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Amid Myriad Crises, Obama to Meet with 1972 Miami Dolphins

Nothing is more valuable than a president’s time, but that won’t stop President Obama from meeting next week, for no apparent reason, with the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

From the White House:

On Tuesday, August 20, the President will welcome the undefeated 1972 Super Bowl Champion Miami Dolphins to the White House for the first White House ceremony honoring their historic season.

The Dolphins were the only NFL football team in history to complete an undefeated season, including a Super Bowl VII victory over the Washington Redskins. But other than that it would amuse the president and his aides, it’s unclear why they would be invited to the White House 40 years later.

While Obama takes time out of his day to live out the aging sports fan’s dream of standing in the same room with Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, Nick Buoniconti, Mercury Morris and Don Shula, the economy will remain stuck in low gear, the Middle East will still be in flames, and al Qaeda will continue its revival.

Presidential meetings with recently crowned champion sports teams are a tradition and one of a president’s signatures wastes of time. Obama has only expanded the practice, extending it to teams from previous eras and even Division III college teams. He met last month with the 1963 Loyola University of Chicago Ramblers championship basketball team.

Meanwhile, the White House remains closed to average Americans due to the sequester.

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96 thoughts on “Amid Myriad Crises, Obama to Meet with 1972 Miami Dolphins”

    1. How many WH tours do you think the price of Bo #188’s Osprey airlift to Martha’s Vineyard would have paid for?

      “Bo, the president’s Portuguese water dog, went on vacation and “arrived separately on one of two MV-22 Ospreys, a hybrid aircraft which takes off like a helicopter but flies like a plane.”


      Some interesting points about Benghazi at that link, BTW…

  1. “[T]he Middle East will still be in crisis.”

    I’ll say!

    Egyptian security forces stormed two sprawling sit-ins by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi shortly after dawn Wednesday, firing weapons, bulldozing tents and beating and arresting protesters in raids that Morsi’s political party said caused heavy casualties.

    A senior Health Ministry official, Ahmed el-Ansari, said a total of nine people were killed and 50 injured at the two sites. But the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, which backs the ousted president, claimed that more than 2,000 people died. The party initially said 500 protesters were killed and about 9,000 wounded in the raids.


  2. Perhaps he can make time to meet the 1789 Founders. I hear that was a pretty good team. And by meeting them all he has to do is read something called the Constitution.

    1. Dead White Men who believe in the rule of law? Why would Obama want to meet THEM? They’d have nothing in common, -other than the fact that they are all registered Democrats now…

  3. And what are we average Americans doing to open the White House
    or insist that all voters must show ID
    or demand that the any of the various scandals be truly investigated
    or demand that the individuals responsible be brought to justice? Nothing – absolutely nothing. Me included.
    We will reap what we have sown. Me included.
    Question, Keith…what repercussions do you experience for the topics you present? Are you ostracized by your peers?

    1. I am curious how the “WH press corps” treats Keith with this website.

      Everyday we followers of come up with, at least 100+ better questions to ask at the WH “daily brief” with ‘Propaganda Sec.’ Carney than anyone in the “WH press corps”/”main-stream media”.

      Everyday, our questions & issues are ignored by the Obama regime.

    2. Thanks for the questions. I wouldn’t say repercussions. I definitely sense a coolness from some but have only received a couple of overtly hostile comments. Others are perfectly friendly as they have always been, from the time before the blog when I covered the White House for the mainstream press and nobody knew my views.

    1. “Malia & Sasha” = just some more ‘props,’ like “Bo” = that poor dog. Flown in to set-up some MSM Photo-Ops to claim Obama has a “family” and a summer vacation on MV.

  4. In case you need to be reminded, when the president is a rock star, these are the kind of things that he does.

    I’d be happy if, instead of trying to govern and lead (he does neither), he would entertain teams full time.

  5. Obama is trying very hard to stay relevant and in the news. His ego does not allow him to be bumped from the headlines, therefore he is willing to do anything to garner some form of media attention.

    By his meeting the ’72 Dolphins, he is showing that he is an “everyman” connecting to the middle-class working stiffs that HIS economy is destroying. He can say, “Hey, look at me, I love all that is tradition and great with this country.” He will continue to hunt out audiences that will listen to his camplaining rhetoric, and bombastic characterizations of conservatives.

    His next move will be to meet with Lee Petty, the first winner of the Daytona 500 (who by the way died in April, 2000) and the 2005 Chicago White Sox World Series champs.

    1. “…Lee Petty, the first winner of the Daytona 500 (who by the way died in April, 2000)…”

      …and another reliable Obama vote is born…

    1. “Keep him busy with this BS so he loses focus on destroying our country” – Count Leopold von Licktenstein

      No worries, his minions like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Valarie Jarrett, John Boehner, and John McCain will continue the destruction on his behalf while he enjoys a pleasant diversion at our expense…

      1. He has already had that happen.. I beleive it was a member of the Ravens who holds strong prolife views. He basically said that he could not be forced to meet with a man who supports infanticide.

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  7. Obama is so in love with himself he named his dog “BO”, his initials.

    Funny when the article said they were flying the first dog I thought they were talking about Moochelle.

  8. The sequester didn’t close the White House. The administration chose to close the WH to tours, instead of choosing any other of the numerous expenses that could have accomplished the same sequester savings. It was a political move decided by the Obama team.

  9. Just wait. I’m sure that once GITMO is closed all the inmates will be invited to the White House for a photo-op with the POTUS.

    1. Buddy is absolutely right, Granny Jan. Preezy Revenge likes to live vicariously through all these manly sports legends. Typical behavior of testosterone-challenged girly men.

  10. This is one of the funniest things you’ve ever posted, and you didn’t have to doctor it even a teensy bit. Served up straight and as bizarre as it gets.

  11. You have to remember that Obama can play all he wants because he is not really running the country the decisions and influence from Soros, Jarrett, and other leftists are making the decisions and policy behind closed doors. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Shumer and other high ranking Democrats (which now includes Christie and McCain) are nothing more than figure heads and are the spokesman for the current transformation of America. Just sayin.

  12. If he does anything more, he’s trying to work waaay over his ability. But no matter, Valerie Jarrett is the foreign born, REAL president and puppet mistress.

  13. “Comment moderation is enabled. Your comment may take some time to appear.”
    No kidding – I posted TWICE ages ago.
    Had a pertinent question for Keith, too…???

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  15. Parties, receptions, meeting with sports figures, awarding medals to his friends and supporters, zipping around on AF1 to campaign, attending fundraisers, golfing, busy, busy, busy.

  16. I have a serious question. When 0bama invites all these people to Washington, who pays for their transportation and lodging. Heck, I could get a free trip out of it, I would go visit with 0bama.

  17. I find it ironic that the ’72 Dolphins couldn’t attend when Nixon was POTUS because he “was immersed in the Watergate scandal” (as reported in the wire story by AP). But, here’s Obama, some 40 years later, immersed in, oh, several scandals – IRS, Benghazi, NSA, DOJ spying – and yet he has plenty of time to host parties, knowing full well that the leftwing lapdog media has his back. Scandals… What scandals?

  18. These same 1972 Dolphins players celebrate each year when the last undefeated team goes down to a loss during each NFL season. Barack Obama is a self-declared Chicago Bears fan. In 1985, by coincidence, it was the Miami Dolphins who handed the Monsters of the Midway their only loss during an otherwise undefeated, Super Bowl-winning season. How DARE Obama insult the legacy of his hometown’s NFL franchise by meeting with these guys who prayed for the Bears to lose on that night 28 years ago.

  19. The Dolphins were not invited to the WH in 1972 b/c Nixon was immersed in the Watergate scandal. Forty years later, Obama is immersed in a myriad of scandals but doggone it, he’s going to make it up to them. Watergate, Benghazi-gate….hmmm.

  20. Obama is beyond nauseating in profligate and sociopathic corruptions. He depends on imbecilic trust fund babies and double digit IQ morons for his support. What a horrific reflection of America today.

  21. It’s always the same. When a job becomes to tough for a person to do, they just stop doing it and fill their time with little fun things that amuse them.

  22. About those White House tours..if they are not
    reinstated by Christmas there will be a lot of
    unhappy people..children and adults me included
    btw who won’t get to see the best part of
    Christmas in DC..Seeing how the FLOTUS
    has decorated the WH for the holidays.

  23. I’m tellin ya, he doesn’t need to be to doing presidential things because all that is handled by unelected officials like Valerie. It’s been that way since day1, people just don’t understand that nor the implications of it and are constantly poking at the store mannequin known as Barry when they should be laser focused on the characters behind the scenes.

  24. A reporter should do their homework before publishing unless there’s an obvious bias.
    Reason they are being invited is they were never invited before. They are also the only NFL team that was never invited to the White House. Why? (1) White House was a little busy back then….. Nixon, WaterGate, Impeachment. (2) Tricky Dickie was an outspoken Redskins fan.

  25. Having worked in the WH, I know for a fact that an event such as this will cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. The reception costs alone far exceed a weeks’ worth of WH public tours. And the reason for this long-awaited event is………………???????????????????????

  26. Terror attack on Benghazi, Obama yawns & goes to bed; hides during fast & furious hearings; same for IRS scandal EVEN THOUGH Director visited WH over 100 times during the period of wrongdoing, etc etc. can anyone imagine ANYTHING that would make this man snap-to and start even LOOKING presidential? How big a terror attack would wake him up? The man simply doesn’t show up for the job. I can’t imagine any crisis that would cause him to start showing up. We’re doomed.

  27. Thank goodness that Bush never did anything like this. Oh wait, he did:

    Please stop complaining Mr. Obama just because you are not a Democrat, people. Find something legitimate to complain about (there are plenty, sure) and then your arguments will actually hold water. Continue to complain about stupid nonsense and all of your arguments begin to look dumb.

    Just try focusing on what matters and not complaining about every single thing the man does just because you are of a different political party.

        1. And that’s why I agree that there are certainly things to complain about. But this hardly seems to be one of them. I just think that by focusing on issues that matter and not complaining at every available opportunity we can make stronger arguments. Arguments are “watered down” when complaints are made about every single detail. On the other hand, if people would complain about important issues only (and I know this is a varying degree scale and not a simple line in the sand) then those complaints would stick out and not become part of the background noise that is constant political complaints.

          1. I agree. What have we – the average Americans – constructively done about the White House closure? What have we done about any of the current important issues like the IRS debacle, Benghazi, etc., etc., etc.?
            N-O-T-H-I-N-G (Including me)
            Because most of us do not know what to do – or we are afraid.
            So we gripe and complain via comments and eagerly await the next opportunity to voice our concerns about anything and everything.
            My question is – what repercussions does Keith suffer from his peers as a result of this blog?
            And if he does not suffer repercussions…why not?

          2. Thanks for the question. I wouldn’t say repercussions. I definitely sense a coolness from some but have only received a couple of overtly hostile comments. Others are perfectly friendly as they have always been, from the time before the blog when I covered the White House for the mainstream press and nobody knew my views.

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  29. I am surprised he is not scheduled to pin some award medal on those folks behind the repulsive, race bating. smearing and professional take down of the clown who wore an Obama mask as part of a rodeo skit that is common and that was featured in a 1994 rodeo around Philly but with a GHWBush mask.

    Meantime there is news circulating that according to Reggie Love Obama could not stand to be in the Sit Room during Benghazi and instead played endless rounds of cards.

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