As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, August 12, 2013

Vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. No public schedule.

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  1. So the dog travelled separately after all. Nile Gardiner has an article on that in the Daily Telegraph, including photo evidence. Is there any sane reason for that at all ? The “family dog” travels alone ? Well, it´s obvious that these people don´t relate to that poor thing at all. He is just a photo prop. Hopefully there is a kind cook or cleaning lady or security man somewhere in the White House who is the real caretaker and , later on, owner. Everything is pretense and appearance with this “First Family”.

    • I wondered how hot it was on the tarmac…Bo is obviously panting. In addition, although dogs paws are well padded, I believe they can sustain burn injuries from hot surfaces.

    • From other sources I have seen, BO (FIDOTUS) did fly in on AF1, but was bumped to 1 of the 2 support V-22 Ospreys because you can only pack so much stuff into Marine One (BO, MO, the first Kidlets, Mom, ValJar, SS, golf caddie, etc.) So FIDOTUS was deemed additional support cargo and flew on Marine TWO along with the First Basketballs and the First Golf Balls. I think he got the best ride!

      • Bo’s probably crated with the luggage on AF1 since he has “accident” issues, I don’t think he’s allowed to run free on the plane. He seems to be a high strung dog, so is probably sedated too for travel anxiety ?