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Next Up for Obama: Hoops with the Dudes

Lunch with ValJar is over. From the pool report:

Motorcade left Jarrett’s house on Seaview Avenue at 2.17pm, passing a large crowd of excited bystanders at the far end of the street. After a six minute drive we have arrived at Oak Bluffs School where POTUS is playing basketball. Pool holding outside.

Obama is playing with Eric Whitaker, Marvin Nicholson, Sam Kass and “other staff,” according to the White House.

FLOTUS has not been traveling with the President today.

Uhh, wasn’t traveling with him yesterday or the day before either . . .

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    • ValJar is a big slumlord in Chicago who has pushed blacks out of prime downtown real estate (e.g. Cabrini Green) into the suburbs, but I think she got stuck with a lot of bad property on the near South Side for erroneously banking on winning the Olympics for Chicago.

  1. and yet the NY Times is touting this as a romantic vacation as the girls are in summer camp.

    They haven’t spent any time together at all. He’s with the boyz playing sports. What’s next? Touch Football? Darts at the pub? Racquetball and a sauna?

  2. Oh, and I’m sure he’s not spending any time with Michelle while she recovers from her liposuction, plastic surgery, whatever she’s had done.

  3. Maybe we did things differently, but when we went on our once a year vacation as a family, we spent time together as a family. We went to the beach, visited local attractions, ate our meals together, and had FUN regenerating our family. Those vacations will always be special memories for us and our now grown children.

    I guess we are old-fashioned.

    • Bill & Hilliary; the template for today’s ‘fake First Family’.

      (not to make anyone sick, but when was the last time Bill & Hilliary Clinton shared a bed…? -the late 1970s??)

      Since NO ONE is allowed to ask about/follow ‘HRH’ Michelle Obama (always off on some trip or never seen at the White House) I wonder what the “deal” is between Barack and her…

      • I think she’s so miserable as pretending at First Lady that there was a deal struck before the last election. You rarely see her she
        doesn’t function as FLOTUS unless it involves a party or a trip or
        new clothes. Think she said shed do the fun things but not anything else. When he goes to comfort she’s never there not even for the school shooting. We’ve got a fake garden and telling
        America we are all fat that’s her contribution. Nil.

  4. Biden, on the other hand, has a wonderful marriage and a very close family. He’s always with Jill, and they are so much more regular people than Barack and Michelle could ever be. The Bidens enjoy just sitting on beach chairs from Target, reading books. Say what you will about his politics, but I do like that Biden is in love with his wife – you can’t fake that emotion.

  5. According to the Carnival Barker, Obama wants to relax and spend time with his family.

    Apparently, when it rains and he can’t play golf,he’d prefer to spend time with Jarret rather than being with Michelle.

    Who can blame him?

  6. How much you want to bet that we taxpayers are footing the bill for valjar’s house? and her protection detail is costing us how much?

  7. It’s much better for the country when he is playing hoops with the dudes. He hates his job just as much as we hate the job he is doing. If only we could offer him an early retirement package he couldn’t refuse.