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Lunch with ValJar for POTUS

President Obama this afternoon is having lunch with senior White House advisor and chief presidential consigliere Valerie Jarrett, who is also vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama is buying. From the pool report:

POTUS stopped to buy lunch at Nancy’s snack bar on the waterfront in Oak Bluffs shortly before 1pm.

Wearing a blue fleece, a Chicago White Sox cap and Nike sneakers, POTUS was met by cheers from bystanders as be exited his car.

He shook hands and greeted around 40 people who had gathered on decking outside the restaurant, saying “good to see you” and adding that it was “great to be here.” Dozens more people crowded to the windows of the upstairs restaurant, taking photographs with their smartphones and waving as the President went to pick up his order of fried seafood.

Obama told staff at the counter: “Good to see you man, thanks for feeding us.” He then stepped inside to take photographs with Nancy’s staff before returning to his car.

At 1.02pm, the motorcade departed and drove for a couple of minutes to the Oak Bluffs home of senior adviser and long-time friend Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett and POTUS are now inside eating lunch. Pool holding outside.

Obama ordered fried shrimp, fried oysters, onion rings and french fries. So, as long as there was tartar sauce included, there’s one thing I definite agree with the president about: lunch.

One minor complaint, though. Anyone who really likes oysters knows you don’t order them in August.

It’s been raining up there, so looks like no golf today.

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    1. where’s the broccoli Mandy. I demand to see the broccoli.

      seriously, he can’t ever tell the truth. no one has ever seen him eat broccoli. have they?

  1. Eh. Looks like it’s the last of the rain he’ll see up there–forecast from one site that I looked at said sunny and mid-70’s the rest of his time there.

    Oddly enough, I tried checking Accuweather for a forecast, and they evidently don’t have a listing for Martha’s Vineyard. Is that weird?

  2. So. ValJar and the Preezy agree to meet at her vacation home. She suggests that he pick up some takeout lunch for the both of them. She tells him what she wants to eat, he writes it down(?), checks his pocket money. He agrees, him being a nice guy who wouldn’t dream of asking one of his many flunkies or even some security guy to pick up the takeout.
    Let me get this straight; the security is notified that the Preezy is heading to town to buy some seafood takeout, dozens of security are sent to recon the venue and oversee the cooking of vittles, dozens of security vehicles fire up, one is used for the transport of the Preezy. The working press is put on alert and gets excited that they have something to do or write about.
    The whole convoy pulls up outside a seafood joint, Preezy enters, waves to or schmoozes with other patrons, steps up and orders takeout. Pays for the takeout seafood, walks back to the parking lot, the convoy fires up again and all take off to ValJar’s abode so that she and ? the Preezy can share some now soggy fried seafood?


    1. Speaking of the Real First Lady (Jarrett)…

      1) If she has a house on Martha’s Vineyard, isn’t she one of the elitist rich that Obama relentlessly campaigns against?

      2) Since Jarrett has essentially been living with the Obamas for years, why didn’t they just stay at her place and save the cost of a vacation rental? (It’s not like they’re incompatible).

      3) To your point. Why not just call in the order and have it brought in? What a waste of manpower for take-out.

      “One thing I’ve tried to do as President is not overreact” — Barack Obama.

        1. Right on! And in case you missed it Tommy, it isn’t the number of times as much as it is the money. Can you see that, or do you choose to ignore it. And this time they even airlifted the stupid-ass dog!! Now THAT is just absolutely insane! They’re all NUTS!!

    2. You are spot on, srdem. Totally manufactured photo op. He still has the ice cream and bookstore events with his children to go. That is if the girls are even there yet.

  3. I’ve seen these stats before, boo hoo, former Presidents went home to relax in already secured locations that’s afforded to the Presidents’ personal homes. I think the Clintons were the most recent exceptions, but they stayed with friends, or at Camp David (honestly, seems to have more amneties than the Obama choices these past few years).

    What am I missing? Even WaPo thinks these modern Presidential excesses and expenses for travel/accomodations/security may be outdated and out of touch, even for the 1%ers ;)

  4. as stats go, then perhaps you are correct (i don’t know the stats, so i’ll take your word for it).
    but here’s the analysis.
    The Crawford Ranch was like going to Camp David. It had everything in place. Nothing had to be taken down, reset up. All information was already there. All security needed was already there. It’s the President’s home.
    Kennebunkport was another home owned by the President and his family.

    On the other hand, President Obama has to bring everything with him, completely redo the area for security, everything is temporary. Pay for housing for security and staff. Plus he is staying on someone else’s estate for free, thus owing them favors.

    On top of this, Obama is the one who keeps telling everyone to save money, that rich people are bad and not paying their fair share. Etc. And yet, here he is doing what the wealthiest of the wealthies do. Very elitist for someone who just says all he does all day is think about how to get jobs going.

    1. Well if you are going with the Bush took more vacation days folly.
      Answer one question about Obama where was he on the night of
      9-11-12 after 5pm. I’ll wait.

      1. Ooh ooh I know.
        He was:
        A) Getting rest knowing his crack staff tell him the next day what went on.
        B) Preparing for his campaign trip to Vegas the next day by phonetically pronouncing WON-PER-SENT-ORS.
        C) Making sweet love to his putter
        D) Watching Breaking Bad.

      2. Well how about Clinton.
        1993 Bomb World Trade Center
        1996 Military housing bombed in Saudi
        1998 Embassies Tanzania and Kenya
        2000 USS Cole

        1. Not smoking a thing, Tommy. The point is that Bush had WORKING vacations. Obama has PLAY vacations and very expensive ones at that. Michelle and the girls often have taken separate flights from Obama. So has the dog. Remember the Hawaii trip where Michelle, the girls and BO went without Obama? Then Obama had the dog flown back home again just so he could have a photo op at PetSmart? Then BO flew back to Hawaii on a separate plane again from Obama. Also, Laura Bush didn’t fly her friends and family to Spain on our dime and didn’t fly them all back again for a safari.

          1. That was one time that Bush flew back and the cost was definitely cheaper than Obama flying his dog back and forth to Hawaii for a photo op and flying himself back and forth also. Not to mention all the times Michelle and the girls fly separately.

  5. No chowder, fried clams or lobster rolls, clearly they don’t like New England classics. Boy could I go for any of those says the girl who grew up in Boston.

  6. Yup. They tracked him down in the tack barn….at HIS ranch. They couldn’t even FIND OBOZO the night of Benghazi……STILL don’t know what he was doing or where he was. And the next day he skipped town & went to Vegas….for another party….& let his lackies take all the heat……..the COWARD!

  7. “Thanks for feeding us”? Who says that? Maybe if you’ve been lost in the woods and come upon a cabin where you’re invited to take part in the feast.

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  9. Why do taxpayers pay for a house for Jarrett? She can have one of the rooms they get for “security” or the “flotus beauty aides”.

      1. Which is probably why the Obamas vacation there. NE Island life — no matter how posh — is hardly Michelle’s style. Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s minder.

      2. No Tommy, I’m not jealous. My life is just fine, thank you very much. But when we vacation we pay our own way, we don’t feel entitled to have others pay our expenses.

        At this point I feel I’m feeding the troll. I’m done with this conversation.

      3. Tommy Boy, you need to put the kool aide down & slowly back away. in other words: It’s not all your fault, your school teachers & peers are feeding your vulnerable mind with radical thoughts.Look, you’re still young, your voice is still cracking, your are a little nervous around girls.. Why not ask mom to drop you off at the mall..grab some ice cream… no need to be so involved with adult issues.. don’t worry, as you mature you’ll see how wrong you’ve been.. its OK, we all have to grow up eventually.. your time has not come yet.
        And leave AZ Granny alone. Don’t you have a Granny? or do you call her a fool also?

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