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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Egypt

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  2. I just got the script off the teleprompter:

    “The United States condemns the violence in Egypt, the military must show restraint and there must be inclusion for the Muslim Brotherhood going forward. Now could you all just cool it for the next few days as I’ve got a ton of tee times lined up and Reggie just bought a new deck of cards.”

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  5. The only thing he should say about this conflict is that the US is shutting off our aid until further notice.
    Frankly, it’s none of our business what those crazed Muslims do in their own country.

    1. Thank you ma’am. What can we do? All I expect from him is his usual “This is unacceptable” blah, blah anyway, and then the great tyro will have weighed in.

      1. Absolutely. If they want to destroy their country, let them. Stop sending American taxpayer dollars and let the chips fall where they may.

        1. People who are against the MB do NOT want to destroy their own nation. They want to prevent another Islamic-ruled nation from being established.

  6. It’s striking that the greatest Secretary of State of all time (snark) has not weighed in with her expert advice. Actually, now would be the time for her “What difference does it make?” comment. Both sides wear black hats here: let’s not choose.

    1. Last I heard she was telling a bunch of slip and fall lawyers how racist we Americans are for wanting voter ID. She has moved on from foreign affairs.

      1. Obama and the whole crew have screwed Israel. “Stong men” like Assad, Gaddafi, Mubarak (and yes Saddam) talked the anti-Israeli talk to please their people, but that’s all that it was, talk. They probably even bought arms from the Israelis. These radical Muslims will walk the walk as well.

  7. ah, he couldn’t do video. only audio.
    No sense in showing him in Grandpa shorts and bicycle helmet.

    He’s not taking sides but…
    The Mubarak folks blame us.
    The Muslim Brotherhood blame us.
    The Military blame us.

    A real unifier!

    1. There’s an excellent piece by Bill Gertz in the Free Beacon in which he says US policy is driving Egypt’s military and civilian leadership into the arms of Russia. (Just as it has in Syria, btw.) The secular leaders in Egypt saw McCain’s and Graham’s Egypt visit as support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Arab Spring was a Pandora’s box little Barack has opened. We have ended up in a lose-lose situation in much of the Middle East.

  8. Pathetic…couldn’t even get dressed to get in front of cameras when hundreds of people lay slaughtered in an uprising HE ENABLED and had to phone it in! Hope he wasn’t too late for his golf game. We already know they scheduled their “family” vacation when the girls are at camp…who does that? Only the most self-center, evil, country wrecking people in history.

      1. Of course, he MIGHT have been in his nothing-at-all (OFA charging $$ for a peek), BUT
        since he’s so transparent, that presents problems too.

        1. “Of course, he MIGHT have been in his nothing-at-all (OFA charging $$ for a peek),..” – sportinlife10

          Given that he lies about everything ELSE, I would expect him to use a body double. Maybe THAT’s why he always has athletes over to the White House – it’s REALLY a casting call!

  9. Yes, his statement is so predictable. He will wring his hands, vaguely condemn the violence and ask for restraint. Will he say anything about Al Qaida on the rise ? Well, it doesn´t really matter what he says as long as he doesn´t meddle in the Egyptian affairs. I think the Egyptian military should handle it in their way, the west should stay out. Its´a civil war between the secularists and the Islamists. Egypt must decide it´s own destiny even if it´s in blood and tears. I just hope that the military can restore law and order, well, law and order in the Egyptian manner. But I guess they will just be able to put the lid on the tensions , they will surely bubble up now and then in terrorist acts.

    1. According to an American military expert, Bill Gertz, the visit of US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham was interpreted by Egyptian military and civilian leaders as support for the Muslim Brotherhood. In response there is a good chance that the military and civilian leaders will turn to Russia for support. What an irony that the US has turned up being seen as the supporter of anarchy, albeit religious anarchy, over law and order. Those two meddlers McCain and Graham are troublesome for the US, but I wouldn’t doubt that they went to Egypt with Obama’s blessing.

      1. Julie, I guess the Egyptian military realizes that Obama is impotent and therefor dismisses his diplomats. He is probably also seen as untrustworthy with his sneaky “leading from behind” politics, backing Islamist take overs. Now, the hunter, mc rider, pilot etc etc. Putin, he might be the man to trust. Well, at least they can see that he has backed his man in Syria all the way. Agree, the world is upsidedown.

          1. Read that current Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford is very reluctantly teed up to go to Egypt to replace Patterson.

            Interesting to see State move bodies around and dance in their own reflections at The Back Channel, which you can get to from here


      2. “In response there is a good chance that the military and civilian leaders will turn to Russia for support.”

        Shades of Nasserism?

  10. He doesn’t have the technical equipment to go live with his statement, instead of releasing an audio statement and then a taped video?

    1. Couldn’t he just FACETIME us.?

      Another reason why ‘vacationing’ in Crawford,Tx was superior than the vacationing done by Obama. Everything was ready in Texas.

    1. No it was not Russia. It was the Obama administration that armed and supports the Muslim Brotherhood. According to Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization interested in promoting democracy. The man is insane.

      Obama has done what no president have ever done before. He has pissed off and alienated every faction of Egyption society. The secularists hate him because he supports and arms the Muslim Brotherhood. The military hates him for the same reasons. The MB hates him because they think he double crossed them and because he is such an ignorant fool. The Salafists hate him because they think he is a Muslim apostate and because they basically hate everyone who is not an islamist radical.

      1. “The man is insane.” – TimW

        I agree with most of your post, but I don’t believe this is insane, just reflective of Obama’s desires. It WOULD be insane IF you believe he is trying to act in America’s best interest, but I don’t believe he ever has. Given that he apparently desires a weakend and divided America that is militarily impotent and berift of allies, and that he seems to want his Sunni brothers to succeed in driving practitioners of all religions but that of A!!ah from “Muslim” lands, his actions are really quite rational…

        Also, bear in mind that all Muslim dealings with the West almost certainly are taqiyya. Any time I hear a Muslim (other than a Shi’ite) claim hatred for Obama, I question whether it’s just for show. I believe they are operating on the not-unreasonable assumption that everything about Obama’s apostasy, from his support of gay rights to his self-proclaimed “Christianity”, is ALSO taqiyya and therefore valid means to an end – the ultimate destruction of The Great Satan. Isn’t it interesting that NO Islamic cleric in the whole wide Ummah has called for him to receive the USUSAL punishment for “converting”, despite how prominent he is on the geopolitical stage? Why do you suppose that is…

    2. Russia appears to be siding with the military as it has with Assad against the insurgents there. The balance of power between the US and Russia seems to be undergoing a major shift in the Middle East. I imagine the Russians are also concerned about Muslim terrorists because they’re more on their doorstep than they are on ours.

    3. Obama, Clinton, Rice, Power have screwed up in a major way. I hope Clinton cannot run for President and avoid questions about the Middle East.

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