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The Obama Morning News || August 13, 2013

WH emails used to boost Obama . . . Washington Times
Reid: Obamacare will lead to single payer
. . . Daily Caller
Another Obamacare delay discovered
. . . New York Times
Does Obama need Oprahcare? . . . The Hill
Holder’s mandatory minimum gamble . . . Politico
Obama presses forward on early education . . . Politico
Hillary spread tentacles to the DNC . . . Daily Caller
She decides to wade into voting rights too . . . The Hill
Holder overstated mortgage fraud busts . . . Daily Caller
Obama’s ambulance ran out of gas . . . Washington Times

5 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 13, 2013

  1. “WH emails used to boost Obama.”
    So, this regime is violating the franking rules by campaigning on the taxpayers dime? What else is new? As the impeached federal judge and current Democrat congressman Alcee Hastings said as Obamacare was being shoved down our throats: “There ain’t no rules here, we’re trying to accomplish something… And therefore, when the deal goes down, all this talk about rules, we make them up as we go along…”

    With nobody in the ruling class listening to the concerns of We The People, how do we fire these masterminds and end the rampant graft and corruption? In his new book, “The Liberty Amendments”, Mark Levin shows us the way to employ Article 5 of the Constitution to bypass Congress and empower the states to pass amendments such as term limits. It looks to be the only way to dislodge the ruling class from their perch of power, and help restore America as founded…

  2. Hillary Wades Into Voting Rights

    It didn’t take long for the ‘heiress apparent’ to pick up the voting rights mantle of Obama/Holder. Gotta grab all the minorities, legal and illegal, for 2016.

    Looking ‘rested’, as they say after a few nips and tucks, Hillary signed up with hubby Bill’s booking agent and has been giving paid speeches since April. Why so coy, Hill….you know you are running. And so do we. The only thing we don’t know is how much you are being paid. Reports all indicate your fees are in the six figure category! You mentioned that a portion of your fees witl go to charity. If you were a classy lady, you would donate all of your fees to the families of:
    1. Christopher Stevens
    2- Sean Smith
    3- Glen Doherty
    4- Tyrone Woods
    The truth is, Hillary, you are not a classy lady. You are a money-grubbing, lying hypocrite – just like the two men in your life – Bill and Barack. Not to mention the fact that you proved you can’t answer that 5:00 a.m. phone call. Go back to sleep, Hillary.

    • I’m sure you’ve seen the headline that Hillary plans a national speech tour on restoring trust in government. (If not, you will have to wipe down your screen right about now.)

      • Heard about it last week, Julie….just before breakfast. Lucky break!
        Listening to Shrillary during the last campaign was worse than Chinese water torture – even worse than Obama. My husband said the 2008 DEM primary was a choice between leprosy and cancer. Well, the leprosy will be gone in 3.5 years but we’re still left with the cancer. The only solution to all of this speechifying is to ban teleprompters – the root of all evil.
        Heck, I thought for a minute that Trayvon Martin’s mother was running for office when they held the rally last month – she actually was using a teleprompter when she gave her little speech. Go figure.

  3. I just can’t believe this country now– Hillary Clinton, President? What qualifies her to be President? Her husband was President so that gives her the qualifications? Are we going to have our second NOVELTY President, only because she’s a woman? There used to be more to the Presidency before Obama. Hillary Clinton is no good — Whitewater – Benghazi — she leans towards communism, always has? Hillary Clinton let a man, her husband,cheat on her for more than 12 years with that Flowers woman — she let him do that to her all for political worship of power. We are a free Republic — this Democratic party wants to change all that — it is so obvious — what Obama has created — complete indoctrination of the American people with the help of the Teachers’ Union.