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Listen Up! He’s Working, Okay?

The White House wants you to know that President Obama is still at the controls, even though he appears to be on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

From today’s first White House pool report:

WH sends this to pool:

“From The White House: This morning, the President received the Presidential Daily Briefing from National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice.”

Okay? Got that, Zawahiri and you Republican naysayers? Ignore that man behind the seven iron.

Obama and Susan Rice

61 thoughts on “Listen Up! He’s Working, Okay?”

  1. Yup, he was briefed by NSA Advisor Rice that no new videos have surfaced causing unrest in Benghazi and all is well in the Middle East. Now it’s time for me to go to the beach while you spend the morning playing bball with those official Prezy balls we shipped in for you.

    Sucks when you and JayBot have to be on special vacation duty on MV.

        1. “Who’s minding the store?” – Mandy Manners

          Does it matter? The folks “we” hired to do so are robbing it blind anyway, then complaining to us that we didn’t stock it well enough to feed their depredations…

          1. “Definition of depredation (n)
            Bing Dictionary
            dep·re·da·tion [ dèpprə dáysh’n ] plundering attack: an attack involving plunder and pillage”

            Kinda fits, though, don’t you think? These folks have been attacking us ceaselessly, not just since Barry’s “Election”, but since at LEAST LBJ’s “War On Poverty”…

            How’d THAT war work out, anyway? Obama going to pull us out any time soon?

    1. Am sure they do it in a Powerpoint presentation with pictures and background music. Sometimes they have to filter out all the big words too.

      1. Well hell !!!
        That explains why they couldn’t put the dog on the plane !
        No more room !
        Daily briefing my butt.
        Now Susan the liar is pulling up his pants.

        1. “That explains why they couldn’t put the dog on the plane !” – AFVet

          The dog IS on the plane. Didn’t you notice The Angry Caliph had a distended belly?

          No worries, though, it was just Bo #185. The SS back at the WH will sober someone up long enough to get #186 from the pet store before they get back…

          1. “The dog IS on the plane.” – me

            I know, tense usage, I should have said “Was”. But, since Obama probably lacks the class to flush as he lacks class in all other areas, it may yet be true…

          2. “BTW, on a side note, are you in Boehner’s district ?” – AFVet

            No, I’m south of that, in the People’s Republic of Cincinnati. Boehner is from a place called West Chester, which is where the rich people who USED to live here fled to escape the Section 8 housing, crippling taxes, and terrible schools and crime endemic to the City and first and second ring suburbs since liberals disbanded the urban projects and spread the cancerous thinking they bred therein far and wide throught Hamilton County Ohio. He DOES represent some smaller urban areas as well, though, which may be one reason why he’s a wuss on immigration issues.

            Why he’s Obama’s lap dog on OTHER issues, though, I think is a matter of his personal taste. He’s never been a conservative. RINO to the core, the West Chester Weeper never noticably had a non-Democrat-compliant thought that Obama didn’t approve of beforehand. He basically got elected by acting like a well-dressed Socialist – “look right, run left” (H/T to P.J. O’Rourke). His consituents don’t really care, he brings home some local bacon and rich people bribe as well as poor ones, just on a different level, so he’s not going anywhere. There’s very little visible conservatism left in Southwest Ohio anyway, with the possible exception of Steve Chabot, because the Dems have become adroint at bribery and election fixing here as they have most places (see Melowese Richardson, et. al), so they have a pretty solid base now from which they have driven most of the productive people who might actually care with the aforementioned taxes, etc. We do have a nice new casino, however, and a streetcar is planned through a shooting gallery in future. They only had to mortgage the entire city, sell off an airport, and break the pension funds to get the dough for this 3 mile wonder, so I’m sure it’s a bargain…

            But, I don’t want to bore you with local commentary. Suffice to say that I know of John Boehner, know people who live in his district, and have been to his district, but I don’t have the honor and priviledge of being able to vote against him in the next primary. Not that it would matter, Establishment Republicans can fix a primary vote as well as any Democrat, they just suck when they play against the varsity…

          3. Thks for the reply cincy.
            I was just curious as to whether there is anyone to run against in 2014.
            You answered all of my questions.
            I live close enough to you to get WLW, and haven’t heard if there were any challengers.
            I do understand that the Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of congress.

          4. Sorry, know I’m long-winded, I’d be terrible at bumper stickers.

            That’s an intriguing notion about the Speaker. Doesn’t matter if the Dems steal the House back, though.

            Just curious – is close enough for WLW somewhere around the Wright/Patt area? Just seems natural for an “AF Vet”…

          5. How soon they forget!
            Wasn’t it at a msm dinner or something, where he was scheduled to speak, and in a particularly (vulgar) cute bit, he pretended to be miked while sitting on the toilet. Then a flushing sound was heard, and the o strolled out.

        1. Actually Ms Rice is telling him to avoid the right side of the fairway as he slices towards the green on hole #3. She thinks she can get him at least 6 strokes on a Par 3 hole (depending on who’s math they use)

        2. LOL! Looks like they are sitting at the marble table adjacent to the kitchen where Sam Bass is probably preparing breakfast for them. Don’t see any pens or note pads on the table – looks like a quick photo op before tee time.

        3. LOL! Looks like they are sitting at the marble table adjacent to the kitchen where Sam Bass is probably preparing breakfast for them. Don’t see any pens or note pads on the table – looks like a quick photo op before tee time.

          1. The mind wanders sometimes. Everytime I hear the name Sam Kass it conjures up wonderful memories of yore when Saul Bass, the iconic graphic designer/filmmaker. was one of my teachers in art school. Any resemblance to Sam Kass is purely coincidental.

        4. Wonder what kind of clearance the photographer has ? Just so happened to be walking by? Now the low infos think the President is working on his vacay, poor guy, never gets a break !

          I met my husband in Hawaii during the Vietnam war for R&R, he left his Company behind in the very capable hands of his XO, he never was worried about them. So, shouldn’t Uncle Joe be getting the PDB back in DC ? Or was this a good excuse to give Miss SusieQ a free vacay?

          1. Obama doesn’t leave home without Pete Souza. The family album will be bulging with pics of Michelle LaVaughn and the kids swimming in the infinity pool; playing tennis with the Williams’ sisters (who knows, they could be her guests for the week); and Granny doing whatever Granny does.

            Hope Susie Q isn’t getting a free taxpayer-paid vacation. She and her husband could almost afford to buy the Island!

          2. Remember when he just thought reading the PDB was enough? Could be understandable on vacation then :) If she’s “working” she’s getting her expenses paid. I betcha’.

  2. Alrighty then, we can all relax knowing the BigO is on the job, lookin’ out for us, takin’ care of bidness, got his head in the game, knowin’ what’s growin’, and got the down low on the info.

    1. “A few embassies are still closed, I wonder why?” – DeniseVB

      We don’t need them during Barry Bueller’s Day Off. The only purpose the American embassies now serve is to provide a venue in which we can surrender some more to fanatics everywhere, and Obama’s saving THAT action up for when he’s tanned, rested, and ready. It’s tje only part of foreign policy he truly enjoys…

  3. Rice: “pretend you are interested in this paper.” BO: “it’s blank.” Rice: “I know we made it just like the briefings you are supposed to get at the White House.” BO: “are we done? I’m bored.” Rice: “yes Mr. President. I’m heading to the beach with my family. Thanks for arranging for the suites we are using with a view of the water.” BO: “no problem. Room, board, food, drinks…all on me!” Rice: “yeah you owe me for all the Benghazi crap.” BO: “there is lots more where that comes from. Turn your receipts into State.”

  4. It would be interesting to know which staff members are in MV on the taxpayers dime and if it is common practice for a President to vacation with a full complement of staff and advisors. This is particularly odd since the NSA could find everyone in a heartbeat. And if Bo warrants transport via Osprey I am pretty certain transport could be pretty ASAP for anyone to get there.

    1. Of course Grace, his personal staff, MO’s personal staff, Kidlets staff, FIDOTUS’s handler, greens keeper, caddie, bicycle roaper. Am sure it’s a contingent of at least 35 people.

      Other than probably 1 ready aircraft at MV for emergency evacuation besides the Coast Guard off shore units, there is alert aircraft staged over at CG Air Station Cape Cod that can be airborne and on scene within 15 min of take off.

      1. Besides extensive personal staff what about WH — like Rice, Carney etc. They seem to be on hand or at least vacationing with the President.

        I am curious — who went to San Clemente with Nixon or the ranch with GWB or Kennebunkport with HWB? The Clintons also grifters seemed to have been relatively homeless so who went with them ?

        Is there any staff contingent norm for vacationing Presidents? I know if there is a norm, the Obamas would be way outside of it, but ….

        1. There is always someone with State and National Security within reach, plus a Military Aide or 3 handling the “football” (Hmmm I wounder if we might change that to Basketball or Golfball). WH press aide, as well as photo guy. Then all the assorted personal assistants , Chef(s) and the official taster(s) crew. Add to it some WH Military Comms members. Am sure there is allot more due to the fact this is not an established home for them so they have to bring in more support.

    2. Do not know what staffers most presidents take with them. But when Sec. Rice was National Security Advisor she often went to Texas when Pres. Bush was on vacation.

  5. Think he can get in some skeet shooting later? I once heard he’s an avid skeet aficionado, and I’d LOVE another look at that fascinating side-venting shotgun of his…

    Maybe they can make a “golf” one with the recent “missed shot” picture as well. That one kind of says it all that he’s not even good at what he WILLINGLY does all the time, even WITH Tiger Wood’s teachings…

  6. “OK, Mr. President, Susan. No smiles; look earnest and serious on 3. One…two…good job”.

    The lead story on Brian Williams tonight.

    Even on vacation, our president is working hard for all Americans.

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