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Problems Commenting

Dear Readers,

Some of you have had trouble commenting. There seems to be a problem with the spam filter, which is picking up legitimate comments. I’m doing my best to go through the filter as often as possible and release legitimate comments, but it does collect hundreds of actual spam items a day.

I apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your patience. I’m hopeful whatever bug is messing with the works will be corrected soon. If not, I will look into switching to a new system, though the one I have is supposed to be the gold standard . . .


63 thoughts on “Problems Commenting”

  1. Thanks for your efforts Keith.
    Sometimes they are out of sequence.
    Sometimes they never appear.
    We are patient people and love the site.
    Keep up the good work.
    You are a Great American !

  2. Thanks for checking it out.
    If you are going to change, Disqus is good and has an edit feature, a like/dislike tool, and seems to be almost everywhere now.

    It’s frustrating to discover after something is posted that the spelling is off, the commas are everywhere or nowhere, and you forgot to add that most important word.

      1. Disqus keeps all your comments from all sites–creepy. I do use it. The ones where you can sign up thru Facebook only–they lose me bec I am not on FB. How about LiveWyre–I have used it, know nothing about it and it crfeepy potential.

    1. I absolutely don’t trust Discus. They collect all messages, store them and who knows what they do with them. Discus (and whomever they associate with) can simply call up your email address and immediately see where you’ve been and what you’ve been commenting about. It’s none of their business, but they do it.

  3. At least you nailed that Erika whose second cousin once removed makes $50 million a minute on the internet. I do hate to think my buds are not getting on.

  4. Tks for the update Keith. Isn’t the internet fun?? :-) But glad to know it’s the spam filter vice going into the black hole of space.

  5. Keith, Call my “girl” Shirley at NSA. She’ll make sure there is a NSA approved fix and we can get in and out with nary a hint.

  6. Helpful hint: Copy your post before pressing Submit button. If your comment doesn’t appear, you can then re-post it as many times as necessary. Sometimes I have to try this 2-3x before it actually appears.

  7. I guess its now ‘Official’ that We who post comments on “WhiteHouseDossier” are now on the mentioned/followed on the “Obama, NSA, DHS, DOJ” watchlists…

        1. I think there are a lot of loud speakers, courtesy of MSNBC, throughout the work areas 24/7. Also a lot of the minders wear scary masks.

          1. The conservative community are notorious for not being LOUD.
            However, we are intelligent.
            Loud people generally run out of breath, and that is what we are beginning to see thanks to the incompetence of our commander in chief.
            His fingerprints are being restricted from being on anything, although, enough of the American People are awakening to the fact that this man is incapable of leading the Country.
            Time will tell,…it always does.

          2. I could be wrong but I don’t think your uniform will be approved apparel where we are going. Also there will be no distinction of rank. We are all the same — maybe littl

        2. Today Rush was talking to a caller about Missouri requiring all rodeo clowns to attend “sensitivity training”. I’d say those re-education camps are already here. They just aren’t incarcerating us yet.

          1. Unfortunately the governor of Missouri is a Democrat also. Not so bad on some things, not so good on others. Jay Nixon won’t be slappin’ Obama anytime soon, that’s for sure.

  8. How can we be certain you were not playing “Spades” with the inner circle in the WH dining room when the comments became more critical. Or maybe your vision was obscured by a slightly used Obama mask, the one that hasd”See you at the Missouri State Fair” on the back of its head.

  9. NOW the girls are with Mom and Dad ….. as seen on twitter…

    Major Garrett ‏@MajorCBS 4mins ago
    Per WH, Sasha and Malia have arrived on Martha’s Vineyard for remainder of summer vacation w/POTUS and FLOTUS.

    1. answers my question from yesterday… tks :-) So now BO will golf all day.. then queue up the ice cream trip.. book store trip. Has to be one photo op with the kids somewhere

  10. About 10-15% of my messages here don’t get through. I figured I was being moderated by you, Keith. No question NSA, etc., are looking at the site, but usually they don’t “steal” the comments. I have seen a drone or two flying low over my house lately, LOL.

  11. Star August 15, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Do you like Bruce, too?

    Yes, but I am short and a coward. So, you win.

    I will do well at camp. :)

  12. Glad the mystery of the disappearing posts has been solved!
    If WHD needs a new system, it would be great to have one with an edit function and a like / dislike comment button.

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