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With Obama Away, Biden Mails it In

With President Obama vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard this week, Vice President Biden appears to have seized the opportunity coveted by every employee who looks forward to the moment the boss is away – he’s working from home. Biden has been in Wilmington, Delaware since Monday, and there’s no word on exactly what he’s doing there.

Biden Obama high fiveOf course, the White House is no normal workplace, and some might think it would be useful to have either the president or vice president on hand in case of a crisis. But Biden, who treks back to Delaware at taxpayer expense nearly every weekend, has chosen the comfort of home instead. He also reportedly has access to an exclusive club in Wilmington where he can head when the urge to play golf arises.

Biden prefers staying in Wilmington even though he has a comfortable mansion in Washington maintained for him by taxpayers.

In fact, Biden hasn’t set foot in the White House in nearly two weeks. After stopping off in Wilmington the weekend of August 3-4 to pack, Biden headed out to the Hamptons – which, like Martha’s Vineyard, is an exclusive summer enclave for rich Northeasterners – for a week of total relaxation.

Ironically enough, Hillary Clinton, his potential rival for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, is also vacationing this month in the Hamptons.

Obama and Biden will presumably return from their ritzy vacations to continue fighting for the middle class next week.

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  1. Fighting for the middleclass or fighting the middleclass. Seems the latter is more appropriate when it comes to the divisive brat and his handlers.