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White House Dossier Readers Stand Up

Without any doubt in my mind, the suggestions you had for questions to Obama outclassed those asked by the “professionals” at the White House press conference Thursday. Your questions represented what’s on the minds of average people and sought to hold the president to account, two things sorely lacking in the questions that were actually asked.

Here’s a few of the best. I’ve edited a couple of them down a bit.



Why does my health care premium now cost me more than my mortgage, when you said it would go down by $2500? No, the rebate doesn’t come close to covering the price increase.


Mr. President,

Given the state of affairs in the Middle East, with the closure of US embassies within that region, do you still support the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has had direct ties to terrorist organizations?

As a follow up, how do you think it possible that a two-state solution of the manufactured concept of a Palestinian people can work, given the extremist attitudes by a majority of the Palestinian leaders?

Keith Lehman: 

When is Eric Holder going to be held accountable for the ‘Fast-N-Furious’ gun-running program, and why is he still the US Attorney General?

Since you believe in ‘distribution of wealth’ and ‘distribution of income’ – when I am going to get my share in order to secure a mortgage for the home I am presently renting?


Why do you feel it necessary to lock down any access to your records? What are you afraid of ?


Q: How many millions of dollars have you and your family spent of the ‘struggling’ under/unemployed tax-payers’ on vacations since you took office?

Q: Do you think you and future presidents should pay for their own vacations, along with limiting the number golf outings per month, especially during a national and inter-national crisis?

Q: If you had to pay for your own vacations, would you limit the expenses to a mere $2 million, or less?


Why is it that Congress can pass and force the implementation of laws for the citizens of this country but find it acceptable to exclude themselves from these laws, especially as it relates to the subsidies granted to Congressional members and their staffs.


What considerations were made, as far as having the necessary amount of medical practioners, before you added 35 million more people to your bill? Also, at this late date, I still do not know, if undocumented aliens will be added to this plan.


What were your exact movements and briefings on the day and night of Sep 11, 2012?


As CIC did you give the Benghazi stand down order? If so, why? If not, who did? Did you authorize that power to issue a stand down order be given to that person?

Again, on the Middle East. You advocate the removal of Assad from power in Syria. Will you support the Syrian rebels? If so, which faction of the Syrian rebels do you support? Are you aware that AQ is infiltrating the Syrian rebels and are a faction thereof? Are you aware that by supporting the removal of Assad and supporting the Syrian rebels there is great potential for your position to be one of supporting AQ who is our sworn enemy?

And finally . . . 


Since you are an avid viewer of Fox News, do you know how Megyn Kelly received Hannity’s time slot?


Thank you all for your excellent and sometimes also entertaining ideas.

30 Responses to White House Dossier Readers Stand Up

    • Sorry, Scottso – Keith won’t be called on any time soon. He’s not on the list of pre-approved “askers” who (as Susan suggested a few days ago) are probably given pre-approved questions. BTW, did everyone notice which finger Obozo used to scratch his cheek when Chuck Todd asked a question? Hint: same one he used on Hills during the debates.

      • Isn’t he just so cute?
        After he gave Hillary the finger on live TV (in 2008, while the speakers were blaring whatshisface blat about so many problems and a bitch ain’t one), I gave up on him. Never looked back.
        The LIVs deserve the LI POTUS, our sleazy preezy. Alas, these days, Hillary deserves the finger, but the o is never bright enough to have know that.
        He and MOOch deserve each other.

  1. The constant theme seems to be that we want answers, we want the truth about events, and want to know who’s responsible.
    Most of us have given up hope that elected Repubs can find the answers or even want to ask the questions.

    • Or worse yet, act. Obamacare and Immigration in the House, shaky at best.

      We lose liberty and freedoms daily and the Administration rules outside the law and with intimidation and threats. I am not necessarily advocating a government shut down, but I am thinking if we are too cowed at even the thought of this then we really do not have any leadership truly willing to act.

  2. Keith, quick question…
    Do the ‘professionals’ in the “WH press corps” know we (lowly, non-DC insiders) readers of your website came up with 60+ better questions than them?

  3. Keith, two follow up questions -LOL;

    1. Who comes up with the list of ‘journalists’ that Dear Leader will “answer”? Are their questions pre-approved by the regime?

    2. Why does Dear Leader Obama hold these so-called “press conferences” at 3pm on a Friday? (I remember growing up, real “Presidential press conferences” were held during primetime) Seems like the Obama regime wants to hide these sycophant events.

    • Whaddaya, do we have to wait for the “tell-all” books?
      By that time, all the “journalists” (journOlists) will have signed Benghazi-survivor-type agreements, aka Don’t ask, Don’t tell.

  4. Thanks Keith.
    We are so frustrated with the present situation in WDC.
    Thanks for giving US a good place to vent among like minded individuals.
    It is a salve for the soul indeed.

  5. Fantastic questions — all of which I have wanted to know about too! I just don’t understand how this Obama can get away with being so ignorant — any of us would be a more informed President??? The questions above are so true, so accurate, so smart, so everything! Dear God where are you in our country’s time of need and despair. How is it that a man who says he is President of the U.S. can be such a greedy, uninformed person who has absolutely no character, no compassion, no intelligence, nothing, and most of all, no common sense. He just doesn’t care about the American people, he only cares about golf, vacations, bad-mouthing the Republicans day and night and every day, and seems not to do any work, just a figurehead and a mouthpiece to hurt the Republican party just for the sake of control and not for the good of the country. A very big example is the new health care law, did the President ever consider or care about if we have enough doctors for 30 million more people??? Obama is completely disconnected with reality. He just feels that he accomplished health care but he doesn’t care about who gets hurt?? And as I have said before, I blame the Republicans and Congress for allowing this dangerous man to continue to steal money and all personal information from the American people. So, thats how it will be unless Obama is impeached and/or stopped from his lies and deceipt and robbing us blind of our money to invest in stupid schemes. And don’t forget the death panels, Obama administration will decide who will live and who will die by withholding funds for people who will need treatment to stay alive. It is as simple as that, he will control who lives and who dies, either him or that Miss Piggy Hillary Clinton, if she wins and I feel the next election will be rigged for her just as Obama’s two elections were. So American people, where is the true leaders of our country who will save us? We have none now.

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  7. Keith ! You need to turn these questions into another Politico piece, they’re an excellent example of what the We the People are asking everyday. I’d also like to see how the Obama supporters over there would respond :D

  8. Imagine the reaction if all of the “preselected” reporters didn’t ask their “preapproved” questions, but their own real questions. It gives me goosebumps thinking about how mad Obama would be, but what’s he going to do if every one he calls on doesn’t ask the “correct” question? Keith, how much do you think it would cost us to get the reporters to agree to that? I’m not above bribery.