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The Obama Morning News || August 16, 2013

Town hall support for Obamacare shutdown . . . The Hill
Groups get $67M to help with Obamacare
. . . New York Times
Lew accused of stonewalling on IRS . . . Daily Caller
Hillary accused of lying on Benghazi . . . The Hill
Issa threatens Obamacare subpoena . . . The Hill
“Incoherent” Obama Egypt policy under fire . . . Fox News
CBS to blame for audio-only Egypt address . . . Politico
NAACP demands Obama rodeo clown probe . . . Fox News
WH solar panels finally installed . . . Christian Science Montior
HUD can’t show welfare plan working . . . Washington Times
Christie: “I’m in the business to win” . . . Politico
Bush daughter: I’d like to see Hillary run . . . Politico
Carter Advisor Bert Lance dies
. . . New York Times

8 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 16, 2013

  1. Well, that didn’t take long; the payoffs to friends of the Obama adminstration to promote Obamacare to people who aren’t interested in purchasing health insurance. Taking the funds set aside for disease prevention and wellness programs to pay for selling a lost cause is more proof that the health-insurance scam is about to die on it’s own.

  2. “Issa threatens Obamacare subpoena . . . ”

    Congressman Issa seems to be spreading himself pretty thin with these ongoing investigations into Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS persecution of conservatives, and now IRS implementation of Obamacare. Admire his work ethic, but wish he could take a step back and realize that he is spinning his wheels by sending out letters to the leviathan threatening subpoenas. Boehner is a go along to get along corporatist who would be perfectly happy if all this regime’s high crimes and misdemeanors went unpunished. Select committees must be appointed if we’re ever going to find and prosecute the guilty parties. Until then, Congressman Issa is just spitting in the wind…

    • Nailed it. The RINOs will let every scandal dissipate in the wind before 2014 comes up, let alone 2016. Gingrich is out there spouting off that the GOP needs to push its own agenda and let Obama’s misdeeds be bygone. So that’s how government works!

  3. The release of Mark Levin’s book “Liberty Amendments” is another newsworthy mention. Still waiting for my autographed copy, but there is a great review in Human Events that Drudge links to –

    Mark’s book gives me hope that there is something We The People can do to tame our out-of-control leviathan government besides sitting on the sidelines watching our country be destroyed by the ruling class. It’s not a quick and easy fix, but a long-term effort to return America to constitutional values and principles. May not ever see it in my lifetime, but at least our children and grandchildren will know we never surrendered and never stopped fighting for their freedom and liberty.