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The New Obamacare Small Biz Workweek: 29 Hours

You want to earn a living at a small business? Then go find a second job, assuming in the Obama economy you kind find a first.

“We spoke to almost 20 small businesses and other entities, around the country. Almost all said that because of the new law, they’d be cutting back hours for some employees.”

– Lisa Myers, NBC News.

Check out her report:

29 Responses to The New Obamacare Small Biz Workweek: 29 Hours

  1. This will give all of those Obamabots eleven hours more each week to dream about playing golf or hoops with their god. Of course, he is too good to have any association with the bourgeoisie, so it will be strictly in their dreams.

    • Work is highly overrated, IMO. As one of the greedy seniors sucking the government dry, I find that waiting for the monthly check then finding it in my account to be somehow satisfying.

      Busting my hump for 40 years only got me an underwater house, a 15 yr old minivan, and arthur-itis. The bums and mooches have the right idea, let someone else work and pay taxes as long as the food is free and the phone still works.

  2. Well…the Communist in Chief is still trying to push his “agenda” He needs to be impeached and flushed out of office like a toilet. He’s nothing but a turd before we all have to “pay” for his idealistic ideas…And Hillary & Cheeseburger Bill need to be sent back to Arkansas like the Carpetbaggers that they are. Bloomberg & Schumer the hypocrites also need to be ousted.

  3. Well…after listening to that the only conclusion to be “drawn” is that Obama is a total “turncoat” to the US and nothing but a “planted” Muslim with a silver tongue and a BS agenda which will have nothing but a negative impact on the USA…..

    • Maybe this will not come to pass, but I read today that there is going to being a million Muslim march in D.C. on the anniversary of 9/11. They will protest for their civil rights. I suggest Obama be the keynote speaker.

      • A million Muslim march on 9/11??? Catchy title – triple “M’ march. Sounds like something Rep. Keith Ellison would br promoting. When was the last time any of these Muslims protested the 9/11 attack? Not one of them has ever, ever denounced or apologized for their terrorist brothers. How in the heck are we supposed to differentiate between ‘good’ Muslims and ‘bad’ Muslims. Their silence is deafening. Just go home!

        • And that is the problem! They tell us that not all Muslims are bad, that it’s only a fringe group. If so, why can’t the “moderate” muslims stop them? We do a damn good job of pointing out the stupid pastors among the Christians and calling them out for their actions. It’s time for the muslims to step up to the plate.

  4. I’m somewhat surprised that NBC showed the video. Oh, well, those who are on welfare and Medicaid don’t have to worry about this situation.

  5. I can’t believe this report is from NBC. Maybe they’re trying to bump up their ratings and decided to actually report some real news for a change instead of their usual propaganda.

  6. This kind of logical consequence of Congress’ irrational action completely mystifies liberals, most of whom are completely unaware of how markets work and how businesses stay in business. They seem to share a belief that if you want a business to do something, you simply pass a law and force them. Want them to provide healthcare to full-time employees? Make it mandatory. And require gold-plated coverage while you are at it. Think prieces are too high, make a law that requires lower prices. And higher shareholder distributions, too, since those are good.


  7. Things are going along just as the evil masterminds in the ruling class planned. They intended to make the people suffer the effects of Obamacare. If they can force employers to reduce their employees hours, that will reduce their income and they will be forced to turn to the leviathan for help. Of course, insurance costs will continue to escalate, which will price most people right out of the private health insurance market and on to the government dole. The end game is single payer government healthcare and control of the American people. As John Dingell said back in March of 2010, it will take some time for Obamacare to “control the people”.

  8. 29hrs a week @ $7.00 an hour… after taxes=$150.00+/-
    Food Stamps…$250.00 – $300.00 a month
    O’care….saves me $900.00 a month
    No kids to babysit, so I loose the childcare credit, darn!
    Subsidized public housing, (nothing to big mind you)…OK, $750.00 a month
    It starting to add up folks with free stuff…let’s see, what am I missing?
    Free counseling? No, don’t need it yet, but maybe someday?
    Help me out here, what am I missing? Remember I don’t want to mooch off the system?.

    • You forgot your free cell phone. You won’t earn enough to afford Obamacare, so you’ll be on Medicaide and that includes free meds, and free dental. Or even mental if you feel antsy.
      If you get too “antsy” and commit a crime, the gov’t will provide you with an attorney to plead out your case.

      You should be eligible in most cities for free or reduced public transit fares.
      If you foolishly trade your foodstamps for some illegal pharma, you can eat at a local Salvation Army or even at your local school cafeteria , or pick up some foodstuffs at the local food bank.

      • FREE CELL PHONE…I knew I’d forget something…thanks for the reminder.
        It also depends what your definition of antsy is (LOL)…I work overseas, I’m always somewhat antsy

      • That cell phone now advertised on tv as part of life line or life alert program. Call in for your free phone — well, they modify it a bit by saying call in — you might qualify. I’d like to know who gets rejected. Not only do we pay for all these entitlements, we pay big bucks to advertise them.

  9. So…Obama’s crowning achievement is the 30 hour work week. Mazeltov! Throwing all of these part-time workers onto the exchanges (if they can afford it) will result in a massive expansion of Medicaid. Medicaid reimbursements will be upped to the level Medicare reimbursememts until the govt. severs the umbilical cord. Obama is relying on the influx of millions of newly amnetized immigrants and young, healthy Americans to raise enough revenue to pay for this nightmare. It ain’t gonna happen. It’s a Ponzi scam…Obama knows it and so do we. Single payer, here we come! Welcome to the Obama Nation, good-bye America.