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Video || Obama Golfs or “The Gang that Couldn’t Putt Straight”

Some video taken today at theĀ Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard, where President Obama is on his first day of vacation.

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  1. Keith:

    Can you clear up a rumor. I’ve heard it said that Bo never travels by air with the Obamas (some claim a Muslim rule). The UK Telegraph is reporting that Bo flew to MV on Marine 2, while a local TV station seemed to say that Bo flew in on Air Force 1.

    Does Bo fly separately, or with the Obamas?

    Thanks for addressing this lofty and moving issue.

  2. Ok, here is some costs for the V-22 used for Prez Support:

    A standard MV-22B cost per hour is $13,034 per hour.

    Now we need to look at the $$ added to the MV-22B to make it a special Marine One (or Two.. Three) Prez Support Helo –

    If you look at the cost of a VH-60N tricked out helo for BO’s ride, it cost an addition 10K per hour to support it. Sooooo.. $13,034 per hour for a regular aircraft just jumped to $23,024.00

    Nice ride for BO and his handlers. Note they didn’t have much luggage to fill the aircraft. I guess they have to assign a SS detail to guard the official Basketballs. How many for the golf balls??

    • Wonder how the SS feels about serving as skycaps for Preezy Revenge’s play toys? Also read this is the first time the Osprey’s have been used for shuttling politicians to their vacation destination. Nothing but the best for the first grifters.