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White House Dossier Takes a Short Break

Hi everyone.

I’m going to be taking much of the rest of the week off. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t post anything. Just that I’ll be doing so only occasionally, when the urge to write becomes too great to be resisted. I will be back full time Monday, August 26.

Thanks for your patience. I hope everyone has a great week.


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  1. thanks for the heads-up, Keith. now we’ll all have to find something else to occupy us while you’re off.

    but this will be a tough month or so: aren’t the High Holidays really early this year? please remember that some of us need a regular maintenance dose of whitehousedossier or we go into withdrawal!

    • rulierose: Holidays begin evening of Wed. Sept. 4th and the first day of Rosh Hashanah is Thursday. The first day is always the 1st of Tishrei (Hebrew calendar month). I always get a kick when someone says “holidays are early”. I remind who’s ever interested: No, they’re not, they always begin sunset the evening before the new month. Shhh…don’t tell anyone here, I am an untrained rabbi. ; )

      • oh Sadie, you’re making me feel bad! (I am, tho, probably the world’s worst Jew. for one thing I converted to Catholicism a couple of years ago!)

        I know that the holidays always come on the same day of the Hebrew calendar. but as I keep telling my getting-more-devout-daily daughter, here in America we go by that other calendar, the one that’s in use throughout most of the world. and on that other calendar, the High Holidays are early this year. ;-)

      • I hope for the sake of the poor dog ‘Sunny’ isn’t able to make more
        mini Bo’s so they can be ignored. Sad how many disabled kids
        could use a dog like Bo or Sunny they’d be loved not used for
        photo ops poor things.

        • A Royal Marriage? Sunny is not a pup. She is 14 months old – just ripe for breeding. Are they planning to create a dynasty? Royal Portugese Obama Pups’? The world would be on tetherhooks awaiting the Royal Birth. All of the scandals would disappear from the headlines. Britain’s Princeling, George, would be old news. In the end, the Mooch would raffle off the Royal Pups for $$$ millions and live happily ever after.

          • Lke the Queen and her Corgis they think they’re royalty you
            know. Poor animals how lonely they must ignored all the time. My cousin has been separated from her Lab for 3 months due to a family illness they Skype everyday although he can’t quite figure out where Mom’s coming from.

          • laughing.. now that’s a thought. Should they breed and have puppies, can you see BO (not the dog, the other one) traveling to other countries, and instead of presenting a book or iPod, presents a puppy to the head of state.

            Of course all of Follywood would LOVEEEE to get one of FIDOTUS’s pups.

            Crap, now I have to rename them. FIDOTUS I & II ??

  2. Stay safe, Keith. I do hope you’re taking time away for “happy” reasons, and that there’s not some crisis going on that you don’t want us worrying over.

    Because I probably will worry, one way or the other. America needs you, Sir, and I pray that God and His angels will watch over and protect you this week.

    It’s not my blog, but permit me one suggestion, Sir: if you have absolutely nothing to post on a given day, you might consider putting up an open thread for the day. It would give the regulars a chance to stay in touch, without wading through page after page of days-old conversations. Just an idea.

    Be well, Keith, and I hope we’ll hear from you sooner than later.

  3. Have a great vacation!

    Did Valerie Jarrett offer you her place on Martha’s Vineyard? I am not wire if there is any place to play golf there though!

  4. Whatever the reason for your break, be safe and take care of yourself. Enjoy time spent with family and friends. Your wit and wisdom will be missed!

  5. You’ve earned it…you deserve it! I’ll miss you but know you’ll return recharged and refreshed…you do a fabulous job and it is so appreciated.

  6. Enjoy the time off, Keith. It’s not as if Obama is going to do any actual work while you’re gone. Head to the mountains and relax.

    • “Someone’s sneaking off to fix that whole Egypt civil war thing… I except to see you riding a tank in Tahrir Square.” – Regime Change

      ..Or standing in FRONT of one that’s headed for the House in Washington, DC…

      • you’re so right. I just read an article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed that non-ironically said it’s ok if tuition rises because financial aid will rise with it and help students. I was waiting for them to realize the connection…but they didn’t.

    • I caught part of an attack on Walmart of all things on AlGeez;
      somehow they think Walmart is responsible for the terrible fire in Bangledesh because the women were making “shorts” to be sold to Walmart. They asked survivors if Walmart gave them any “money yet?”.
      If that wasn’t bad enough, they also blamed Walmart for the collapse of the building in Banglidesh that killed so many because….wait for it….they were sewing items for Walmart.

      You had to listen carefully to find out that there were sellers and jobbers of all sorts between Walmart and the makers of the garments. Walmart didn’t own the buildings, didn’t hire the workers, didn’t lock the outer doors, didn’t even know who was making the garments.
      They also made a big deal out of Walmart earning billions of dollars and showed Americans cheering.
      Not subtle at all.

      Another short piece was about the “hunger strike” in California prisons and how awful it was to force feed them. Torture they called it. What gall! These are the same people whose religion tells them to behead, rape, torture any number of people they don’t like.
      It’s just insidiously anti-American. Sneaky sly devils..

  7. on another note….the three teens charged with killing the Australian student “for fun”….where is the Rev Sharpton and Jessie on this one! Talk about a racist killing!

    • I was just going to post the same thing. And where is the Great One? I hope the Aussie tourists do boycott the US and force him to make a statement.