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RNC Bars CNN, NBC News from Holding GOP Debates

RNC leaders voted unanimously today not to sanction 2016 Republican primary debates held by either CNN or NBC News unless the networks change plans to air  biographies of Hillary Clinton.

The ban extends to CNBC and MSNBC, as well as affiliated Spanish language stations, according to the Washington Post:

The ban on CNN and NBC extends to their Spanish-language sibling networks, CNN en Espanol and Telemundo, according to RNC aides. That leaves the RNC with only one major Spanish-language broadcaster, Univision, to partner with on officially-sanctioned debates.

The RNC resolution says the documentaries  “are an attempt to show political favoritism and put a thumb on the scales for the next presidential election.” The resolution notes:

Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC Entertainment, contributed the maximum amount to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign committee, contributed $25,000 to Obama’s 2012 Victory Fund, and this year contributed $10,000 to the Democratic National Committee.

The RNC added a clause suggesting it will try to limit the number of debates, so axing CNN and NBC gets them partway there while eliminating networks most likely to provide an unfavorable forum for Republican candidates.

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  1. Good! I’m glad to see the spine is starting to stiffen with the GOP decision makers. Since 2008, I’ve not contributed one dime to their coffers, and sending it, instead, to conservatives running for office wherever they are.

    • I agree Mandy.
      Now we will have to wait and see how many teeth the RNC has in it against the libs.
      Drawing the line is one thing, defending it is quite another.
      I was appalled at the bias in the last debates.

  2. I’m happy to see this: the unanimous decison shows that the GOP can be united in taking the brave first step. The metaphor for the GOP putting up with media bias all these years is the battered woman never leaving the bad situation.

  3. Meh. It was the right thing to do, but since ALL major media are Obama sympathizers, it’s not like you won’t get loving treatment of Lady Macbeth everywhere else…

    MSNBCNNDNC will just say “Republicans refused to debate because they know their ideas are bad and wrong, AND racist AND misogynist, not to mention how much they hate the “differently coital”, so we declare the Democrat the winner! Now, enjoy an 8 hour special on the greatness of Obama, to be followed by a hard-hitting interview with Ms. Clinton on how she manages to be so wonderful in the face of such Republican hatred…”

    Sigh. The no-infos will lap it up and ask for seconds…

    • I disagree. Yes, already some Democrats and their lapdogs are predicting that this could backfire on the GOP. What if, what if! Now if only the House will go ahead and defund Obamacare. We know they won’t get anywhere and that they will have to backdown rather than see the government shutdown (by the other side incidentally), but the Republicans cannot win by just folding all the time.

      • I don’t disagree with you on substance, and I’m really not saying it’s a bad thing at all (I did say it was the right thing to do). I’m just saying that Candy Crowley will deem them losers and have Hillary debate herself or something, and no-infos will be TOLD it’s because of Republican intransigence, although not with that wording.

        I HEARTILY agree with you – and have said several times – that they SHOULD take the “hit” and defund Obamacare at all costs! If they won’t stand up to the tyrant NOW, what good are they? We don’t need a Reichstag or a Congress of the Party here, we need them to STAND UP NOW!

        AND – the hard part – NOT fold.

        I’ll keep praying…

        • We’re talking two different sets of debates here. The media made monkeys out of the GOP during the primary debates. Hillary Clinton wants everything handed to her, a coronation as they say, and she doesn’t want to go through another primary season herself. I think the presidential debates will be another matter, and the GOP must hold out for better terms. Fox never seems to be included in the presidential debates.

          I’d tell you what I think of Candy Crowley, but Star would come after me with a bucket of mind bleach.


      • Thanks. I needed a word that coveres the wide gamut of ways and means that various human parts could be put to “off-label” uses because of the fact that a certain segment of the population describes THEMSELVES politically with these acts, and writing it THIS way was quicker and FAR less disgusting…

        I do wonder at people who wish to be defined by bedroom behavior. To some extent, socety does define by observable characteristics, but unless you’re doing something very wrong, sexuality is NOT an observable charateristic.

        I don’t advertise what I do at home, so why do they INSIST on telling ME what THEY do? Yeef! I DON’T want to know, and even if I were a “judgemental” sort, how could another accuse me of judging them on behavior I could not know about unless they TELL me about the behavior?

        So much pixilation, abetted and encoraged by our Dear Leader… It would be much more sensible if we just all called ourselves “Americans” and were done with labels beyond that…

      • “I’m hysterical.” – Lizzytalorburton

        Thanks. That’s OK, as long as the “hysterical” doesn’t become another political group insisting on special rights…

  4. Good for you, establishment GOP. You’re real warriors when it comes to fighting for the virtue of your political party. Too bad you’re wimps and cowards when it comes to defending our Constitution and the rule of law. Unless the GOP grows a backbone and starts defending American values and principles, they will continue to bleed support from their base.

    • What I don’t know, Susan, is if all the members of the RNC who voted unanimously only represented the RINOs. I mean, did people like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, or less well known conservative Republicans, vote too?

      • Doesn’t really matter whether conservative members voted for this resolution. Chances are the leaders of the party will cave, just as they have with every other resolution they propose. I’m as cynical as srdem, but then I still remember the “Pledge to America” Boehner and the boys sold to the Tea Party before the 2010 mid-terms. Those promises went to the wayside shortly after they won the House.

        Besides, the members can only vote for items the Republican advisers have told the leadership they should put on the agenda. I’m not holding my breath that the establishment would allow them to vote on anything important to the Republican base – like defunding Obamacare in the continuing resolution, or putting a halt to amnesty for illegal aliens. They don’t want to let us know where they stand on these issues because, trust me, they do not stand with the conservatives.

  5. The real townhalls are another way to get to the public, not the ones moderated by media, but the ones going on right now just between members and constituents. I saw a list of the top ten participants in townhalls this August recess, and nine of the ten were Republicans.

  6. I am such a cynic that I see the bold assertion by the RNC to be a careful parsing of words that sound good, but mean nothing.

    If the hated liberal networks promote a debate and offer prime time access to a Repub candidate, he/she is going to jump on it and RNC be danged.
    Then, what of the general election; will the Repub candidate refuse to meet with the Dem in debate on the iconic networks, too? Of course not, this isn’t about fairness or non-partisanship.
    This whole flappadoodle is about pressure to keep the liberal message from gaming the election and will fizzle out just like every other limp-wristed move the second the networks agree to use the most non-partisan moderators they can find ..

      • sadly Star, it now 24 / 7 365 days a year. I wish they would put an end to it, allow only 4 months of campaigning, and allowed to amass a certain amount of $$$ both public and pvt. There is allot more but it has been non stop campaigning here in WI, between the presidential and the state races, and then the recall.

        As we all know our current Prezzy has not stopped campaigning. Run the country, not the roads.

  7. Well, that’s a move in the right direction. But that assumes there will be any worthwhile opposition to Obama anyway.

    Here is an article by John Hayward in response to Rubio’s thinking about immigration which is if we don’t cave and do something, Obama will. The article is entitled Marco Rubio and the Immigration Surrender.

    It really addresses whether we will have a separation of powers and rule or law or will we not. It is reflective of the current discussion by George Will and Mark Levin on the abuse of power and the Constitution.

    Here is the article if you are so inclined. If this has been mentioned elsewhere I apologize for a double discussion.

  8. Finally a little show of unity & strength…it really is a no-brainer though, why would they want to step into the snake pit anyway? Perhaps they learned a lesson?

    Now, let us see more action in the right (pun unintended) direction and:
    De-fund Obamacare
    Act within our Constitution
    Control our borders
    …just for starters