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Dinner with ValJar; Morning at the Beach

President Obama and his family had dinner last night with Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, who has her own place on Martha’s Vineyard. From the pool reports:

POTUS’s motorcade was on the move from his vacation rental at 5:48pm.

From WH: “The First Family is having dinner at Valerie Jarrett’s House.”

Motorcade arrived at Ms. Jarrett’s house at 6:11pm. Pool was held in vans as POTUS, FLOTUS, Sasha and Malia entered the house. Cheers erupted among the crowds of people who were gathered at homes nearby; people who could see POTUS while pool was held a couple homes away trying to catch a glimpse from through the van windows.

The house is traditional Vineyard style with cedar shingles and a front porch. It faces the water. Secret Service agents were fanned out across the lawn. Marvin Nicholson was standing on the porch with some other aides. Unclear how long POTUS will be there. Oak Bluffs has fireworks tonight. Pool is heading to a nearby restaurant to hold . . .

Pool has been holding near Valerie Jarrett’s place after having dinner nearby. At 9pm the fireworks show started and went on until the grand finale at about 9:45pm.

We’re told POTUS, FLOTUS and their daughters watched the fireworks but pool did not see them. There was going to be a photo-op but that got nixed.

Pool continued to hold. Motorcade is rolling at 11:44pm. No sight of POTUS.

This morning the president and his family headed to the beach.

31 thoughts on “Dinner with ValJar; Morning at the Beach”

  1. I think I read somewhere that Obama will be back in D.C. tomorrow so that just leaves today for the bookstore and ice cream cones.

  2. Can anyone answer a question:

    Why does a guy running one of the largest enterprises on earth, an enterprise losing billions of dollars a day, spend a small (for most people) fortune on rental housing when his best friend/partner/confidante/string puller has her own home right down the block? He chastises Mitt Romney for making a joking $10,000 bet, and then throws away more than that needlessly.

    Does Jarrett have “standards” for who stays in her crib?

      1. ValJar is a slum landlord in Chicago. She had the chance to become super wealthy if Chicago had been awarded the Olympics because she bought up acres and maybe square miles of property on the near Southside which would have become the Olympic Village and later turned into pricey condominiums. As it is, she has made enough money off of ‘her people’.

      1. as she is the “personal Consigliere” of BO, has a SS detail assigned to her, I am sure the house is set up to handle just about everything and anything.

          1. but because she sit’s on the right hand of BO, I am sure she get’s daily briefings on secure links that have been set up for 4+ years now. Also she has been known to sit in on certain highly classified briefings so she warrants a higher level of secure protection. I would bet her summer home has as much internal security in place as SOS has. Paid for by…

          2. I’m fine with security for close advisers to presidents.

            My concern over the level of security is that he is the president, and needs much more security than she does. Her death would be tragic, but his–while also tragic–would be an enormous blow to this nation. I despise the man, but he is the president. I want him safe and sound.

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    1. Exactly. Other than eating in a different dining room, having dinner with ValJar doesn’t sound very enticing for vacationers.
      Taking one’s employees on vacation doesn’t sound good either.

      Question; how did “crowds” of onlookers happen to be looking at ValJar’s house just as the O’s arrived?
      OK, more than one question: if the pool was a few homes away from ValJar’s house and they couldn’t see “fireworks”, but the O’s did, what blocked their view? (I can see fireworks set off at a high school 1.5 miles from my home)
      The O’s spent almost seven hours at ValJar’s house; what were they doing there all that time?

      1. OK.
        ” We’re told POTUS, FLOTUS and their daughters watched the fireworks but pool did not see them. There was going to be a photo-op but that got nixed.”‘

        If the pool meant they did not see the Os watching the fireworks then my question was answered.
        Of course, such convoluted writing invites another question; Pool: high school grads or GED?

      2. Obama also spends lots of free time on weekends watching sports at Valjar’s Georgetown condo. They’re inseperable – mother and child.

  4. Keith, what is the point of all these reporters stuck in a van following the POTUS? Can’t they just have one guy to write “we didn’t see him today” and let every one else go home? It’s like the paparazzi’s following him around and O’s handlers are trying to loose them.

  5. Wonder if the cheering crowd was comprised of fellow “Only Ones” that inhabit Oak Bluffs, or did they round up some of those stinky tourists that Harry Reid despises so much?

  6. Always wondered why the O’s didn’t bunk with Valjar for the trips to MV. He always said he didn’t need to be cooped up in the WH – he could run the country from AF1 or anywhere else in the world. Well, what about it? The family stayed with VAljar before he hit the mega-lottery, why not now? OakBluffs would be the safest place in the world for him – most of the residents are Obama’s rich Black donors/cronies.

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