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Video || The Obamas Go Biking

He’s got his look down a lot better than when he was photographed doing this with dad jeans.

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  1. IMAGINE OBOZO falling off a BIKE lol . We would be hearing that ALL was well ,like falling off a horse he GALLANTLY got back up and rode hisself to the hospital . the media claiming he was ALMOST DEAD but like a TROOPER He will RECOVER to LEAD us ONCE AGAIN . That sound about right ?

  2. Every time I see the Obama family doing something together, as a foursome, I think there was a fight at home first, with Barack saying “the press expects us to …..[fill in the blank with any thing, like ride bikes or go to church or run to the bookstore]” and the kids and Michelle saying “no way José” (am I allowed to say José without it sounding pejorative?).

    It’s probably the one and only time a year they are on bicycles. The helmet does not flatter anyone, Michelle especially. A stupid “family” photo op. I don’t see them at all close, like four people with their own agendas, wanting their own space.

    1. As irksome as it is. they have to ‘sing for their supper’ once in a while.

      When did guys start riding girl bikes? I must be out of the loop.

  3. MrObama on a girly-bike wearing a helmet=MrBush clearing brush and weeds on the ranch.
    MrObama on a girly-bike wearing a helmet=MrReagan on his horse.
    MrObama on a girly-bike wearing a helmet=MrCarter sitting in a small boat holding a fishing rod.
    MrObama on a girly-bike wearing a helmet=MrClinton chasing women around the desk in the Oval Office.
    nooo contest here.

        1. The DC ambulance that accompanies the President when he travels had a broken gas gage and so ran ran out of gas on the way to the WH for one recent trip.

  4. “575 US troops died in Afghanistan during the Bush presidency. By August 18, 2010, following two troop surges initiated by President Obama, that number had doubled. Today, over 1500 US troops have died in Afghanistan since President Obama took office—and yet, little in that war-torn country has changed.”

  5. The foist lady couldn’t even be bothered to acknowledge the people waiting there. Not even a wave from the girls. Disgusting the way they act.

  6. So we paid to fly BO and MO, we paid to fly Bo, the dog separately and paid yet for another flight for the girls to MV. Can’t they be like an ordinary family and all travel together?

    Also, what will the response be from the WH now that we know Obama was the first to wear a clown mask of himself, long before the rodeo clown did? Here’s the video from SNL, in 2007. Skip ahead to about the 4 minute mark to see Obama’s entrance in the mask.

        1. You would think OFA would send over something with a bit more heft than Tommy Troll. Personally I don’t engage, but for those who choose to do so, it is interesting to read the comments.

    1. Why do you follow this blog if all you ever do is insult us? We don’t mind disagreement, but you can’t ever be polite about it.

    2. Your assumption that I am retired and living off social security is incorrect. You also assume, incorrectly again, that I hate Obama. Please stop the personal attacks. It does not add anything to the discussion.

    3. Tommy, Tommy, such language. Spewing hate on what you imagine is an old woman is intolerant and anti-Dem protocol.
      If you mean to change someone’s opinion of MrObama, insults or demeaning statements won’t work.

      Instead of worrying yourself on how others feel about the Prez, why don’t you list all the wonderful things he’s done personally for America in the last five years.

    4. btw Tommy, please do more research into the functional work GWB conducted concerning running the country, as well as the many guests who visited his ranch. These were world leaders, ambassadors, prime ministers and other heads of state. Believe it or not they enjoyed meeting in a relaxing informal place to conduct business. While at the Texas WH, he also gave “real” press conferences. Could you please provide to us what official business our current Prezzy has done while in MV.. or in Hawaii? Or NV, or CA?

    5. Thanks for sharing the video, AZ Granny. That was about the time they were starting to build his cult of personality, so it was okay to laugh at him. Looks like he was dependent on his trusty TOTUS even back then. In my view, his true believers see him as their messiah, and any mockery of him is seen as sacrilege. He sits silently by as his acolytes destroy this rodeo clown’s life, because he doesn’t care; he has got his.

    6. AZ, on the subject of people wearing masks, I offer the following – Over the course of 40 + years that I can remember, in the late 70’s through today people have worn masks of various presidents, at various events, at one time the most popular was Nixon. There was a movie made by Hollywood of bank robbers wearing various presidents masks and was called “Point Break”. After that there were allot of copy cat real robberies. There were masks of Bill Clinton after his stained dress incident all over the place poking fun at him.

      I have seen the masks at parades, and other public functions.

      Now if the current President feels like being funny and wears one on SNL, then it should be fair game for anyone to do it. I can not see how it is derogatory. A rodeo?? They have rodeo clown who wear grease paint. A mask is somewhat the same. At least it wasn’t used by someone in a porno movie (or maybe it has.. am NOT going to go look and find out – lol)

      So there is allot of people out there who really need to take a chill pill and get off their PC high horse.

      1. There used to be (maybe still is) a company that made life-size cardboard images of celebrities and Presidents. They showed up at state fairs and such where you could have your photo taken standing next to them, or worse, if you were trying to be funny. A friend was happy to show everyone the photo of his wife kneeling in front of the carboard Clinton.
        Really low class.

        1. My heartfelt thanks to those of you who responded regarding Tommy’s attack today. A toast to all of you – you are the greatest!

      2. Otis, I remember the masks of the various presidents, especially at Halloween. My husband wore a Jimmy Carter mask one year to hand out candy and scared the bejeezus out of the neighbor kid. I definitely agree with you about people needing to chill out. It’s too bad Obama and others didn’t make light of the situation and move on. Life is too short to worry about each incident and trying to fit a racial component into it.

    7. Why do progressives hate the free, honest exchange of ideas? We already know that they have the stomach for dishing out insults so why not real discourse?

    1. This is freaking me out. As I try to deal with Mr Tommy and his ill-bred remarks, I hear Obama yelling hello everybody! Now this site conveys audio! Jeez.

  7. FYI, there are two-thirds more casualties in Afghanistan (‘the important war)’ under Obama. Plus, he tripled the number of troops and waved the white flag all at the same time.. The
    Taliban is running the show now.
    Bush also negotiated the terms of withdrawal in Iraq – Obama was too lazy to follow through. He negotiates with the Taiban! The same rebels he armed in Libya/ Syria are now headed for Iraq.
    And, btw, the troops love George Bush!

    1. I was thinking it odd. Women who wear all white to do some sort of outside/physical activity are … posers. They care more about how they look doing something than the activity.

  8. I find it amusing that they are comparing Bush vs. Obama vacations. Before, comparing vacations how about comparing the amount of work each of them. When was the last time Obama worked on a weekend? How about Quality of work? Instead of meeting with the 1972 Miami Dolphins how about digging into those phony scandals? How about resolving just one phony scandal that the American were promised that it was going to be a priority. How about explaining how everyday the U.S. continues to incur debt but in 3 months the total debt has not changed at all?

    If you are going to compare vacations how about bringing in the whole Obama family into the picture. How many vacations that the family ends up in the same local but it takes 2-3 separate airplanes. One for POTUS, One for FLOTUS and the girls and one for FIDOTUS. How about all of Michelle’s trips with family and friends?

    The big question is How many days have the Obama stayed in their own home in Chicago since being elected? I believe I would rather have a President and family who would prefer to be in their own home rather than living in someone else’s opulent home that the U.S. taxpayer pays the rent.

    1. What’s funny, Eisenhower played more golf than any of the modern Presidents combined. Nobody wants to point that out because Ike was a workaholic 24/7. His wife and staff made him play a couple of times a week during his term because it was the only break he had.

      As I remember, the 50’s were pretty good, everybody liked Ike :)

      1. Speaking of phony scandals–did you read the Nobody Saw Anything (NSA) crew “mistyped” the code for Cairo–and got the area code for DC? Gosh, we’re sorry.

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  11. Could not view the video.
    Could not see or read Tommy’s comments.
    However I am assured that life is often a matter of perception – and MY perception is that a grown man riding a bike for fun is not impressive no matter what he wears – and liberals are thin skinned bullies who frequently copy and paste comments.

  12. LOL, someone needs to do a story on how many photographers were camped out to get a picture, how long they had been there, and the battles waged to get the best spot in the weeds.

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