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Obama to Make Statement on Egypt

This just in: Obama will interrupt his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to make a statement on Egypt at 10:15 am ET.

The move comes as questions began to be raised – including by White House Dossier – about why Obama was continuing with his vacation as if nothing was happening while hundreds were dying in Egypt.

16 thoughts on “Obama to Make Statement on Egypt”

  1. Wonder if he will be as firm as the state department was last week?( not). What exactly is our policy?
    He may have to tack on another day to the vacation since he has to work today. Maybe not, he is going back to the important job of hosting the Miami Dolphins!

  2. Let me guess.

    “Not a coup…….send more aid……I,I,I, me, me, me……”

    Will he even mention the Christians caught in the middle of this made-by-Barry mess?

    1. Christians? You mean those hate groups that are the enemies of mankind because of their stance on gay marriage, and hate women as well as evinced by their oppostion to abortion? Chrisitans like the ones from the Crusades a thousand years ago that it’s OK to hate current Christians for in Islamic circles? Christians, that acknowledge a power higher than his ownself, but one that ISN’T A!!ah? THOSE Christians?!?!

      Why should he care about THEM? They’re his enemies!

      Although I bet he mentions them PLENTY during his Muslim Brotherhood Skype sessions…

        1. I was trying to be facetious. He is a coward and can pat himself on the back for causing all the bloodshed in Egypt with his Arab Spring policy.

          1. OH I certainly understand. Now he’s going to deny the cooperation with the military which is the ONLY entity that can crush the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.
            Once again, Obama is on the wrong side at the wrong time with the wrong policy.

  3. I like what Palin said about Syria (which applies to all this middle east drama) “let allah sort it out”.. not to say how this is a result of
    odummies folly for lack of policy/ignorance.And I truly believe he is a closet muslim who hates Israel.
    Btw; wonder will host the potus card game tonite?

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