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Obama is Two for Two on Golf

Updated 9:47 pm ET

My wife would kill me.

Not that I golf, but if I did, she’d kill me if I spent our vacation golfing. And then if I took up the game I’d be playing those beautiful fairways in Heaven. Assuming the Lord grants me membership there.

Obama went golfing for the second time in his first two full days of vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. From the pool report:

A little rain apparently won’t deter POTUS from his vacation goals . . . He is golfing. At Vineyard Golf Club.

His partners (POTUS seems to be mixing things up), per the WH:

Ambassador Ron Kirk, Allison Davis and Vernon Jordan.

Motorcade was rolling from POTUS vacation rental at 11:50 am. Uneventful ride.

Just before Alley’s General Store, where small group of people stood outside to observe, motorcade passed a “NO KEYSTONE” sign someone has propped up on a large rock on the side of the road.

POTUS arrived at Vineyard Golf Club at 12:04 pm. Pool did not see him, as his SUV continued down the road leading to the golf club while pool vans stopped where we’ll be holding.

Also, some sad news. The White House announced that, sometime after Obama’s vacation is done, the big black presidential buses will reemerge from their hangar and take him on a two-day tour through Pennsylvania and New York, where he will hold forth on his economic ideas.


CORRECTION:  An earlier version of this post characterized Allison Davis as a woman. In fact, Allison Davis is a man, and likely can prove it.

– Evelyn Waugh, chief copy editor

52 thoughts on “Obama is Two for Two on Golf”

  1. Allison Davis = woman? Who dat?

    Oh, the big black DarthVader bus. Memories of the massive motorcades passing through small towns as the “unknown taxpayer” on the side of the road gives the one finger salute, and photo ops of the Preezy stepping down from inside when everyone knows he didn’t ride anywhere on the bus.
    Refreshed from another multi-millon dollar vacation, the President will offer a new idea of how to screw over the middleclass made up of mostly Whites who have enjoyed their special privilege for too long. Whatever the cornerstone of the new idea might be, it most certainly will involve him and his minions being able to spread tax collected monies among their friends and cronys.

      1. …along with the daughters NOT flying in with Obama & Michelle, and Bo (that poor photo-op dog) being flown into MV on some seperate USMC/USAF flight…

        1. The USMC who handle the helo fleet for the WH has a couple of specially modified Black Hawk and Osprey’s assigned to them. Their not used to make the run to the WH for BO & company due to their downdraft is like a mini tornado and it tosses anything not nailed down all over the place. They tried it once and the Marine pilot said “never again”.

          1. Being a USN Vet Ive talked to some ‘aviation deckhands’ (ABs) who said the V-22 Osprey had some wicked downdraft, worse than the CH-53 Sea Stallions I had on my LSD flightdeck.

            But I saw pics (from the UK media of course) that showed Bo the dog being ‘unloaded’ from an Osprey at the MV airport

          2. Yup, they flew the big bird into Cape Cod then flipped over to the Osprey’s and UH-60’s to get to MV.

            I too have worked under the 53’s, 60’s and was around Pax River when they were testing the V-22. All 3 can sandblast a vehicle or building quickly. FOD is not their friend lol.

  2. Most wives would kill their husbands, Keith. But didn’t MO say she was just a ‘hard-working single mom’? Gotta love Dr. Freud!
    I suppose divorce is out of the question now – MO will keep up the charade til the end of time. It’s good to be Queen!

    Barry has been caught in yet another lie. Four years ago he said the reason he didn’t socialize with the D.C. elite or members of Congress was his devotion to his family. He was never home during the campaign and now that they were ‘living above the store’, he intended to spend all of his spare time with family. Reggie must be a close family member…closer than we thought. Don’t worry about MO – she’s fine with it.

  3. I believe presidents are entitled to their vacations. But when they themselves justify it by saying it is to spend more time with their family, shouldn’t they actually do that – spend time with the family? (I don’t think the girls are even there are they?) I guess he meant his Golf Family.

    1. He will make the annual ice cream run with the girls some time this week. Not sure there is a bowling alley on the island.

      1. Doesn’t he also make an annual trip to a bookstore with the girls? Can’t wait for the obligatory pic of “the president” holding hands with the oldest. . .

      2. “ice cream run with the girls”…
        MSM PHOTO OP!

        (MSM sycophants = ‘look, Obama is such a GREAT father…’) Sorry, as I typed that I threw up in mouth a bit.

    1. Thanks for the info. I tried a search but there are a lot of “allison davis”, men and wome, including some who are no longer alive.

  4. Keith:

    Can you confirm the gender of Allison Davis? Obama rarely plays with women, and the Washington Examiner shows Allison Davis as a partner in Obama’s former law firm, Director of Woodlawn Preservation, and business partner of Tony Rezko.

    Davis looks to be odd man out, regardless of gender. Davis, either way, would be the only white face in the foursome. Interesting choice of Vernon Jordan, he of job placement for one Monica Lewinski, and former golf partner of Bill Clinton. According to Wiki, Jordan claimed $302,000 in fees for Clinton CYA work regarding Lewinski and Paula Jones, but the Appeals Court only awarded him $1,215 — likely not enough to cover his golfing on Martha’s Vineyard.

    Is there an Executive Order in the future to compensate Mr. Jordan for being “disenfranchised” by a “biased” Appeals Court?

    1. Great minds think alike, Playrighter ;-)

      Allison Davis also isn’t white. He is touted as the first black full professor at the University of Chicago.

      1. Susan:

        Then your great mind will shortly find what took me a while to locate. The Allison Davis you refer to passed away on 11/21/83.

        I made the same assumption at first, then went back and double-checked Wiki after finding another Allison Davis from Chicago.

        1. You’re right, Playrighter. Allison Davis, Sr was the first black full professor at the University of Chicago. He is the father of Preezy’s golf buddy. Same family, different Allison.

          1. Susan:

            I’m coming up with different information.

   shows: “children: Allison Stubbs, Gordon Jamison; married Lois Mason Jan. 7, 1969; died Nov. 21, 1983.”

            A history of Miner, Barnhill and Gallard (formerly with Davis named first) says nothing about the senior Davis, although the firm did agree to do plaintiff, civil rights, community development and union work — which was a perfect fit for Obama.

            Finally, here’s the W.E. article I located:
            which certainly doesn’t show Davis as black.

            If you can find different information, please share it.

          2. Interesting. The senior Davis wasn’t a lawyer from what I’ve been able to determine. In searching I found a post Keith wrote about this character earlier this year:

            Where I got the impression that the two were related was at a link in my above post:
            “Davis was well connected in his own right. He was the son of Allison Davis Sr., the late University of Chicago professor.”


          3. Susan:

            Curiouser and curiouser… Somebody’s got a fact off. (I sent a note to your source to ask if the could verify it., which shows Davis, Sr. as having a single son — Gordon — elsewhere shows Allison Davis (with Obama) as the son of the elder Davis). Perhaps Keith knows for sure?

            Interesting quote from Valerie Jarrett regarding a money losing real estate project she and Davis were heavily involved in: “It’s hard to manage something you don’t own.” Count down to Obama using this line to defend his WH tenure starting in 10…9…8…

          4. Susan, I did a little digging and come up with two fascinating articles circa 2008 detailing Barack Obama’s days at the Davis, Miner, Bonhill, Galland civil rights law firm. I don’t know if Obama’s golf partner is is Allison Jr. or Sr. but one of them is a partner with the law firm.

            Obama’s intelligence is overshadowed by his inability to focus which explains why he took this job with a small civil rights law firm rather than the prestigious firm of Sidley Austin. It also substantiates the rumors that MO was furious that he didn’t take the high-paying job at Sidley. He preferred writing and research to trial work. This may explain why he prefers writing speeches rather than performing his duties as POTUS. We are doomed!

            Must reads:

            Would You Hire Barack Obama?
            Resume of a Chronic Underachiever

            Barack Obama Was Once a Lowly Law Firm Asssociate


  5. So he’s at 136 rounds in 1,665 days. That works out to one round of golf every 12.24265 days, putting him on pace for 239 rounds of golf for his presidency. At a judicious 5 hours per round–Obama has admitted he prefers to dawdle, so that may be low–that would work out to 1,195 man-hours on the links, which is nearly 50 man-days, or 29.875 forty-hour work weeks, or 39.8333… thirty-hour work weeks.

    One does hope he’s taking all due precautions against mosquito bites. At his age, West Nile would be no joke.

  6. Since it is short, here is the wiki info on Allison Davis:

    Allison S. Davis is a Chicago lawyer and real estate developer. Davis was the senior partner of Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland,[1] a law firm founded in 1971 that was involved in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development work but provided legal services to individual and corporate clients also. In 2003, Davis was appointed to Illinois State Board of Investment by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.[2] Davis is the son of, Allison Davis Sr., the late University of Chicago professor of social anthropology.

  7. So after putz a lot gets back from his ‘working’ vacation he’s going to
    drag out those dreadful Death Star busses and go campaign. Well he
    appears to ride the bus but I’m calling the hooey card on that idiot.

  8. I wonder what MO does all day while he golfs ? Surely the pool would notice movement if she was out and about with a motorcade. I think she likes tennis, funny we never see her on a court, just carrying a racket :)

    1. If she was out and about with her 40 vehicle motorcade, it would show up on Google Earth. If she was taking a dip in the infinity pool, it might register on the Richter scale (sorry, couldn’t help myself). I think the press pool reported some bad weather today, or was it yesterday. She’s probably getting her daily massage followed by her hair stylist and make-up artist. Getting ready for ‘date night’ with Barry.

  9. Do you know if his daughters have arrived yet? I haven’t heard anything – of course Bo got that friggin expensive airlift to the Vineyard. That was really rubbing it in………

  10. “… a two-day tour through Pennsylvania and New York, where he will hold forth on his economic ideas.”

    Hasn’t he done enough damage? We know what his economic ideas are, simply tax & spend, erode more freedoms, control the masses… Hide the kids PA &NY.

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