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The Obama Morning News || August 12, 2013

Obama seeks drug sentencing limits . . . Wall Street Journal
Biden headed to Iowa for steak and politics . . . CNN
Rodeo stages humiliating Obama act . . . Associated Press
Interior Secretary: No climate deniers allowed . . . Examiner
Are seniors souring on the GOP? . . . National Journal
Top Republicans: al Qaeda threat worsening . . . CNS News
Vineyard feels the Obamas’ presence . . . Washington Post

47 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 12, 2013

    • A very good point, Denise. I don´t understand all the fuss about the Obama-clown. I think it was funny. Why aren´t people allowed a good laugh at this president when the last one was ridiculed ( and worse) all the time ? This is just silly. Dear Missourians, don´t apologize, go on having fun.

    • So true, Denise. Liberals are all for the freedom to dissent when they are ravaging a Republican, but it’s a different story when it is their messiah who being ridiculed. The American people have made jokes at the expense of our elected officials throughout history, and this particular front man for the left isn’t any better or different from any of his predecessors.

  1. A clown wearing a President Barack Obama mask appeared at a Missouri State Fair rodeo this weekend and the announcer asked the enthusiastic spectators if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.”


    He said another clown ran up to the one wearing the Obama mask, pretended to tickle him and played with the lips on the mask.


    Whoa. Not cool at all. Some might claim this was an attempt at a symoblic lynching, and they might have a point. A lynching is a killing outside of a courtroom that does not necessarily take place by hanging. And, that bit about his lips is disgusting.

    However, the AP writer inteviewed only one person, and seemingly did so only after it appeared on a Proggie blog from Missouri, One could argue that there is balance in the reporting since Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is a Republican.

    • Mocking Presidents with masks goes back to …. all of them ! Halloween especially. I saw nothing “racist” about this, I’ve seen Obama squeaky dog toys too. Now there’s some symbolism !

      Let’s not forget Obama’s aides groping cardboard Hillary ! Sexist !

      • Lynching is a pretty far-fetched notion, even for AP. They have to twist themselves into pretzels to infer some hideous racial motivation behind some rodeo clown wearing a stupid mask. I don’t believe a word written by state-run media minions anyway. Their only sources for this story are biased leftist organizations.

        • AP did not say it was a lynching. I said that some might claim this was a symbolic lyinching. The bit about a clown playing with his lips was a direct reference to FCMABBHO’s race.

          Is the Republican lieutenant governor of Missouri a leftist?Are the officials of the state fair leftists?

          • Ridiculous comparison to the heinous act of lynching, which hasn’t occurred in this country since the glory days of the Democratic KKK. The Republican lieutenant governor and state fair officials were only commenting on the purported claims made by leftists.

          • I donned a body-condom and checked out The photograph there, and in hte story in Keith’s link, was taken at a rodeo of some sort.

            I’m sure the lieutenant governor and officials in control of the state fair had resources at hand to determine if it did, in fact, take place. If it didn’t happen, why didn’t they say so?

          • “If it didn’t happen, why didn’t they say so?”

            Maybe because they are cowed into submission by the leftist banshees like the rest of our elected officials?

          • Or, maybe it really did happen. I don’t see people in the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association as being prone to keeping silence in the face of such a heinous lie.

          • That is purely your speculation…has anyone said to you (prior to your comments) that the rodeo clown antics made them think of a lynching?
            I think mocking any President in a comedic routine is in poor taste – BUT – I do believe it is protected speech. I believe that one of the most precious aspects of the USA is freedom of speech.
            I am a former Missourian – and just read several comments in a facebook blog solicitating those comments. The comments that I read (with the exception of two) did not think the clown “went too far.” Most regarded the parody as the norm for a second term president.
            Personally, I think the routine would have been far funnier if the clown had swung a golf club at the bull. I think that insinuating that the President of the US should be run over by a raging bull was uncalled for – no matter who is President. I believe that sometimes, we – as a people – and as citizens of the US – need to choose to take the high road, shut our smart mouths and behave accordingly.

          • Aileen, no one said anything to me about this, nor did I read anything about it. And, yes, this has been nothing but speculation on my part.

          • I saw those actions, and they, too, pissed me off.

            However, to my knowledge, they were not done by official participants at a tax-funded event.

  2. Under the changes proposed by Mr. Holder, prosecutors might avoid specifying the amount of cocaine a defendant allegedly possessed, rather than charging the person with possessing more than five kilograms—a charge that carries a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison.


    Is that not lying by omission in court?

  3. Yes, it is ‘deceptive’ of Obama to say that the threat of terrorism is diminishing instead of growing. Deceptive is a most mild way of putting it. What particularly galls me is his claim that he has ‘decimated’ the ‘core’ of Al Qaeda even though, apparently, the fringes of Al Qaeda are quite successful.. I guess the word which most upsets me is ‘core’. What does he mean by ‘core’? All I can think of is Bin Laden and the scores of ‘number twos’ he has had killed. But Al Qaeda has never been a centralized, one man operation. Bin Laden may have been the poster boy, but Ayman Al Zawahiri was and still is the closest thing to a mastermind in Al Qaeda, and he is the real ‘number two’ they never have touched. Even then, Al Qaeda is a federation of terrorist groups all over the world with no supreme leader. There is no ‘core’. Keeping our heads in the sand for the sake of one man’s ego, aka legacy, is the most dangerous future we face.

    • Agree, Julie. Al Qaeda is alive and well around the globe. One of their battlefields is Syria and I just find it horrendous that Western leaders find it plausible to support them there. And to call them “rebels”.

      • Not everyone fighting against the government troops is a member of AQ. The problem, though, is figuring out who just wants Assad gone and who wants to estabish an Islamic government.

        • The number of people fighting Assad at this point who are not terrorists is probably quite small, and in every revolution I can recall, the violent always, always, end up riding roughshod over the moderates, the peace-loving liberals, what ever you want to call them.

    • I’m a skeptic about how ‘beloved’ Bo is by the President or anyone else in the First Family. He’s a prop, a very expensive prop at that. The girls supposedly badly wanted a puppy, but I never see them walking or playing with him.

      • The puppy story was political to win the “animal lover” vote, nothing cuter or cuddlier than little girls and puppies. It was supposed to be a rescue dog, he told HSUS, ASPCA and PETA, they all gave him huge props and a support page on their sites.

        After the election, SURPRISE, one of the girls is allergic to dogs, and it just so happened Uncle Teddy had a breeder friend who had one of her designer dogs returned as “unsuitable for the previous family” (which reputable breeders should do, so props to her), and “Charlie” was rehomed with the Obamas and named after BO’s favorite Uncle Bo. Porties are supposedly hypoallergenic dogs, so he still got props from the humane and rights’ societies for a “rescue dog”.

  4. The BIG news is the loophole in the immigration laws allowing asylum seekers to invade this country! ‘Credible Fear’ of persecution by drug cartels is the open sesame password to get into this country for what could turn out to be millions of lawbreakers. Two hundred a day are sneaking in to Otay Mesa alone! What a scam!

    Last week Obama approved asylum for 9 so-called ‘dreamers’, 7 of whom were living in Mexico at the time. One of the ‘dreamers
    is a 37 y.o. man! Today, Obama is sitting on his butt on MV while hordes of lawbreaking foreigners are invading us! Why hasn’t he declared a national emergency and why isn’t the national guard on the border? These people will never show up for their immigration hearing!

    We are in a state of lawlessness!!! This is our Trojan Horse! Congress needs to immediately table the Immigration bill and start reviewing the Articles of Impeachment.

    • I so agree with you, but don’t you get the feeling we are shouting in the wind? Who will table immigration? Who will start impeachment? Not the Republicans.

      • Agree with you both. No doubt this asylum assault is an organized effort to overwhelm the system (Cloward-Piven) and destroy our national sovereignty. Unfortunately, We The People don’t have any influence on either political party. The Democrat party is destroying our society for permanent political power and control of the electorate. The GOP has decided to raise the white flag to the Democrats. They don’t mind playing second fiddle as long as they have a seat at the table when the spoils are divvied. Besides, the million dollar political donations they receive from their crony capitalist masters who want cheap labor helps to ease any guilt they may have in destroying America as founded.

        • Yes, it’s a Cloward-Piven attempt to overwhelm the system. Just wait until the health care debacle gets into full swing and the whole thing collapses.

      • You’re right about the Republicans, Julie. But someone has to do something ASAP! Did you happen to see the FOX special on EBT card fraud over the week-end? Spanish language TV ‘novellas’ are openly recruiting Mexicans by demonstrating how to apply for EBT cards whether they need them or not. Obama is welcoming them with open arms. It’s a not-so-subtle stealth take over of the U.S. by a third world country. The imminent legalization of untold millions will be the death knell for the U.S. The worst part – it’s irreversible. How can anyone stand by and watch the collapse of the greatest nation on earth…and do nothing! It’s inconceivable! It’s time for an insurrection.

        • Yes, I watched it, and I hope millions did since it appeared on Fox on prime time. Of course, it was the weekend as it was for the ‘asylum’ story when not that many are paying attention. People I’ve heard from seem to focus on the beach bum too rather than the immigrant aspect. The segment from NC was depressing as all get out: the country has lost its pride in itself.

          We need to attempt a legal insurrection at the 2014 ballot box first before anything else. The Tea Parties and conservatives of all colors need to take over the Republican Party and the Congress. What’s really disheartening is that this is 2013 and not 2014, and I’m convinced that Obamacare and amnesty will prevail before we can do something legally. I guess mass protests will have to do until 2014.

    • We all would love impeachment. That would rid our country of the whole freaking lot. He would go, Biden would go, his cabinet, all of his appointments and outside of the constitution mandates would be voided. Good idea, right? Well, the Dems knew what they were doing when the party put him up and the low info voters put in our PINO. Impeachment would bring on a Watts across the country. We would be on fire in every major city whether they are predominately black or not. There would be unimaginable violence and death. The National Guard, which he has scaled back drastically, could never protect us.
      We’re stuck until 2016. Hopefully the RINOS will show up this year. Hopefully the Republican party will not eat their own.

      • No, Biden would not go unless he, too, were impeached. You can impeach only one person at a time because you cannot level charges against a group of people without charging, and convicting, each of them of the same crimes. (Yes, I suppose you could attempt to join the defendants in one trial, but I am pretty sure that the defendants would prevail in a motion for separate trials.)

        Article 2 Section 4: The President, Vice-President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

        • Oops. Impeachment is not the same thing as a trial. But, my point remains that impeaching the president will not result in everyone in his administration being impeached. If so, why wasn’t Gore also impeached when Clinton was impeached?