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Video || Chris Matthews Gets His Comeuppance

Oh, this was so richly satisfying. This guy John Oliver, who has been subbing for Jon Stewart this summer, has been a hoot. Sure, I know the show’s quite to the Left, but let’s face it, there aren’t too many conservative comics out there. So I take what I can get.

Anyway, that The Daily Show is ferociously ripping Matthews just shows how little esteemed he is, even among liberals.

Have a look.

12 Responses to Video || Chris Matthews Gets His Comeuppance

  1. Considering that MSNBC is a few clicks below CNN in the ratings race, MrMatthews could announce that the Martians have landed in NYC and no one would panic.

    • I can never hear–volume–videos on this site. I quit Stewart a long time ago. I see Matthews on Newsbusters sometimes–I wonder if he is embarrassed…he never was a journalist, but he is now a laughingstock with his “here’s a racist, there’s a racist” fuming and tingly leg.

        • Enough hankies don’t exist to take care of that. I can hear soft voices–but no way to change it on my computer or the video… Other sites are fine, YouTube is fine.

          • Star, Try it again. Either Keith made some adjustments or it’s something else. I never could get audio and sometimes not even video. Now on this video and the one with Rand Paul I get both.

            I just put a new AdBlockPlus on Firefox so maybe that cleared out some junk on my computer, but ….could be something else.

  2. Finally someone has pegged Chris Matthews for what he is and isn’t.
    I haven’t laughed this hard for a long time. I only hope Chris saw this,
    because this guy really pegged him.