As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Quote of the Day || August 13, 2013

“Peanuts? Is that all you get on this flight?”

– Bo Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. Bo, the WhiteHouse Dog
    Bo, the dog, was adopted by a family that had never shown any interest in house pets. Donated by a famous man to the Obamas, Bo, the dog, was forced to sleep by the fireplace, never invited to the fancy family parties, and wasn’t allowed to fly anywhere on the fancy airplane with his adopted family.
    Never allowed to frolic freely in a lake as his ancestors did, held in restraint by a neck cuff to prevent his normal inclination to run about, Bo, the dog, is sad.
    It’s time for America to take a stand; FREE BO, THE DOG!

  2. I do hope Bo gets more than peanuts and that means after they leave the luxury of the White House. I am an animal lover and I remember when Clinton left the White House, his First dog was neglectfully let out without a leash and was run over by a car. I am pretty sure his nbame was Buddy! Pray for Bo — I don’t trust those people with a dog when they get out of the White and have to be responsible for their own actions. And the American people are the ones who get only peanuts while the Frst Welfare family get all the free stuff. They are basking in the glory of taxpayer money now and loving it.

    • Actually, the Clintons were unsuccessful at offing Buddy on the first try and had to have him “run out in traffic” once more before they were rid of him. And their secretary had to take the cat “socks, I think” or he/she would have needed to meet an untimely end also. I was highly annoyed when the Clintons had Vince Foster, Adm Mike Boorda and Ron Brown murdered, but when they killed Buddy, THAT WAS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I made a couple of typos in my previous, I typed White without House as in White House, and a couple more typos. Also, as far as Bo being sad, I don’t think he’s sad now but I am afraid for him when the First Welfare family leave the White House!!! At least Bo has people to take care of him constantly now, but later on, I don’t know. Also, dogs really shouldn’t be allowed to run freely all the time, they are not wild animals or farm animals? Dog lovers unite for Bo, Bo should have some freedom to run but house dogs must always be watched just like children, otherwise their life span would be only 5 years instead of 15 or 16, if not cared for. Follow me? get it? Supervision of dogs is very important to keep them alive and healthy.

    • for now yes FIDOTUS (aka BO – the dog) has a excellent handler and well taken care of. I agree and hope he will get to enjoy his days once 2016 has past.

    • Good points, lizzy. The problem with Bo, the dog, being kept in isolation and confined is that he isn’t what we think of as a “house pet”. His large breed was meant for the great outdoors, and there just isn’t anywhere safe for him to run about in DC.
      Most pet lovers with big dogs might have large fenced in yards, or take their furry friend to a local dog-park, but poor Bo, the dog, is confined (as is his adoptive family) to a restricted life.

      Bo, the dog, is nothing more than a prop for the Obamas and brought out for a photo op now and then.

      • I have no proof, but I bet Bo has a special handler and pal (name not starting in the letter O) and is perfectly happy. Unless he is a cranky customer or something. You could tell when they got him and he towed them around that they were not dog people.

        • I agree Star. I am sure Bo has a wonderful life now with a very professional handler because of White House connections and I am sure he runs and plays a lot. I just worry about him when the party is over in ’16 and I doubt that Bo will be treated as well as he is now. I know that Bo is a certain type of breed, but I read a lot about dogs and different breeds and all the books say that ALL dogs sleep 18 out of 24 hours a day because of their short life. Check it out — no matter what breed, dogs cannot run around for more than a few hours, they need their rest, that is according to the dog books.

    • I wonder if the cocktail conversation ever gets around to something like: “Hey, Barry – when are you and your first lady ever going to get around to buying a house on the Island?”

      Or…”C’mon Barry, do you REALLY need those 40 vehicle motorcades every time you come to visit? Your friends here would be more than happy to give you a lift back and forth to the airport. Heck, you don’t even need AF1 – a Gulfstream would do the trick. Chill out, Bro….no need to put on the dog for all of us folks. It’s summertime…and the livin’ is easy.”

  4. Agree with all of you here, that dear furry friend deserves a caring, loving family.
    By the way, a friend gave me “House of cards” and I have just started watching it. Kevin Spacey plays the majority whip in the House, not sure of what party. Well, it´s not great, not like the absolutely brilliant “Breaking Bad”, but I like to hear and read about Washington politics, therefor it intrigues me. It´s a dark story, how the power is really not where it seems to be, how people connect, disconnect, double talks, betrays, well Keith is probably more familiar with this world. Is it accurate ? I also love Allen Drurys old novels from the sixties about the political- and media world at that time. Great books. Has any of you any book- or film recommendations about these issues ? Would be grateful .

    • I binge-watched House of Cards–I liked it. I spent 16 yrs on the Hill–they showed some of the horsetrading, but not all. I worked as a (gulp) lobbyist and we often got involved in other issues–persuading someone with a plant in their district to vote for an unrelated issue and then getting a favor back. It gets pretty Byzantine. One hand washes the other. I don’t think the current crop–and certainly not Obama in his time there–really know how to play the game, at least as it used to be played in the days of LBJ, Tip O’Neill et al.

        • Thank you, Star. Your opinion as a former insider is of great importance to me. Yesterday I saw episode 1, today it will be episode 2. I like the scenes from Washington, the city, too. It´s a beautiful town. My son spent a year there, studying and volunteering on the newspaper, The Hill. He loved the city, the atmosphere.
          You mentioned Tip O´Neill. Is there a man like him nowadays ?

          • Not all shot in DC–I think the subway is wrong in that one–not positive. Usually I can tell when I see the subway. In Homeland my kid and I scan for buildings we know…etc.

          • Tip O’Neill, LBJ, Bob Dole, Mansfield–quite a few of the guys of yore could work the Congress. It was where they wanted to be. LBJ went to the executive branch, but he was an exception. The Hill was their “place.” They had private hideway offices–one thing I did not see on House of Cards. Little nooks…near the floor usually. Liberally supplied with bourbon and branch. I do not think, like the fictional Rep Underwood, that they were all out to get things for themselves. They really did htink of the country–what was best…ex, the Civil Rights bill, etc. I get a different vibe now.