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Open Thread – August 20-21, 2013

One advantage of having clever and insightful readers is that I can reliably put you to work while I’m trying to take some time off.

As I’ve mentioned before, many people tell me that one of the things they really enjoy about the blog is the comments. So why not preserve at least that part of the fun while I spend a little time away?

Meanwhile, I know many of you miss chatting with each other when I’m not posting, so here’s a chance to sound off on whatever strikes your fancy. I’ll close this sometime Wednesday evening, and them probably open another one. I hope some of you who have not commented before give it a shot too, though you may have to wait for the comment to be approved.


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  1. OK, here goes…

    I’ve been seeing comments on another site claiming that both Barack and Michelle Obama were either disbarred, or turned in their law licenses to avoid disbarment. Even one comment claims that Harrison J. Bounell lives in the Obama’s Hyde Park home and is shown on records as the husband of Michelle Obama. Documentation has been requested but not yet received.

    Any of the astute readers here know anything about these claims?

    (Thanks for the forum, Mr. Koffler).

    • Illinois Bar records. which are public, do not indicate that they gave up their licenses because of any misconduct. Many lawyers who do not intend to practice go on inactive status in order to avoid the continuing education requirements and the somewhat hefty fees that must be paid to maintain active status.

    • Nothing appears to be untoward. However, I find it curious that MO applied for de-activation in 1993 – only 3 years after passing the bar (on her second attempt). She went to work for Public Allies after spending a couple of years with Sidley-Austin. She claims that she did not want to work in the corporate world. Well, a law license is valuable no matter which side of the fence you are on. Go figure.
      BHO didn’t de-activate until entering the Senate.

      • I just don’t believe anyone so gifted and honored to obtain a Harvard law degree would go “oh well, just don’t feel like practicing law anymore”. Who does that?

        If Beckwith(ObamaFile) is lurking, please jump in :D

        • Agree, Denise. We know she despises the (white) corporate world, but there’s plenty she could have done as a lawyer in the civil rights world.
          Judging from her Princeton thesis, the woman is challenged, intellectually. Her (their) grades are sealed. The ObamaFile has a section on her time at the prestigious law firm, Sidley-Austin. She didn’t get along with anyione as I recall.
          When you think about it, not one single person has ever come forward singing the praises of Michelle Obama. She was removed from the campaign trail due to her abrasive/racist overtones. We have all witnessed it up close and personal.
          When she met Valjar she probably figured she could make more $$$ the ‘Chicago Way’ with much less effort. She had her lottery ticket in her back pocket and, together, she and Valjar began to groom the ‘boy wonder’. It paid off – big time!

          • I doubt she ever passed the bar. She left Sidley with Dohrne…so no longer had anyone to usher her through. Alo her job was to acclimate summer associates.. not try legl cases.

      • (Actually, there’s a claim that Michelle once played football as Michael, among the really loony stories).

        The claim put forth seriously is that this Bounell person is shown in some Chicago Census as the current resident of the Hyde Park house and current husband of Michelle. I assume it will be a might long wait for documentation of that one.

        Humorously, the guy I asked for verification of that claim wrote me off as a liberal Kool-Aid drinker who refuses to listen to reason. Attacks from both sides. That’s a good day…

  2. A liberal organization tapped Monday to manage a new federal government-sponsored video contest aimed at encouraging young Americans to embrace Obamacare is run by ACORN’s former top lobbyist, MailOnline can reveal.

    ACORN, the once-mighty Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, crumbled in 2010 just months after a video sting operation showed its employees advising activists posing as a pimp and prostitute on how to evade federal taxes and hide crimes including human trafficking and prostitution


    • And no background checks are done on the Obamacare Navigators. Suggest we all write our Senators and Representatives to ask what they are going to do about it. I know what my two Dems will say: Nada.

          • On Fox & Friends, they said there will be Obamacare inspectors–they will use your medical info and come to your house and say (in the example)–“We understand you own a gun (or smoke) and there are kids in your home–you are putting them at risk. We need to come in and see how they are.” Can we tell them to buzz off? Will they be Acorners or somesuch? Unvetted. I do not want some “inspector” to come to my door! Only $224 mill is set aside, so it won’t be too many doors–I hope. What’s next–come to the door with a scale under their arm? A blood pressure cuff?

          • This has become common in the UK. They even check your pantry! I wish I could find my old link about it.

            From a post earlier today:

            They will also authorize state agencies throughout the nation to send government inspectors to your house if a “home visit” is deemed appropriate pursuant to HHS guidelines ostensibly meant to “create social and physical environments that promote good health for all.”

            According to the title page of the document announcing this program, HHS has the authority to fund such visits by virtue of the Social Security Act “as amended by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [Obamacare].” It describes this metastasis of HHS power as “an unprecedented opportunity … to improve health and development outcomes for at-risk children.” But the program also provides unprecedented opportunities for violations of your privacy, your right to educate your kids as you see fit as well as your Constitutional rights under the Second and Fourth Amendments.

            The HHS defines an “at risk” child as one who resides in a family that includes people who have served in the Armed Forces, pregnant women under the age of 21 (regardless of marital status), users of tobacco products, children with low student achievement, and a long list of other such miscreants.


            “Home visiting programs play a critical role in the nation’s efforts to help children get off to a strong start. Parenting is a tough job, and helping parents succeed pays big dividends in a child’s well-being and healthy development.”



          • If I want to apply to a job cleaning toilets at the CIA HQ in Langley, being a US Vet I have to fill out a 15+ page “Application” and go thru a “back-ground check”…
            YET!?! a guy like “Barack Hussein Obama” is allowed to go to Columbia Univ, Harvard Law, become an Chicago politican, then become a “US Senator”, and “President of the US”…
            What am I missing? :-(

          • And speaking of smoking, the little health nuts are completely off the hook on this. My mother was unconscious in hospice and the doctor asked did your mother smoke? My sister said, “Yes, but she quit 40 yrs ago and she is 95–so maybe you should start smoking.” The doctor, a snickety pursed-lip type, was not amused. But we were, as much as we could be under the circumstances.

    • They’ll get a response from hopeful songsters and video makers, but not many buyers of health insurance they were led to believe was going to be “free”. When MsFluke made her big debut whining about the cost of contraception and demanded that it be “free”, the public didn’t understand that what she wanted came with an insurance policiy that cost thousands of dollars a year.

      We won’t see them or even hear about them, but we can assume that the pranksters among us will flood the website with satire and wonky videos.

  3. Tks Keith!!

    I saw this today and it started me to thinking.. if the IRS can do this for tax returns, just wait until ACA kicks in and you need to fight or dispute a ruling they make against you. It would be like playing a game of musical chairs, going round and around between the IRS and HHS trying to get the documents you need. Stand by, more “bumps in the road”

  4. You’re the best Keith! Terrific idea….much looking forward to all the free lancing and staying current while you are out. Enjoy your time away.

  5. “We’re here because we think our journalistic mission has something to offer America,” predicting that “American viewers want a PBS-like news channel 24 hours a day.”
    Ehab Al Shihabi/Al Jazeera America

    They weren’t far off – one of their first interviews was with the all-vile, anti-Semite, Stephen Walt.

  6. Keith, you are terrific!
    I have never been able to discover there was any demand reason for either to surrender his and her license/s, with the possible exception either may have been forced actually use same, which would have proven fraudulent award for same being awarded.
    Affirmative action is a wonderful device until its recipients have to demonstrate reason for accommodation.
    This is a shame because there are so many black men and women who earned theirs the real way. I include that black economist with whom I worked in my first job after college. He called me his favorite “honkie.” As this occurred before co-workers, I can write I would never have responded by addressing Julius as my favorite “nigger.”

  7. I’ve been wondering for a long time why no one speaks about, or even seems to have observed, that the racism problem in this country is black racism, and that the divide in this country is not so much white people being racist as it is a vast majority of black people hating white people. And yet, with Alinsky methodology, the black people, the black race baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and now Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, have managed to project their own racism onto white people, essentially accusing white people of the very thing that they’re guilty of, racism.

    It’s as if black people get a pass on their racism and it’s as if the only racism that exists in America is white people being racist towards black people, and yet you have a black race that votes 97% for a failed president only because he’s black, and you have black people who only support other black people whether it’s politics, entertainment, or sports. The race problem between blacks and whites is due to the poisonous hatred blacks have for white people as they blame white people for having that same hatred but who have largely moved beyond racism and almost completely judge black people, as well as white people, by the content of their character while black people are still judging white people by the color of their skin yet they blame white people for the very thing that is poisoning their hearts and souls, racism. Black racism.

    The real racism problem in this country has flipped 180 degrees from the 1950s and yet no one seems to see it. Racism in America is a black problem but it’s still being defined through the lens of a bygone era when white racism used to exist.

    • Look no further than post-Colonial Africa for your answers. What the British or French didn’t inflict on the continent, once gone the black presidents and prime ministers inflicted on their own countries. The racism towards white pales in comparison to the hate towards one another. I am old enough to remember hearing a friend tell me that she wouldn’t go out with a fella I wanted her to meet because he was too black in complexion. Light-skinned blacks being called “high yellow”. The only thing that has changed is that the race hustlers have profited and rather than examine the core of the problems, they have pointed the finger away from themselves.

    • Agree. He did nail it. If one is keeping up with the state of education in some of the larger cities, it is hard to separate the results with the rhetoric. Meaning this behavior is not helping anyone. I blame Johnson… the worst President of the 20th century. We can only hope Obama is the worst for the 21st century.

    • I’ve watched my kids carefully during their school years. We live in a very diverse area, middle to slightly upper class. We have about a quarter of each, white, black, hispanic and asian, in our schools. My son’s girlfriends have included a girl from India and a girl from Guyanna. My daughter’s current boyfriend is from the Dominican Republic. When my son goes to college in a few weks, his roommate will be black, a friend he’s known since kindergarten. There is no racism among the families that have struggled and pulled themselves up. The racism comes from the families that are dependant on the rest of us, and the thinking that we should all do more for them.

        • Take a look at Yahoo News today. Their front page has three featured stories (Syria, Bradley Manning and the CA kidnapping). After that there are 179 linked stories (with a few ads interspersed). They cover GOP problems, bare chested elections, dogs, some news items including the Georgia school shooting. NOT A SINGLE ARTICLE on the blacks in Oklahoma shooting the white baseball player because they were “bored”.

          “All the news that’s fit to print — and doesn’t get in the way of the liberal slant with which we choose to inundate our readers”.

          • Bet you didn’t hear about this, either…

            We had the same thing happen in a Cincy suburb, where six Bl@ck teenagers beat up a Whi!e man because “they were bored”.

            “Police said the teens admitted that Mahaney had done nothing to provoke being kicked and punched repeatedly in the face while he lay helpless on the ground. One of the boys allegedly told police they only stopped assaulting Mahaney when a neighbor began yelling at them and said he was calling police.

            “They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us,” North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust said of the teens. “This appears to be premeditated, and there was no remorse on behalf of any of the assailants.””

            The Juvenile Court judge given the case has since done things like evict the press illegally from the court, exercise prior restraint on same, and is actively being sued by the local media for these things, as well as having to be investigated by the City police because she won’t cooperate with the County Sherriff on a range of issues, and therefore the Sherriff’s office had a conflict of interest. She’s Democrat, natch, and was “elected” on the basis of counting questionable votes after the election originally went to someone else. Sound familiar?


            And yes, she’s the same color as the “children”. I’m sure that’s not a factor, though, huh?

            The man beaten has since died. According to his relatives, he was too frightened to go to the doctor.

            So far, neither Al Sharpton, Jessie Jacson, nor Barak Obama has requested any hate crime investigation, despite the apparent race of the attackers and the victim. Think it’s likely to happen? Me neither…

          • All you’ll hear from the WH and the race baiters (same thing) is crickets because it doesn’t fit their narrative that white people (even when they’re not even white, like George Zimmerman) are all racists.

  8. I was watching Mark Levin on Hannity tonight, and he kept referring to the RINOs as “French Republicans”. I Googled that and got no results, and I haven’t read his book yet where he might give an explanation. Can anyone tell me what he means by “French Republican”?

  9. The Republicans are allowing Obama to lie and cheat and spend and regulate without end.

    We all know what kind of man/boy Obama is, always partying, never working, he gives a negative speech or two at a children’s school, high school, or college now and then and thats about it! He has all his fanatical eccentric Democrats in his Administration constantly writing up new regulations and rules AGAINST the American people while he gives speeches, plays golf and drinks his beer.
    And the Republicans do nothing to stop this criminality against us. Get some courage Republicans or you will never win again! Stop this lawless government, can’t you see what Obama is trying to do? And the Republicans let him along with Holder and others? No one will vote the Republicans ever again while acting so cowardly.

  10. I heard today on Fox News, my favorite, that Obama filed papers with the Supreme Court to ask them that he be allowed to listen to our cell phones and also take all of our information from our cell phones without a WARRANT and be able to do this LEGALLY.

    Didn’t this power mad maniac make a speech to us a few weeks ago that he wasn’t listening to our phone conversations? And now this, he is such a liar that he can’t even keep track of his lies, isn’t that the way of a liar, they lie so much they can’t remember what they said.

    But he is listening TO ALL OF US NOW and has been. But the best is that he wants to be able to do illegal things LEGALLY?? Obama seems never to follow any of the laws that are in place, he just breaks the law when he wants to do something.

    Also, maybe he is asking the Supreme Court to make this legal for when the time comes that the American people finally rebel against this Nazi administration. He’s hoarding guns for that time too!

    • If anyone still believes that terrorists are making plans over unsecured phone lines or through common PCs, then they are idiots.
      So who and what does our government want to monitor by listening in to OUR phone calls?

    • Government agents will try to enter some Americans’ homes under the auspices of the HHS. Once again, it’s acceptable to violate the Constitution because it’s for the chillllllldrennnnnn.

      They will also authorize state agencies throughout the nation to send government inspectors to your house if a “home visit” is deemed appropriate pursuant to HHS guidelines ostensibly meant to “create social and physical environments that promote good health for all.”

      According to the title page of the document announcing this program, HHS has the authority to fund such visits by virtue of the Social Security Act “as amended by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [Obamacare].” It describes this metastasis of HHS power as “an unprecedented opportunity … to improve health and development outcomes for at-risk children.” But the program also provides unprecedented opportunities for violations of your privacy, your right to educate your kids as you see fit as well as your Constitutional rights under the Second and Fourth Amendments.

      The HHS defines an “at risk” child as one who resides in a family that includes people who have served in the Armed Forces, pregnant women under the age of 21 (regardless of marital status), users of tobacco products, children with low student achievement, and a long list of other such miscreants.


      “Home visiting programs play a critical role in the nation’s efforts to help children get off to a strong start. Parenting is a tough job, and helping parents succeed pays big dividends in a child’s well-being and healthy development.”


      • We’ve been parenting our kids for generations without the government’s help. At what point did we become too stupid to continue? The state departments of child welfare are already becoming quagmires, let’s just add a new layer on top of that. I’m glad my kids are older, but I can’t imagine what it’ll be like by the time I have grandkids.

        • I don’t let the police cross the threshold (yes, I have refused them) without a warrant and these people better have backup. I don’t have small children, but you get my drift.

        • I don’t know if this will involve the regular child protective services, but instead will be yet another layer of federal bureaucracy.

          • I think it’s separate–Obamacare inspectors, they called them. So some doc tells some ‘crat you are a smoker and that ‘crat gets another ‘crat to some to your house and hassle you… Docs are not supposed to reveal medical info–this would be another blank in the form I would happen to “forget” filling in.

  11. I’m so sorry but I can’t stop talking tonight! I had a brainstorm — I might be wrong but I don’t think so — Obama wants to listen in to the cell phones and get the info thats in the cell phones, without a WARRANT because he and his cohorts could do it sneaky then, no one would know that he’s doing it, and then they can SPY AGAIN on the Republicans for the elections and steal the Presidential election for Hillary. Obama is so crazy that I think he would give Hillary and Bill permission to spy on the Tea Parties and other Repubs, these people will stop at nothing to win, win and win, very unethical the Obama Administration and all the other Democrats, they would do anything to win the election again. and if something isn’t done, we will never get these baby killers and liars out the oval office.

    Lastly, you know, the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for having trysts in the White House, but Obama has broken so many laws and hurt so many people with his Regulations and the health care, and caused so many people to lose their jobs, and yet they are so afraid to stop Obama. It shows you how phony the Republicans are to have impeached Clinton but terrified for themselves to stop Obama because he’s half black and so neither party has our country at heart.

    • “Lastly, you know, the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for having trysts in the White House,…”

      No, they didn’t. They impeached him for perjury and obstruction of justice.

      • Yes, you are right, Bill Clinton used the White House for his dirty deeds and this started the ball rolling for his impeachment and then what followed was perjury.

    • I feel bad that three boys who could have been MrObama’s sons have killed an innocent foreigner for fun and street cred, or whatever insanity prompted them to shoot someone. The victim’s family deserves answers and justice, and of course, our deepest sympathy for their loss.

      There won’t be any marches or wild statements of racism by famous White people demanding that the Justice Department throw the book at the three shooters, nor will our elected officials demand new laws, or restrictions to combat the escalating Black on White crime. MrHolder will not direct the FBI to investigate this crime, and MrObama will not claim that he could have been these boys.

      There is very little sympathy for White victims here in America, because the prevailing assumption by the MSM and our elected officials is that they deserve whatever happens to them because 160 years ago several thousand White people in America used slave labor. Nevermind that the vast majority of White America’s ancestors didn’t live here then, and most likely suffered greatly in their .own homeland forcing them to abandon friends and family to escape to America.

      Let’s face it; White people are under attack in the US by our own government and our own supposedly free press. If one is a White Christian or Jew, then double the attacks of racism and anti-government leanings. We’re on our own today.

      • I do not know what Australian tourism means to the US, but I am hopeful that it is significant and that the Australians will boycott us.

        • The things I read from their press indicate that they blame our lack of gun control more than anything. And I am pretty sure once the MSM sorts out what to do with 2 black guys and 1 white we’ll see that argument as well.

          • They’re going to have a little tricky dance with a white guy thrown into the mix. Maybe they will find a way to blame him for everything and explain how he led the two innocents down the path to evil.

        • In somewhat related news, LeBron James was given a police escort to a concert after the star told the crowd the concert would be held up until “King James” arrived.

          The star is Jay-Z (aka “The Situation Room”). Wasn’t he one of those dedicated purveyors of social justice who vowed to boycott Florida over the Trayvon Martin verdict? Speaking of which, where are all of Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton’s dollars being spent?

      • Srdem, sad to hear this. And furious. The Obama government has tried to create racial antagonism whenever possible. This may be the bitter fruit. What should white people do about it ?

      • “There is very little sympathy for White victims here in America, because the prevailing assumption by the MSM and our elected officials is that they deserve whatever happens to them because 160 years ago several thousand White people in America used slave labor.” srdem

        Just a quirky thought. I wonder if somewhere in the not too distant future (after amnesty) there will be another civil rights uprising This time by Hispanics demanding reparations for all of their brothers and sisters who broke into this country illegally and were forced to work as domestic servants for the Great White Slave Masters. The ‘slavery’ card.

      • “Three boys who could have been Obama’s sons” — the greatest comment! I can’t describe what it means to me but its just so ridiculously stupid of Obama to have said that Trevon could have been his son! Because he was black? And now will Obama should say that those three thugs and murderers could have been his sons too! Anyway, your comment just made my night because it was so hilarious and Obama says the dumbest things like most of the time!

    • He doesn’t have any public schedule for the rest of the week either. Of course, he’s supposed to be taking the Deathstar out for a phony bus tour to mingle with the unwashed masses and peddle his poison sometime this week. Maybe while he’s on the road the snake oil salesman will mention how the triggerman “BabyDrake” Luna could have been his son, and make this case another cause celeb. Somehow I doubt that’s going to happen.

      • As one who pays close attention (and has logged much of) his public schedule, it’s fair to point out that the schedule is subject to updating at any time. There will likely be information for Thursday and Friday soon. True, it won’t be a workload worthy of $2,000 a day plus expenses, but it will show some activity (read campaigning).

    • With hopes this means life for Hasan. I don’t want the death penalty for him, it will make him a martyr. Life would be more cruel for his radical soul.

      As for Manning, I still think Obama is more dangerous to us than he is.

      • Yeah, let’s torture the jihadi bastard by keeping him locked down 23/7 until he dies.

        It’s been a while since I thought of such matters, but I might recall that there is no time off for good behavior in the federal system. I wonder if that’s true in the military system.

      • OTOH, Hasan would probablly collect govt. disability for life due to the fact that he is paralyzed and in a wheelchair as a result of ‘workplace violence’.
        Convicted felon, Jesse Jackson Jr. will be collecting $8700/month in disability while he is in prison due to his never-before-heard of ‘bi-polar’ alibi. (Wonder what Obama’s ‘abuse’ excuse is going to be).

        • maybe yes, maybe no. As apart of the Courts Martial, if he were to receive a DD (Dishonorable Discharge), the VA must find that you have a medical condition that was caused or aggravated by your military service. As this was workplace violence, would this be the VA’s way out of classifying him?

      • The fact that the judge threw out all evidence of jihad and terrorism–does that mean the jury must weigh only on ‘workplace violence’? If so, I think the death penalty would be a no-go anyway.

        • They said he’d wind up at Ft Leavenworth yippie I live in Kansas. Also one of the planners of 9-11 who’s in Gitmo
          has complained because he’s not been getting his olives and honey with his meals. Seriously I’m surprised Kerry didn’t have one of his wife’s ketchup factories turn out a special
          supply and fly it down personally.

        • Without the cover of impassioned religious obsession, the killer is just another mass murderer who has killed and wounded unarmed people by ambush. Just like the Oklahoma City bomber and others, he has earned the right to be put to death by his actions,. If he or his rabid supporters want to call him a “martyr”, so be it.

          Only in the twisted minds of Islamists is killing unarmed people, helpless women and children, or anonymous strangers an honor.
          The rest of the world considers such acts as horrendous and cowardly.

          • wartime is totally different circumstance, and they were tried under the Espionage Act. In the 50’s the military reformed and unified it’s military justice program. Rocks and Shoals became the Military Justice Manual and Military Manual for Court’s Martial.

      • Hasan can be handled very easily.

        Forcibly shave every hair on his body, force-feed him a bacon-wrapped pork chop, and execute him by drowning him in pig blood. Should be more than enough to punch his ticket to hell.

        Won’t happen, but it is doable.

      • Hate to be a stickler, but the actual lyric is, “you can check out any time you LIKE.”

        And while I’m at it, Rick Blaine never says, “Play it again, Sam.” (Do NOT get me started on “Casablanca,” because I will not shut up.)

        Anyway, I agree with the sentiment…this place is a cozy corner of the ‘net for the regulars (occasional meathead notwithstanding).

        • Casablanca, the movie; it must have been scandalous when it was first released. A married woman commits adultery with a shady American character/mercenary who won’t fight in uniform for his country, a corrupt French policeman who takes bribes openly and trades freedom for sexual favors from vulnerable women, all living in a region where the black market flourishes and crime is rampant during WWII.
          Strangely, the Nazis depicted in the movie were the only ones who acted with restraint and professionalism.

          It wasn’t a love story or a tale of heroism for the main characters. The only one with any honor seemed to be the partiotic and cuckolded husband.

  12. I usually do not read SALON as they are so left of the fence it’s not even funny. But then I saw it was a interview of Camille Paglia and she has some pretty solid comments about why Billery should not be put up as the #1 dem choice for Prezzy. Look here (about 2/3 into the article). Good Stuff!

    • What a sweet rarity she is; someone who can skewer the high and mighty with beautiful prose. She not only stuck MrsClinton at her weakest spot (what difference….), but stepped on AnthonyWiener and his wife as if they were two cockroaches scrurrying across 5th Ave.

  13. Where did those chemical weapons in Syria come from? I heard that years ago before the weapon inspections in Iraq there was nonstop traffic into Syria. Conspiracy theory? In any case, where’s the red line now?

    • Don’t like to assume facts not in evidence, but today’s poison gas attack just happens to coincide with the one year anniverary of Obama’s ‘red line’ warning. The video is ghastly – dozens of little children.

      • Add to this – the stupid smiley face of Jan Pseki as she is being grilled by Shep Smith about the massacre of hundreds. Does she think she is on the Dating Game? Worse yet…her talking points! ‘We’re sending aid’. Unbelieveable!

      • I don’t belive any video or news out of the Islamic war zones, no matter what country. It’s just as easy to believe that the rebels killed those people to entice the US to up the aid to them.

        • Agree, srdem. And we all know how he loves to sign those checks. However, he has boxed himself (and us) into a corner now with his ‘red-line’ threats. This, plus the fact that he bet on the wrong horse in Egypt, does not bode well for us. Maybe he shoulda just stayed on MV….permanently.

        • I thought that too. The rebels definitely could have done that to themselves. For some reason I have been doubting the rebels because they all think that they will go to heaven with virgins when they kill.

      • Thanks for this. And for pointing out that yet again a scholar from TLSOE focuses on the proxy war and expectation that the US must shed blood and treasure.

        Certainly there are markings of a proxy war but so too is the issue of AQ via the “Syrian rebels” against Assad and the Shia and Iraq. It is unclear, to me, who is responsible for the chemical warfare. It is illogical for Assad to do something that would almost invite international intervention. Then again this is Assad, Iraq and Russia so who knows. I do not put some shenanigans by the “rebels” out of the question.

        One thing that probably will happen, this Administration will make the wrong call, if it makes a call at all. In a weird way, shades of Kosovo.

  14. As always, we readers of have way too many INTELIGENT/INSIGHTFUL ‘comments, issues & questions’ than the”WH press corps”/”MSM” will ever think of (-LOL) when it comes to the Obama regime to fit into one open thread…

  15. Keith: Thanks for the open thread and opening Pandora’s Box. It’s group therapy/venting. Where else would you find a coffee klatch of intellectuals, who actually read and understand what is what.

    P.S. To all the commenters: Great coverage, excellent observations and comments. Thanks.

      • Yep. It’s a Townhall meeting of the minds.

        AND NOW FOR THE 6 O’CLOCK NEWS (early edition).

        Anyone have a clue as to why Boehner would need a “health care lobbyist” in his office?

        House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has hired a former health care lobbyist as a legislative assistant in his personal office.

        Ashley M. Palmer has come back to the Hill after serving as director of government affairs for the Health Industry Distributors Association for three-and-a-half years. HIDA, based in Alexandria, Va., is a trade association that represents medical products distributors. Before that, she served as a legislative assistant for Rep. Adam Putnam (R-Fla.).

        • Sometimes, our DC elected officials remind me of the ‘alleged’ Five Families of the Mafia. They appear to be enemies and always fighting each other, but in reality they are in cahoots to steal, rob, and circumvent the law to further their own purses. Just as the ‘old’ Mafia, they might shoot each other occasionally, but in the end the crime wave continues.
          Every once in a while, some do-gooder appears and takes down a few criminals, but the crime wave continues unabated.

          • srdem: so true. I used to think that a Banana Republic was south of the border. I now understand that border is not the US/Mexican one – it’s the US/Canadian one!

  16. Just an observation, the leaders of the balck community in the U.S. appear to do well in terms of feeding their own personal support when seen talking up for black rights and against racism on black people. What they don’t appear too good at in the least is solving the issues that their supporters suffer daily. One sure fire way to keep being a leader in support of better rights, better social conditions and equal opportunities is to make sure these issues remain. I don’t know how many of you have visited Chicago recently. Apart from the nightly multiple shootings ( the national media only report deaths not the actual shootings ratio 5:1 in terms of shootings and homicides related to those shootings). There is an epidemic of begging and pan handling. Every corner of every intersection has a black person begging. I don’t know why and I sure as heck know there are no radical plans in the wings to provide a solution. So it got me thinking why are there so few hispanic beggers in Chicago and any other cities I visit? Work ethic, non reliance on social support ? Discuss?

  17. he-e-e-y, wait just a darn minute, Koffler. did you just trick us into writing your site FOR FREE while you’re off gallivanting around? pretty slick!


    • I want the union wage, along with the Cadillac health-insurance plan. And, bagels with cream cheese and a slice of red onion. A continuous supply of half-caff/half-decaff coffee would be nice.

      Ooh. And, I want a cabana boy to bring me my bagels and coffee. He should be 6’1″, and weigh about 200 lbs., with abs and a butt off of which you could bounce a tire-iron. Broad shoulders and chest, too.

      To heck with the union wage, health-care plan, bagels and coffee. Just give me the cabana boy!

      • *ahem*

        Keith said “here’s a chance to sound off on whatever strikes your fancy” and that cabana boy surely would strike my fancy.

  18. (I’m just typing this in a tiny whisper, but it’s so nice that our cat Keith has allowed us mice to play while he is gone–and there haven’t been any trolls after 150 comments.)

  19. The Drudge Report now has some very gruesome photos (about a dozen) of the dead children and others that died in the latest gas attack. The photos of the children are very sad and if you have a weak heart you should probably not read the article.

    We are living in very troubled times.

  20. It seems to me that recently Kirsten Power, who has been been a “reasonable” liberal and open minded, now is talking like an Obama devotee. I wonder if somewhere along the democrat line, she was “Corey Bookered”. Oh well.

  21. Illinois Paying Workers $9-An-Hour To Sign People Up For Obamacare…
    They’re hoping that 800 unemployed people apply for this temp job, someone will give them three whole days of training, then set them loose to sign up………..somebody. They’ll probably just sign up each other, a hundred or so welfare recipients and call it a done deal.

    The theme song for the ACA or Obamacare:
    (Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison Blues)
    I hear the train a comin’ It’s rolling round the bend……………….


    Planned Parenthood’s Obamacare “Navigators” To Be Given Access To Every Americans’ Personal, Medical, Tax Information…

    – Planned Parenthood employees will soon have access to a vast federal database of sensitive information, including the Social Security number, tax form, bank account, and medical records of every single American citizen as the president seeks their help in implementing ObamaCare.