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Obama Goes Golfing With Larry David

Enough of the beach.

Obama is playing golf this afternoon with comedian Larry David, who along with Jerry Seinfeld was the comedic force behind the TV show Seinfeld and then his own show, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Also playing today with Obama are businessman Glen Hutchins and former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk.

It’s already golf outing #28 for 2013 and the 139th time he has played as president. Obama has golfed five times this week on Martha’s Vineyard. Vacation time is over Sunday.

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  1. So is it true that Ron Kirk negotiated as many trade agreements on the golf course today as he has in the past four years in his job? (Us lowly taxpayers would like to know how effectively our money is being spent).

  2. Pretty soon, it’s back to campaigning.

    Leading? Governing? You kidding?

    Let’s find another sports team we can invite to the White House.

      1. No but in the dark recesses of my mind those big long buses
        make me think of something like sports cars Grecian hair and men
        of a certain age. And he’s got two?:-).

    1. There’s an AP article tracing Obama’s interest in golf “back to high school”. I posted it downstairs but I think it got caught in Keith’s pool filter (not to be confused with media pool) ? It went on to his Illinois Senate years and playing whenever he could. It seemed golf was more on his mind than working. Then I realized he had young babies those years too. The cad.

  3. Ron Kirk…again??? Second time this week. He resigned as Trade Rep last March to go into the private sector, yet he flew to Africa with Obama on AF1 on the big family jaunt to Africa two months ago.
    Kirk is the former mayor of Dallas. Could Obama be enlisting him to do the devil’s work in Texas before the mid-terms? Obama is determined to turn Texas into Blue.

  4. Vacation is over Sunday? Every day is vacation for this clown (pun intended). He get his daily briefing between 10 and 11 every day. Then what does he do?

    1. Good question.
      Because NO ONE in the “WH press corps”/”msm” has the guts to publicly ask the question: ‘what does Obama do all day when he has only 1-3 “events” on the schedule…?’

      1. I get it….
        If I had said “lady”, everything would be OK? Are you that thin skinned? I have been called “teabagger” by many posters, and even the president himself. Think about it.

        1. Yes, our perfect, creamy complexions can be thin–unimaginative, profane, scatological or overused names are a bore from either side. “Broad’ is kind antiquated–so it makes me think you are stuck in the past…so I sort of don’t read you or at best glance over your posts. It’s meant as a slap at women–and sometimes we don’t like it. I can’t get that worked up over it–I disregard.

      2. Oh, I didn´t know that “broad” was an inappropriate word. I thought it was more on the jocular side, something that Sinatra said in his days. Somewhat derogatory, yes, but sometimes we need such words when we really mean to be a little of that. I don´t know the circumstances here but does Troy really deserve a lecture for using this word? Or am I the one who needs a lecture in modern English ?

        1. “Broad” also brings the Rat Pack to my mind. I prefer “broads” to “girls” – although neither are complimentary when speaking about women. However not all women are ladies.

        2. “Broad” always makes me think of Humphrey Bogart films. There’s something gangsterish about it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s very low on the “insult scale”. There are many, many worse words used to describe a woman.

          1. It is partially due to all of the thin-skinned offense that we have way too much political correctness. Most of us are dealing with far more important issues in our lives.

  5. Still keeping up his 240 pace, I see.

    Oh, and if anyone tries to argue about Ike…Ike’s average misery index was 6.26 over 8 years. Obama’s misery index has never been below 7.40 in any month of his presidency, and he’s averaging 10.25 so far.

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  9. Has anyone asked or commented on just what the heck Michelle did this vacation other than ride her bike for the obligatory photo op? She didn’t shop, she was not seen on the beach…why waste my money going to an island if all you plan to do is sit by the pool and read a good book.

    I know she went out to dinner at night but other than that, seemed like her vacation was pretty much as a single mom. Oh wait. :-)

    1. I like going out to breakfast, lunch and dinner so someone else will do the shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning up. If I had a full time kitchen and wait staff, I’d never leave the house :D

        1. It’s the word ‘vacation’ that seems to throw everyone. A vacation is commonly used to describe a period when one no longer appears at one’s workplace to, um, work. In MrsO’s position, she doesn’t work anywhere or for anyone in any capacity. If she does anything, it’s because she wants to do it, nothing more.
          So to sum it up; because she doesn’t work anywhere, she is never on vacation, but always idle as most wealthy women are.
          The trip to MarthasVineyard was a change of scenery for MrsO, nothing more. .

          1. The pool will let us know who got on the plane to go home. I hope.

            I honestly think BO worked harder on this “vacation” than he does back in DC. Just by all the names dropped, at dinner, at parties and on the golf course, sounds like he was wheeling and dealing under the guise of a vacationing President (privacy,no press access!). As someone once said, Obama has spent his whole professional career looking for his next job. :D

    2. Queenie has turned into Greta Garbo with an attitude, 65. The hoi polloi is beneath HRH now. No more bratty kids traipsing through her palace, no whining military families – only rap videos going out the the school kids now. If and when she appears in public, all of her subjects must bow and keep their heads lowered until she passes. Hecklers will be shot on the spot.

      Nothing says Mchelle Obama better than this 57 seconds of sweetness and light:

  10. I’m not looking forward to him returning home but only a few more months and he will be gone again… who knows what else between now and then. I have been supporting Hollywood for a few years now and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

    1. He is heading to Binghamton State University in New York this week. Just in time for the new freshmen class to arrive for orientation.

  11. Well now we know what the NSA has been spending most of its time doing; hiding the biggest secret in the US. What is that secret? Well its simple, The President has a historically awful golf swing, and I mean awful. Now I know what Tiger Woods said the President had a good short game when asked about his swing. Thats golf politeness for tragically bad. Now it’s true that some people look like their pets and its also true that golf swings give away a lot about a person. In the case of the President his swing is a great summary of his political life, level of effort and how he goes about his tasks in this very important job of being President. He starts off with much looking, looking, checking, re checking, more looking, thinking, speaking to advisors, re checking, strutting, playing with all the tools of the job , no action yet, more checking, speaking and pointing, then it eventually begins to much expectation, its a bit of a half hearted, abbreviated backswing, followed by only sparing use of selected parts of the body and a much shorter than required follow through. Of course his gold swing is terrible as well. Now I know his advisors must be bare faced, self promoting liars, no one could say good shot after any of those swings, you just couldn’t and sleep soundly unless you had the ability to lie. So it’s a safe bet all his team are career climbers, they need a truth teller on the cart. I bet the secret service run a book on hooks, tops, shanks, fats and lost balls every week. I’m keen to see what his retirement week looks like relative to a week in the most demanding role in public life. 28 rounds so far this year and it sonly August. Good gosh. I’d tell him three things if given a 10 minute sit down. 1. Tell the people what you did and didn’t do on Sept 11th last year re Benghazi. 2. Give up golf and devote that time to a charitable cause. 3. Stop blaming everyone but yourself, you may have realized you are a terrible president but you’ve got time to change that. Put ideology aside and work with “folks” you don’t agree with but must work with. Thats life in public and private life. Grow up and take true responsibility for the promises you made and have not delivered on, what they tell you over meetings in the WH, DNC and at dinner about how your doing as President is the same “folks” who say good shot Mr President, great swing.

    1. A really good and accurate description. What can he do? He is certainly a loser at family life. No one looks more tired of it all than Michelle. My guess is they do not have a vacation home to go to is because why would you ever become more encumbered with a piece of real estate when the family may dissolve. She is, after all, in her own misspoken words, a “single mom”.
      My guess is this lazy POS will end up in Hawaii living the life of a beach bum.

        1. Julie, I believe he will. Maybe before if it is politically convenient, if that agenda is pushed far enough. Then he can be the first …..first of everything president. How long will the members of this group stand the Kabuki Theatre ?

  12. Sounds about right…..Our BUM IN CHIEF is playing a fools game with one of his Liberal Hollywood stooges…Who’s steering the ship while him, MOOSHELLE the kids and all screw off at our expense?…..Not Plagiarist Biden….WHAT A FARCE….TIME TO IMPEACH

    1. Silly me, I just had to read that puffery slop. He made a movie with “no script” about MarthasVineyard but filmed most of it in NorthCarolina. Oh boy. Can’t wait to see this film (sarc).

  13. why is it that liberals hate “rich people” unless they’re also liberals?

    I don’t care if Obama golfs every day–in fact, I’d prefer him to play golf every day and leave the country-runnin’ to the grownups (if there are any left in DC). but fer Pete’s sake, Leftists, can we stop talking about evil corporate jet owners now, since y’all have them too?

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