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Obama Vineyard Stay Harming Local Businesses

President Obama’s choice of residence on Martha’s Vineyard this summer is damaging local small businesses, which are watching sales dry up during the year’s busiest time because of a road closure ordered for security reasons.

Unable to stay at the more-secluded estate where he resided during previous trips to the island, the Obamas this year selected a house that is close to a major road, forcing it’s closure during the entirety of their eight days in residence.

The Vineyard Gazette reported that “the traffic change will keep people away from the (West Tisbury) village center at the very height of summer,” resulting in a potential disaster for some:

“We are very impacted by this,” said Andrea Rogers, manager for the Vineyard Artisans Festivals, which take place Thursdays and Sundays at the Grange Hall. More than 70 artists sell ceramics, jewelry and art at the festivals. “August is our make it or break it month, so this is the worst possible time of the year to block access,” she added. “It impacts a lot of people.” . . .

She said the signs make it seem that people have to turn right, away from the downtown area, and are especially confusing to visitors. “I know they have to do what they have to do,” she said. “I understand the way the world works. I just feel it could have been done a bit differently.” “We’re really in a bad position at a critical time of year . . . we’re trying to survive the winter.”

Other businesses are similarly suffering, noted the Martha’s Vineyard Times:

At Alley’s General Store, owned by the Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust (MVPT), the road closure’s impact is evidenced by empty parking spaces, usually a scarce commodity in the summer and especially in mid-August.

“Basically, the major East-West corridor on the Island has been turned into a dead end,” MVPT executive director Chris Scott told The Times in a phone call Tuesday. “It will be thousands of dollars lost.”

Meanwhile, Obama and his foursomes are parading onto golf courses and shunting aside other vacationers. “No tee time is safe,” reported the Martha’s Vineyard Patch.

But golfers seemed to be taking the inconvenience in good humor, losing a tee time instead of income.

 “So, first he took our tee time but it was our privilege,” golfer Bill Hait said of the presidential foursome. “And then the Secret Service held us back but also helped us find one of our lost balls, so all in all it was extremely positive.”

Obama will end his vacation Sunday.

46 thoughts on “Obama Vineyard Stay Harming Local Businesses”

  1. Good morning, Keith –

    I’d like to make it clear, as I did in the Martha’s Vineyard Patch article you cite above, that the golfer’s quotes came from Boston CBS affiliate WBZ and not my original reporting.

    Thank you for providing me the opportunity to clarify this.

    1. Thanks for the update Louisa.

      I would be very surprised if the President’s handlers allowed him to go golfing today with all the violence and death in Egypt. Now that we know at least 500 are dead, I’d be surprised. However, I’m cyncial and I wouldn’t be shocked if the tone-deaf uncaring President overruled them.

      1. Scottso,

        Remember, this president and his handlers can’t even decide if what happened in Egypt was a coup or not. Never mind the fact that there is another horrid civil war breaking out in an area of the world that is nothing more than a powder keg waiting to explode.

        The only truly stable government in the Middle-East is Israel, and we are forever throwing them under the blown up bus.

        Will he go golfing? I’d say yes, but he will have a string of personnel with him so that he will look like he is able to monitor any and all situations that may occur.

        1. on that you are right. To quote my own comment on another post, ““I just spoke to the Egyptian President while I was on the 14th…maybe 13th hole. definitely the 13th because I doubled bogied, and i pared the 14th and he assured me that there is still no coup going on. But if there was it was the Israelis fault.””

      2. Why would you be surprised? He golfed and partied for 3 days while closing 20 embassies citing the greatest terrorist threat since 9/11. He then went on Jay Leno as an encore. He dissapeared during Benghazi and went to a fund raiser in Las Vegas while multiple embassies were under siege. And now we learn that he played cards during the Bin Laden raid.

        Nothing should surprise us about how pathertic and irresponsible this man is.

      3. He’s golfing–but I keep thinking of the people rushing the cameras last nite–their hands soaked in blood. The DBs in the background. Shouldn’t he at least call someone…instead of an early radio show.

        1. I admit, I was completely wrong.
          Even with the “Statement” (which counts, i guess as work).

          He is going golfing even when Iran gets the bomb.

  2. Since this administration has been a disaster since day one, and the federal government, via FEMA, helps disaster victims, and given the fact that Obama et al have caused a major disaster to the economic health of the island, will Obama declare Martha’s Vineyard a disaster area, thereby allowing FEMA and federal dollars to roll into the island to offset the negative impact of the presidential visit?

    Will Gov. Patrick file for federal disaster relief? Will the citizens of the People’s Republic of Mass. revolt again, this time dumping golf balls into Boston Harbor? Will the lobster harvest be completely decimated this year by the Obama visit? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. “will Obama declare Martha’s Vineyard a disaster area, thereby allowing FEMA and federal dollars to roll into the island to offset the negative impact of the presidential visit?”

      Of course not! Those shop owners should react as Bill Hait did, declaring that it’s a “privilege” to have their lives interrupted by FCMABBHO.

    2. Interesting if BO were to make a comment, would it be followed through?? AZ just was spanked by FEMA and told no $$$ for you even though Sir Putts-a-Lot told the Gov and locals the Fed Govt was there to help.

      I do not feel sorry for the islanders. I am sure they helped elect him to the WH, and even on the 2nd go around. They get to feel the pain the rest of the country feels. BO & company inflicts pain on military members and retirees whenever he takes over the courses when visiting.

    1. I wonder if he has pictures of McCain, Boehner, and all the other turn coats in Congress embossed on his golf balls so he can whack them around while out playing?

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t have a tattoo on his tuches with the words, “Congress kiss here!”

    2. Did Trayvon play golf? I wouldn’t think two-putting would earn Barry any “street cred”; but since EVERYTHING this “Prezzy” does is calculated to be as divisive as possble, I suppose actually meaning “For Trayvon!” while on the links isn’t beyond the pale…

  3. “Obama Vineyard Stay Harming Local Businesses”

    That’s fair. Obama’s White House stay has been harming ALL businesses for the last five years, with the possible exception of crony “businesses” such as Solyndra…

  4. “And then the Secret Service held us back but also helped us find one of our lost balls, so all in all it was extremely positive.”

    Great! Glad to hear it! Now, will someone help Boehner find HIS lost balls so he can actually try to STOP this tyrant from holding US back?

    There’s plenty of other room for “Secret Service lost balls” jokes given their demonstrated extracurricular proclivities and support of Democrat presidents past in exercising their hobbies, but it’s just too target-rich an environment for one U.S. Person right now…

    1. “Now, will someone help Boehner find HIS lost balls so he can actually try to STOP this tyrant from holding US back?”

      Brilliant, cincy!

  5. And what does Obama say about the locals losing business? He says “you didn’t build that!”

    And Hillary says “what difference does it make anyway!”

  6. No sympathy for these leftists in Martha’s Vineyard. You consistently vote for the democrat communists and in particular Dictator Obama and now you are paying the price. Here’s a little tip for you: Voting has consequences. Enjoy Obama’s vacation. You should be grateful just to be in near proximity to your Dear Leader so stop whining.

      1. Fresh out of sympathy for Obama and anyone who supports who enables him. What is inconveniencing the residents and businesses of MV is nothing compared to what is happening on a national scale.

        And let’s face it — for a guy who plays cards while the SEALS take out OBL, goes MIA during Benghazi and then hops his personal jet to Vegas to raise money is not above playing golf while Egypt burns. Heck, when America burns we will probably find him on a golf course somewhere far far away from WDC.

    1. My thoughts, too. You’d think the Secret Service would notice right off if a home-made tank was heading in their direction and take appropriate action.

    2. I thought so too, a “major” road seems a tad too much, especially on an island so small. The entrance and property’s perimeter should suffice.

      As I’ve seen in other articles, the locals wish he’d rotate his summer vacations to other places in the U.S. For most small communities who depend on beach tourism, summer could be make it or break it for the year.

    3. Because Obama is a coward, did you see one of his “protectors” wearing the same outfit as Obama? I guess Obama is getting more threats now with all the “phony” scandals THAT ARE REAL!

  7. There is absolutely no good reason for Obama to travel with such a huge entourage of SUV’s, SS, and local law enforcement, especially on the Vineyard.

    Since the days of Reagan, I have been in the path of every Presidential motorcade and many private fundraisers. The motorcades were half the size of Obama’s. The streets were never closed. Traffic was halted for a minute or two before the motorcade arrived and allowed to pass almost immediately afterward. There were no sirens blasting, no SS on every corner….nothing. Traffic was halted on freeways and surface streets near LAX when AF1 was making it’s landing – amounting to an inconvenience of about 5 minutes.
    When Obama arrives for a private fundraiser, all of our streets in the area are closed hours before he arrives at LAX and not re-opened until late evening. Adding insult to injury, residents are asked by S.S. to stay inside their homes until Obama leaves the area. It’s unprecedented.
    When Obama stays at the Beverly Hilton hotel there are at least 75-100 police motorcycles surrounding the hotel. No one bothers to stop and ask what’s happening – we just assume Obama must be in town.

    The man can’t go one day wihout feeding his addiction to the roar of the crowd, the smell of the greasepaint. He is the ‘pretend POTUS’ – everything on the surface – nothing underneath except a very little man with an enormous ego. He’s sick!
    /end rant/

      1. In DC, when a president was on the move, you used to see a few biker cops, then a limo or two, maybe some follow cars…Pretty much silent and moving fast. Then it was over with.

        1. Could it be the grandiose promenade that he requires ?
          Or is he a coward ?
          One would speculate that it may be both.
          His absence during the Benghazi affair was indicative of a coward.
          He voted ‘present’ over 100 times.
          That is not the sign of a man that can make a decision.
          He needs an almost constant influx of adoration to restore his confidence in himself.

  8. Let them go bankrupt since they most likely voted for the selfish jerk. At least now once they go under they can get their Obamafood stamps and Obamaphones and live a comfy life on welfare.

  9. Obama Vineyard Stay Harming Local Businesses

    Someone must be under the mistaken impression that Obama actually gives a damn. This narcissist has no concern for anyone but himself.

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  12. So sad, Obama is dead inside if he can just party hearty now. If he hadn’t put his 2 cents in to help get rid of Mubarek because of Hillary Clinton’s and his love for the Muslim Brotherhood, things would be very different. This administration is very dangerous siding with the Muslim Brotherhood, known terrorists who hate Christians and Jews?? Can you believe they supported them?

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