In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


The Obama Morning News || August 19, 2013

56 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || August 19, 2013”

  1. That’s rich! McCain says that the US has lost all credibility in the Middle East as if he has nothing to do with it. The Siamese Senators John and Lindsey have supported the Muslim Brotherhood, probably at Obama’s request, while the rest of the world is siding with the military or not choosing sides. McCain also went to Syria to support Al Qaeda rebels there. I guess The Maverick never met a maverick he didn’t like. What’s painful is how much ‘ink’ he gets from the MSM because I don’t believe he’s held in high regard by anyone, including his own constituents.

    1. I left something out. McCain has taken to ‘pivoting’ like Obama. He was so against cutting off aid when Rand Paul was proposing it. Now he’s for cutting off aid as if it had been his idea in the first place.

          1. McCain is off his game. Constantly saying that he supports the Muslim Brotherhood–and also wants to let all the illegal criminals in to take all our jobs. It is so obvious why we have to give aid to Egypt — because the Muslim Brotherhood are terrorists and Morsy as President only changed laws regarding his terrible religion. He did not help Egypt at all, wasn’t interested in Egypt’s economy, etc. most intelligent people would agree that we should give aid to Egypt because Egypt doesn’t need terrorists running the County and also the aid helps protect Israel, but maybe some people don’t care about Israel now or never did care.

          2. He wants illegal criminals to take our jobs? You wouldn’t have gone to the Straw Man Store recently, would you? I assume you refer to undoumented aliens.and McCain’s take on immigration. Very slanted way to put it. As for the Muslim Brotherhood, the new “wisdom” seems to be do nothing, let them sort of out. Both sides are bad. As I said, McCain’s opinion may not be yours–but at least he enages and goes there.

    1. A little headline on Drudge from NJ TV says one quarter of “adult children” in NJ moving back home with their parents. The group ranges from 18 to 31 years old. Sounds like Christie has performed wonders with the NJ economy.

      1. On a similar note, CA builders have started to build ‘mother-in-law’ suites in their upscale housing developments. I love my adult kids but this is a bridge too far.
        At the other end of the scale, immigrants (mostly hispanics) are living 10-15 in two bedroom apts as family reunification becomes a reality. City occupancy codes here in L.A. have gone the way of the dinosaur.

        1. Lennar Homes has a home within a home floor plan–it meets most zoning–a hot plate sort of kitchen–but families with kids can return home. The European model. My daughter lives here–when I asked her didn’t she want to leave, she said, “You never told me I had to go–this is my home!” She has her own entrance–it works out OK. No biggie.

          1. Interesting. Wonder if it could be the unintended consequences of the ‘new age’ 30 hour work week combined with the high unemployment numbers. More time to meet the neighbors. Whatever the reason, it’s a good thing. I miss Mayberry USA.

  2. Palin still lives rent free in everybody’s head, right Kristol? No way the GOP would support her in a Senate run and those evil Alaskan Dems are still there to harrass her with the same smarmy tactics they used to force her out of the Gov’s office.

    I like where she is now, tossing ninja stars at everybody on the left and the right who are trying to destroy this country.

    1. Like Sarah Palin is going to take advice from a neo-statist like Kristol. The establishment cabal wants her to run for the Senate because they want to dilute her influence on the 2014 mid-terms.

      1. You have a very good point. Kristol advising Palin to run for the Senate is like the NYT advising Republicans to nominate Jeb Bush or Christie. Sarah will do the most good where she is right now.

        1. She may be Momma-Grizzly, but she is an excellent watch dog (with all due respect of course)
          I find as she distances herself from the 2008 elections, she is more confident in her voice and more meaningful with her words…just an observation
          Call them like you see them Mrs Pain!! Carry on!

          1. One thing at a time Julie.
            We need Sarah in the senate.
            Her fire is infective.
            Now, Kristol, IMO a puss fence sitter has no credentials to give Sarah Palin advice.
            But, he is a member of the illustrious FOX News Family.
            He is a contributor. WOW !
            He has a VOICE !
            So does a dog, and the dog’s voice becomes obnoxious at times.

            So does Sarah, and her voice is music to my ears.

  3. And in other news…….this just in……

    Weiner to announce his bid for the Presidency in 2016. It’s rumored that his VP choice is Holder.

    Their ticket? Weiner Holder.

    (as a disclaimer… today’s lunacy this could actually be true.)

      1. “Weiner-Spitzer” would seem to be more like an explanation for how erstwhile Clinton inamorta Monica Lewinsky got the infamous stain on the blue dress…

  4. The headlines just write their own snark and satire.
    As the government expands regulations that will squeeze the life out of everything, we’ll stay in the darkened caves we used to call our homes as we line up for free food donated by the Russians.

    The WSJ thinks we’re on a collision course with Egypt as if we haven’t already soured every relationship we ever had with it’s people. We’re dead to them, as they wish us all to die anyway. As for SenMcCain claiming that the US has lost all credibitlity in the Middle East, hello! Senator, you don’t have much credibility in the US and none at all in your home state of Arizona.

    SarahPalin, sarah palin, sarah, palin. Always on their minds, always trying to find ways to marginalize her influence, never far from any political discussion, always on their minds. More than any other individual in the political arena, she carries more weight, more of everything that has ever been seen before. Political pundits of all stripes worry about her and what she will say about anything. MrsClinton should be so well considered.

    ol’Joe Biden, really? Who are these people who even think to support someone considered a senile bufoon who has provided enough gaffes to fill a book. And then there’s Scott Brown, unemployed and defeated, thinking about running for the top job. Why not.

      1. I think Biden has a pretty good chance to get the Dem nomination. He carries a lot less personal baggage than Hillary. He’s also a regular guy, devoted husband and father, a church goer. I don’t care for his politics per se but I believe he’s not a machine like the Clintons. Hillary and Bill sat down 25 years ago and planned out every details of their lives, who was going to achieve what and when. I want someone actually passionate about the office than the robotic Clinton’s.

    1. The Obama-McCain relationship. I suppose everyone here is too young to remember Senor Wences and “Johnny” on the Ed Sullivan Show.

          1. Can you imagine “All in the Family” squeaking past the politically-correct police today? That show made fun of everyone – blacks, Poles, Italians, Jews…………..did anyone complain? No, we all laughed because we knew it was just a damn joke. One of the funniest episodes ever was when Archie Bunker kissed Sammy Davis Jr. on the cheek. Hilarious!

  5. So if a “gay” teen comes into a phsychologists office and says he has some doubts about whether he’s gay or not, the phsychologist has to say he’s probably gay? Wow, Christie, nice going there. You have to wonder how many kids this had actually affected. And he has the gaul to say that government should “tread lightly” as he slams us with new rules. I used to like him when he was first elected, now he’s just a pandering ass.

  6. My 2-cents for the day:

    Found in my spam box: Sign the card for Bubba (it’s his birthday today).
    Hmm…State Department. Isn’t that where Bubba’s bride worked.
    In classified cyberwar against Iran, trail of Stuxnet leak leads to White House.

    From Forbes: Obamacare has failed to enact 56% of the directives. I know, a real shocker. The half-baked, half-assed legislation will eventually rear it’s ugly head, Obama will be long gone out of office and the rest of us will be left to pick up the pieces.

      1. Isn’t that the point of it all, Star, to cripple and degrade current insurance so that we all end up bleeding and begging for federal assistance.

        1. I think Obama is a power-mad IDIOT — thus, Obamacare, he said he likes that they call it his NAME, and THOUSANDS of new Regulations that his Administration dreamed up, to CHARGE taxpayers BILLIONS more dollars for Obama to spend on himself and his failure projects, all green ones.

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