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The Obamas Go Biking

One of their annual rituals on Martha’s Vineyard.

From the pool reports:

From WH:

“The First Family is taking a bike ride through the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest in West Tisbury, MA.”

Motorcade was rolling from POTUS’s vacation place at 10:18am and arrived at the park about 10 minutes later.

POTUS, FLOTUS, Sasha and Malia briefly rode by pool, which was under a tree off of the bike path.

FLOTUS and Sasha appeared first from around a bend in the path, which winds through the woods. They were moving at a fast clip. FLOTUS wore white capris and a light blue tank top; Sasha had on florescent green shorts, pink sneakers and a pink helmet.

A few minutes later, POTUS and Malia rode by a little more slowly. POTUS could be heard talking to his daughter as they rode up to where pool – and a small group of people eager to observe – were gathered. Pool couldn’t hear what he was saying. POTUS addressed pool and onlookers as he rounded the bend. “Hey guys,” he said. “Nice day, huh?”

Reuters’ Jeff Mason asked “How’s it going?” and “Having a good time?”

“Having a great time, as always,” POTUS shouted as he pedaled away.

POTUS was in a blue short sleeve polo shirt and khaki shorts. Malia wore orange shorts and a blue T-shirt.

All four of them had on helmets. They were trailed by Secret Service agents on bikes. Several Suburbans in the motorcade then pulled onto the trail to follow.

Pool was brought back to the vans and is holding.

Lots of photo opportunities this vacation. Must not be an election coming up.

BTW, here’s some more video of Obama playing golf. This one, unlike the last, appears unauthorized and includes a look at how he swings an iron. Must have been taken by one of the locals using a phone.

34 thoughts on “The Obamas Go Biking”

  1. Oh boy, another photo op of the POTUS riding a girly-bike with his safety helmet securely strapped to his head.

    re: the unauthorized video
    IMO, a golf course employee or private caddy is the culprit for the video. A hidden video-cam was used to get such close shots.
    The security guys would have noticed someone so close to the Prez taking photos with a visible camera.

  2. It is almost as nauseating to watch him bumbling around the golf course as it is to watch him give a speech. His RHIP iis even more evident when viewed againt a green background. Lest there be confusion RHIP means “rank has its priviledge.”

        1. He desperately needs to work on his short game :D

          There’s a real golf course just outside the gates, I think, it wouldn’t shut down the town for him to get to it either. I know he loves his country club links, but really, he ain’t a country club level playa :)

      1. When we were young my parents had a “camp” in the Adirondacks. It was a single-wide trailer with water in the summer only (when the ground wasn’t frozen.). No AC. It was about a half mile from the Schroon River where we could swim in the chest deep, at most, water.

        To my parents, it was heaven. They had great times and parties there! We never had a lot, but we were happy. Happiness comes from within and being content in what we have.

        What is it with our First Family?

        1. Our first family has a no clue of the America WE know. mr. odumbo spent his formative years (which he has tried to conceal) in his “choom gang” which did nothing more than smoke pot every day & was proud of it.. never worked a real job.. spent countless nites in college getting high with his marxist peeps being indoctrinated to radical a closet muslim, he has used his race as his ticket to manipulate the system and accomplish his goals.. he met his wife at a cultish church obambo attended for 10 years run by a maniacal racist bigot for before the lid of exposure blew off. This twisted racist was at that time pronounced as obambo’s “spiritual leader” during the campaign & was scheduled to be a part of his official inauguration ceremony. By all means ,this first family sees themselves as elite super citizens of entitlement & privilege..willing to lie & deceive in order to slither over the backs of others who may be in their way…

          … in the end, they are getting away with nothing.

          1. Brilliant commentary ol gator. You should send it to an “independent” web site with a larger audience. (Twitter?) Here, you are pretty much preaching to the choir. You are an excellent writer.

  3. Oh goody! Looks like we’ll still get to see some ice cream and bookstore photo ops now that the girls have been transported to the Vineyard for the final days of the royal vacation.

    Party on potentate…pay no attention to another day of rage your proteges in the Muslim Brotherhood are sponsoring in Egypt. Your intervention into Egyptian politics not only has your pals in the MB hating our guts, but now the military hates us too.

    1. Noticed that too, AFVet. Although I think it is one of his golf pals or a decoy because he’s riding in the same cart as Preezy. No doubt the person who surreptitiously filmed this video will be hotly pursued by the potentate’s protectors and punished accordingly. We’ve already seen what he does to rodeo clowns who don’t know their place.

      1. Your’re right Susan. Whoever did the dirty deed will be hunted down like a dog. Imagine that – our cowardly Preezy Putt-Putt has a body double! Wonder if it’s always been that way…or is he getting more death threats now that the country is in free-fall.

      2. “We’ve already seen what he does to rodeo clowns who don’t know their place.” – Susan

        I’m still not clear on why the overreaction. Was it Obama’s “Black” half or “Clown” half that took offense?

        Since Obama got all butt-hurt, does that mean that “Clown” is going to become another one of those words we’re not allowed to use now, like “brown bag” or “Urban”? How am I supposed to keep my Permitted Word list up to date if they don’t send the revisions out occasionally? Maybe Mr. Koffler can post a daily list of forbidden words, seeing as how his “spam” filter was probably developed by a liberal and therefore likely blocks such things…

        1. I think the clown is being investigated because of where the clown placed the broom, ha, ha, “differently coital” could be? Sensitive about the gay issue? is he?

          1. Is that the real reason Putin “the school boy” hates him? Will POTUS avoid traveling to Russia? That poor clown, his life is ruined. Saudi Arabia will welcome him. I hear life can be fabulous in that country.

  4. Obama Vacation Follows Familiar Routine | The Vineyard Gazette – Martha’s Vineyard News (Photos)

    Except this:

    “Security concerns have intervened in other ways, as residents and businesses have complained about detours and the partial closure of South Road around where the president is staying.

    Early Wednesday morning, a Piper PA-28 single engine aircraft violated the temporary flight restriction in place around the Vineyard, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed. The FAA said the plane departed from Republic Airport in Farmingdale, N.Y. and was heading to Nantucket. Many Islanders witnessed a brief, noisy scene in the sky off the south shore as military jets zoomed up and down in an apparent response to the intrusion by the small plane. The aircraft later landed at the Barnstable Municipal Airport, the FAA said, and the agency is investigating.”

    1. Reminds me of the “Office of the President-Elect” lectern he was campaigning in front of the day after he won the 2008 election. Precursor of things to come from his arrogance.

  5. I took golf for P.E. in college many eons ago. We could play the Stanford Golf Course for 75 cents once a quarter (you figure out how long ago that was). Even then I kept my head down better than he does. Didn’t Tiger (Stanford drop-out) teach him anything?

  6. The next time the Saudi intelligence chief goes to see Putin, he will bring the POTUS golf video. After they yuk it up, Putin will offer advice on how to finance the Egyptian general and finish off the Muslim Brotherhood. With Saudi money and Russian weapons, Egypt does not need POTUS. Would not take the phone call.

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