stuff.

    • Obama said the heckler was very polite and brought up an issue of importance and that’s what America is all about. They didn’t show the heckler and it was impossible to hear what she said. You bring up a good point about banners. This had to be staged. Last month Republican students were banned from an Obama speech because they wore tea party shirts. No way would the SS let just anyone carry in a banner.

    • Speaking of hecklers;
      Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake will speak about immigration issues at a town hall event in Mesa Arizona on Aug. 27.
      That should be one memorable town hall event. There’s a lot of passion in AZ against SensMcCain and Flake.

        • I most certainly will, butt no doubt the national press will be at that town hall expecting some exciting news.

          Look for demonstrations on both sides of the issue, angry looking White people giving silly or stupid comments, angry looking Latinos giving silly or stupid comments, and a massive security presence there.

      • Not my state but Flake has been disappoinnting. Curious to know if there will be any space between him and McCain who IMO is past his expiration date.

      • I went to one of Flake’s town halls a few years back. One reason he gave for his immigration reform (at that time) was that once an illegal alien is arrested, processed and given a court date he is given legal status to reside here until his court date which can be several years away. Meanwhile, this status allows the person to apply for a driver’s license or state ID, food stamps, health care and so forth.

        This has been an interesting week with the ICE raid on the car washes, the Dreamer protests and all. Next week will be even better. I can just imagine how testy McCain will get at the town hall.

        • I live in NM. Gov. Bill Richardson passed legislation that allows for undocumented workers (that would be illegal) to get driver’s licenses. Current Governor Susanna Martinez is trying, with little success, to over throw that stupid decision. We do have $239M additional funds in our state coffers this year. Can you say OIL! Can you say Keystone? Can you say oil independence? If that continues, this female Hispanic may get re-elected.

          • I saw Martinez at the last RNC convention.
            I was very impressed with her !
            She has a spine, and the fire it will take to take your state back from the brink of liberal destruction.

  4. Keith, actually the place doesn’t look too bad. I will turn the Rhumba loose in here for a while and spray a little Febreeze and it will be as good as new when you get back. There was a bit of foot traffic from the ‘pool’ but as usual no indelible stains were produced.

  5. “President Obama explained to CNN’s Chris Cuomo that his new dog Sunny has already had a couple of accidents in the White House.

    “Right now Michelle is in full parenting mode and really focused on getting Sunny to sit and catch,” Obama said. “And, also there have been a couple accidents.”

    Obama explained, however, that he would make sure that the White House was cleaned properly.

    “We live in rental housing. We didn’t have to put down a deposit, but we are making sure that it gets cleaned up for the next occupant,” he said with a grin.”

    How dare he call our iconic White House “rental property”? This ignorant, rude, insulting, ungrateful and clueless man and his family are living in luxury provided by American taxpayers. We provide special security for the safety of him and his family, a vacation hide-a-way for their relaxation and unlimited private air transport to an from wherever they want to go.

    Where did he get permission or the idea to call the WhiteHouse “rental property” when neither he or any member of his extended family has paid a dime towards it’s upkeep or all of the luxuries provided to them.

  6. One of my biggest gripes is in-state tuition for illegal immigrants/Dreamers. Case in point: The Cal State system (23 campuses) all have the same tuition rates for both in-state and out-of-state. Last year, in-state tuition was $5,472 and $16,632 for out-of-state (excluding fees, books, living expenses).

    Classes are being ‘dumbed down’ to accommodate the influx of our neighbors to the South, most of whom must take remedial classes in the 3 R’s for the first year. Worse yet, most of them drop out after the first two years. Nearly all of these kids have student loans which, in all likelihood, will never be re-paid.

    Last time I checked, student loan debt exceeds credit card debt. Over a TRILLION $$$. Two years of in-state tuition at Cal State = $33,000! For what? A taxpayer funded beer fest and beach parties? It’s insane! The ex-choomer-in-chief is leading the parade.

    • Dumbed down is correct. Equality has been twisted to mean everyone should be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator rather than bringing up people to be all they can achieve through ethical behavior and education.
      “There are only three rules to a successful life:
      1. Work hard
      2. Treat people right
      3. Trust God to take care of the details”
      -As quoted from my 86 year old mother-in-law…a women who grew up in a home with a dirt floor. She is white.

    • Hate to add fuel to the fire, but have you seen the numbers on “unfunded” and “underfunded” federal and state pensions – it’s gotta be around $100 trillion plus.

  7. A couple of questions for the group.

    1) Do you think that BO’s selective enforcement of various laws including the ACA meets the standard for him to be impeached? Not will he be impeached as I already know the answer to that one.

    2) Have any of you attended town halls hosted by your reps during August? What was the tone of those meetings if you attended? I’ve attended 2 and the crowd was vocal (ACA, budget, NSA primarily) and very split among the left and the right. I live in an area that is mixed while outside of the metro area my state is very red.


    • 1.yes he could be impeached if we had a senate that would drop the hammer.
      We don’t.
      IMO, we also have a house that is afraid of him.

      2.I haven’t seen any town halls in my area, (Ohio).
      I surmise that they will sprout up profusely right before the 2014 elections.

    • 1. Impeached? That would be a fine start. Once he’s out of office, the criminal proceedings can begin in a court of law.

      2. I’m on the Maryland side of DC. Nothing I say or do will change any of my congresscritters’ 100% down the line royal-blue voting habits.

    • 1. I would be happy with a vote of no confidence at this point just to stop him in his tracks. Also make him lose his Executive Privilege Magic Wand, he seems to be abusing it.

      2. No town halls yet, though our local rep is most hands on and accessible all the time. He uses social media well, so we get to vent at him on a regular basis. :)

    • 1. Yes, he should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. He won’t of course. Mark Levin said it best in his take down of GOP hack Nicole Wallace on the subject of whether Preezy has committed impeachable offenses.

      2. Lamar Smith is my congressman and he is a Boehner crony. No scheduled town hall meetings for him or his fellow French Republican, Senator John Cornyn. Senator Ted Cruz is making his way around Texas listening to the people. Couldn’t make his town hall that is closest to home, but I already know where he stands on the issues that are important to the survival of America as founded.

    • We listened in on a telephone town hall with Rep Matt Salmon earlier this week. Rep Salmon plans to vote to defund ACA. He said Eric Cantor will be introducing a bill regarding the Dreamers. It will give them legal status but won’t give the parents legal status and won’t allow the Dreamers to sponsor their parents in a bid for citizenship.

    • Yes, any other white President would have been impeached.
      Spying on American Citizens
      Harrassing Republicans and Teaparty groups, etc.

      and the list goes on and on and yet no one stops him? It boggles the mind — there must be so much more we don’t even know about.

  8. We all are current on events and I am curious to know what others are reading (aside from the usual sites). I think this would be a good time to share the wealth and on that note an update on TARP. My contribution below [details at the link].

    The Bailout Scorecard
    Last Update: Aug. 20, 2013

    Altogether, accounting for both the TARP and the Fannie and Freddie bailout, $608B has gone out the door—invested, loaned, or paid out—while $367B has been returned.

    The Treasury has been earning a return on most of the money invested or loaned. So far, it has earned $183B. When those revenues are taken into account, $58B is the net still outstanding as of Aug. 20, 2013.

  9. Well, I’m sure you’ve all heard the verdict. Unanimous on all counts. Sentencing phase begins Monday, and I hope Obummer does not try to use undue influence on the military.

  10. To quote The Weekly Standard via The Drudge Report, their article stated “At a town hall event in upstate New York today, President Obama called on a female wearing an “Obama t-shirt.”
    He advised the audience, “If you want to get called on, wear the president’s face on your shirt.”
    Now I ask you how is that more acceptable than wearing “the prresident’s face” on your face like the rodeo clown did? Her shirt was a compliment, but the rodeo clown’s mask was an insult?

    • I always gave Buchanan a little berth because I thought he was a tad too xenophobic–you know, maybe after the Irish came, the doors should have been slammed shut–but he’s right about black and white race relations and I applaud him for not doing the politically correct thing which so many politicians are.

      • Susan and Julie, Buchanans article was outspoken and informative. 73 % of the black kids are living with single mothers ! Staggering. And the drop out rates at some schools ! Looks like a really lost generation with a lost generation as parents. These people are/will be a heavy burden for other people in the US. When will the government address these real, burning , American problems?
        We have problems with an “underclass” as well. But it´s not so easily defined. We have had an enormous immigration from various war zones, the Balkans, Northern Africa, the Mideast, and not surprisingly some of these people can not adapt or are or become criminals. Young boys grow up to be thugs. And our governments have also been slow and afraid to address the problems with criminal immigrants. And the huge costs for the immigrants. It´s “racist”, well, that´s the media invention. Therefor, national parties are on the rise in Europe. But the biggest elephant in the room is of course the problems with a certain religion. And that´s an ever bigger no-no to discuss at least as free as a Buchanan would do.

  11. About that red line….uh, international law, and a UN mandate …. necessary. Really — the UN, the Russians, the Chinese, the dictators around the world. In every way that is America, this man is a failure and a disgrace.

    • we’re not allowed to talk about a red line anymore. Although BO talked about keeping his ever watchful laser like eye on the middle east situation, crossing the red line.. blah blah blah, it has fallen on the wayside. It’s time to ramp up on some of the scandals and put the pressure on where it belongs.

    • There was a man set on fire in Memphis too by two black youths, but I don’t know if the victim is black himself or white. It doesn’t matter anyway. It reminded me of Trayvon Martin tweeting that he was going to look for a homeless man to beat up. This sort of attack on helpless people seems to be part of their gang initiation rites.

  12. Off-Topic — but how did illegal aliens manage to co-opt the title “Immigrant?” Illegal aliens and immigrants are two entirely separate populations of people and any discussion and decision about their fates should be entirely separated, too.

  13. We now have a legal ruling that confirms that maj. Hasan was guilty of one of the worst cases of work place violence in US history. Therefore, it is time that those that allowed this violence to happen be held accountable. This accountability starts with the President and Secretary of Defense and goes down to Hasan’s commander. Remember that in less than six months of the Deepwater Horizon disaster the BP president had resigned and BP agreed to put $20 billion towards restitution. Why are any government officials held to a lesser standard? Charges of criminal neglect should be filed immediately against all involved. The President, as in the BP case, should offer his resignation immediately as a negligent and responsible commander in chief. Others need to follow. Call your congressman and demand that the President resign for his dereliction of duty.

  14. Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

    Barack Hussein Obama has just proclaimed de facto Amnesty for all illegal alien parents of minor children living within the confines of the USA. Immigration officers/agents will be explicitly informed not to detain or arrest said offenders. Existing federal deportation laws will henceforth be declared null and void.

    The U.S. borders are now officially open to asylum seekers. Be prepared for long lines, as word is spreading world-wide. “Credible fear’ is the password required for admission to the land of the free-bies.

    If you are a terrorist from the ME, you must be accompanied by a minor child – not necessarily your own. ‘Credible fear’ is all you need.

    Once you have been admitted to the USA, you will be delivered to a hotel with your child/children, and given a court date to appear before an immigration judge.

    (WARNING: DO NOT APPEAR IN COURT – 91% of illegal invaders never show up. They are able to roam freely without future fear of deportation.)

    Time is of the essence. The Amnesty train is pulling into the station. Come one, come all! Don’t leave home without the kids!

      • Rush has his open line Fridays.
        Keith could have his open forum Saturdays,….whatever.
        If you read through the last three days, the amount of information that the comments contain is immense.
        People have the need to vent,…especially nowadays.
        Plus the fact that Keith can get a bead on what We the People are hearing in the local communities without having to do much research.
        At any rate,…food for thought.