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Lobster, Shrimp, and Oysters!

The Obamas are nibbling on some expensive seafood during their stay on Martha’s Vineyard, hitting the best local restaurants and ordering up exquisite platters of traditional island delicacies.

Dining Tuesday on their only solo date night of the vacation so far, the Obamas ordered up  mussels, lobster, and blueberry cake, according to the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette.

Earlier in the day, President Obama had picked up some takeout fried shrimp and fried oysters for a lunch with senior advisor Valerie Jarrett.

At the Sweet Life Cafe Sunday night, Obama chose the grilled swordfish.

Thursday night, with the arrival of their daughters, the Obamas spent the evening in at the $7.6 million home they’ve rented for the week. But not to worry – White House chef Sam Kass is on the island this week too.

22 thoughts on “Lobster, Shrimp, and Oysters!”

  1. The vast hypocrisy and arrogant sense of entitlement of these two communist clowns now ranks as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

    What is truly of concern is how Dictator Obama and our First Entitlement Queen behave as if they are above the laws of the land and are not bound by any sense of propriety or honor. It is as if they truly believe that their stay in the White House, now known throughout the land as the Den of Destruction, will not end in 2016 and is a lifetime sinecure. Do they know something the rest of us don’t?

    1. Nothing wrong with them relaxing and eating well.
      I don’t begrudge them eating to their hearts content. they are independently wealthy and have the money (though they usually use ours anyway).

      It’s only when they spend OUR money, and tell us what WE should do when it’s boils me (pun intended)

      1. I will be in New England mid October and believe me, I will be enjoying seafood the entire time visiting family and friends. It’s the only time we get real, fresh seafood. It’s one of the few things I really splurge on, but knows where to go to get quality and quantity at a good price! :-)

      2. No, it boils me, this guy Obama is definitelly not spending his own money on food or anything else. And what really boils me is that every day so many people say Obama is breaking the law and there are so many examples of it which I can’t say here, but my eyes pop out when i see the list of all the laws that Obama has broken and has gone against the Constitution, CONSTANTLY! I can’t believe that the government lets him do all this, he makes Nixon look like a Saint.

  2. Their menu choices don’t mesh with what they choose to eat when they’re not playing a scene from Gatsby. Burgers, fries, ribs and coleslaw are what they really like to eat as proven by the years of photo ops following them into delis and fast food joints.

    The difference between the items the O’s ordered at the upscale restaurants and what the little people can order at the local Joe’s Crab Shack is portion and cost. Plus, no one plays with your food to make it look like Picasso is in the kitchen, the locals just throw the food on the plate and say Enjoy.

  3. This is fun:

    I wonder why they don’t have their own retreat by now ? Surely they have the money, and the market’s been favorable for picking up high- hoity-toity-end residences for 100k’s less. I remember the rumors of Penny Pritzer buying them a Hawaiian home, but guess it was just rumor.

    Not sure why they keep going back to MV, but it seems to do more with securing his post presidential job (see: CEOs he’s been playing with) than “family” time. His schedule just doesn’t add up to warm fuzzy family time.

    1. He goes there because Valerie has a house there. I’m sure they have many strategy sessions, i.e. she tells him what she wants him to do.

  4. All these liberal elitists, who care so deeply for the middle class and the downtrodden, seem to stuff their faces with lobster, and other delicacies (great word Keith lol), at every opportunity. If it isn’t lobster and swordfish on the Mahhhhtha’s Vineyard, it’s little Mikey Bloomberg slurping caviar in his penthouse apartment. Ah yes, life is good now for Alinsky Marxists.

  5. The reason the O’s keep going back to MV is…Valerie Jarrett. The O’s were poor as church mice before THE speech at the 2004 convention – credit cards maxed out. Valjar took her protege and his family to her posh Oak Bluffs house for a ‘brief’ vacation to introduce the boy wonder to all of her rich Black friends on the Vineyard. He was a hit!
    They finally won the mega lottery – it’s time for them to stop mooching off the taxpayers and buy their own retreat.

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