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Video || Rand Paul Stuns His Liberal Antagonist with Logic

Yes, this is another video from The Daily Show. Obviously I caught it last night. Sleepy today. But I’m glad I watched, because I think there are several very intriguing things about this interview that you will want to see.

Notice first Paul’s handling of the situation. He’s come into hostile territory overseen by a host, John Oliver, who is sharp, witty, and hostile to conservatives, whom he believes are all drooling Neanderthals intent on clubbing modern man back into the stone age.

Oliver looks confident at first, perhaps believing he’s going to have fun toying with this primitive creature, Rand Paul. But watch how Paul calmly takes fire from Oliver and then returns it with a fusillade of reason that suddenly has Oliver flummoxed and –  realizing he holds not an ounce of the volumes of knowledge Paul possesses – outgunned.

And look in particular at Paul’s deployment of his arguments. The issue is Obamacare. Paul effortlessly blends conservative philosophy with insights about the program’s practical consequences to shift the tide of battle and create a logic Oliver is at a loss to refute.

Even The Daily Show itself acknowledges Paul’s skill, promoting the video on its website with the teaser, In this exclusive, unedited interview, Senator Rand Paul picks apart Obamacare.

It’s a magnificent performance, so strikingly different from what Mitt Romney had to offer. Enjoy.

35 thoughts on “Video || Rand Paul Stuns His Liberal Antagonist with Logic”

    1. You just can’t argue that Romney had his hands tied in debating Obamacare. I voted for him, but I have to admit he really couldn’t go after Obama on healthcare because of his own past in Massachusetts.

  1. People such as John Oliver suffer from anoxia, typical of people in his trade, but that is understandable. It is hard to get oxygen when chronic craniorectal insertion is compounded by pulmonary pressure due to constant sitting.

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  4. Love Paul’s calm, common sense approach!. Oliver looked totally discombobuated at the end – something about a felony?
    Not sure if Rand is presidential material or not, but he certainly is head and shoulders above the iMarxist who is destroying the country.
    As a physician, Rand speaks with authority. Would love to see him debate Sebelius.
    And Julie is right – the young audience seemed to love him – shades of his father, Ron.

  5. aww. I can’t get it to load, but I’ll take everyone’s opinion as my own.

    The observation that the audience liked MrPaul should give the Dems a pause and get them to wondering if an old lady, such as MrsClinton, might not be able to connect to the younger voters.

  6. It is amusing to see how quiet young audiences are when someone says they may have to pay $ 15,000 a year in premiums. I can promise you a majority of them thought they would get free health insurance and what happened to “affordable” in The Affordable Healthcare Act.

    I do agree with Neal Boortz that Healthcare should be just like Auto or Home Insurance. It should not be based at work. There should be Group Based policies similar to Credit Unions that an individuals can join. Groups such as Religous Groups, University Alumni, Costco, and Work could be a purchasing group. Imagine the purchasing power of 68 million Catholics. However, if the church policies don’t work for you the you can shop for a policy at another group you can “choose” to belong. Members of The WHD could be a group.

      1. Not for long. The youngsters who voted for Obama are about to get a very rude awakening regarding the true cost of their “free” healthcare.

    1. Youngsters weren’t the only ones who thought that Obamacare was free heathcare. In fact, most supporters of the bill thought it meant “healthcare”, when in fact it was all about buying “health insurance”. The President accused the Repubs of trying to deny “30 million people” of heathcare, even though having health insurance doesn’t mean you can find someone to provide “healthcare”.
      Having a valid Medicare card doesn’t mean that every healthcare provider will accept it as payment for their services, either.

      1. Far from it–on docs who will take Medicare or ‘caid. Even if this went through as designed, 30 million still won’t have insurance. That is the estimate. So where did all the churning, sturm, drang, agita, angst, expense, fear, confusion and pain get everyone?

  7. Rand Paul did a great job holding his own with this guy. So refreshing to hear a politician explain his position in clear terms with no political spin. You’re right about Romney. You just can’t fake conservatism; and Romney was never a conservative. Can only imagine how the two sad sacks Boehner and McConnell might fare in an interview with this Brit. They’d be eaten alive by him.

  8. Rand Paul did a very credible job not only of explaining the pitfalls of Obamacare as it related especially to this audience. In addition to addressing the costs and the need, the point he made about only 15% of Americans uninsured was important. The Dems sold and continue to sell this as if no one really had healthcare and if they did it was not affordable.

    I am on the fence about Paul but this was a job well done and he was well received.

    And now the videos are working for me. Yea.

  9. Maybe Keith made some changes. Before I could not get audio with the videos. And now also there is a “your comment awaiting moderation ” tag — unless of course, that is just special for me. :)

  10. First time I saw an interview with Rand Paul. I am impressed. Calm, capable, relaxed, is he always this good ? I like that he is a physician too, gives him credibility in my eyes. Not the usual lawyer and careful lawyerly talk. Some of you noted that he will connect well with the younger generation and I believe that you are right. He has it.
    Thank you Keith, I think I have a new favourite here. Well, I liked his father too so he is brought up in a good family.

  11. Rand Paul is growing on me as time goes by. As the spector of his father recedes more and more into the background, Rand’s star is growing brighter and brighter. I was previously horrified seeing the son apparently supporting his father’s delusional foreign policies.

    As a physician he can speak with authority about healthcare, and unlike Mitt Romney he has a backbone and he is not afraid to stand for his beliefs even knowing that there will be blowback. He knows the truth will out.

  12. The first thing I heard on the news this morning was this, from a report on Hillary’s latest speech in what the LA Times calls her “long, slow flirtation with the 2016 presidential campaign” :

    “Anyone who says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in American elections must not be paying attention,” Clinton said.”

    Seriously? I would have thought that the election of the nation’s first black president would have proven racism is dead in the United States. Sadly, under Barry’s regime, racism has come roaring back, with blacks being revealed as the most racist group in the country.

    1. Et tu, Hillary? Oh how I hope she repeats the “I ain’t noways tired’ routine! She’s dumber than I thought. Obama started out with ‘there are no blue states, red states, only the United States’. His racist ideology only went into full throttle after he was elected – beginning with Skip Gates. Keep it up, Hill – the Republicans are salivating.

      1. I got a press release this AM about Skip Gates and MLK and said please remove me and was called a racist for asking that. I said I spent a lot of time on Skip Gates and don’t want to spend more.

  13. At some point, logic will be found racist because it doesn’t support the President’s positions…

    You can’t argue logic with the illogical, or have a rational discussion with the irrational. Most public schools and almost all universities have spent the last 50 years teaching the kids “fairness” trumps reason in all cases, and they don’t spend a lot of time on how to actually think.

    Still, kudos to Mr. Paul for trying. He did a good job, but I doubt he changed any minds. The best thing for conservatives to do at this point would be to inspire THEIR base, they’re not getting liberal votes no matter what.

    1. Daddy scared me a bit with some of his positions, Rand on the other hand appears more grounded in his. I hope I’m right on this, if so I believe he would make an excellent candidate for the GOP in the next general election. Anytime someone enters the “lions den” that is the Daily Show and comes out whole has my respect. Good job Senator Paul.

    2. I’m pretty sure that some academics have already claimed that standardized tests in math and logic are racially discriminatory because they’re based on white Western linear thought, whereas “people of color” have a different way of viewing the world but it’s equally smart, or probably more so.

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  15. Wow, your are right … Rand walked into what was planned to be a bonfire and walked out like Daniel out of the Lion’s Den! The host was literally stammering … but, but … let’s talk about something we can agree on … mandatory sentencing revisions!! These Ovomit supporters need to get over themselves and look at what is being shoved down our throats.

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