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Obama Arrives on Martha’s Vineyard

Following a trip to speak this morning to speak at the Disabled American Veterans Convention in Orlando, Florida, President Obama and Mrs. Obama made their way via Air Force One to Cape Cod and then on to their vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard.

From the pool report:

The helos were down on the island at 3:52 and the motorcade is now making its way down the Edgartown-West Tisbury Road surrounded by the verdant woods of Martha’s Vineyard, passing the occasional pond and the roadside stone walls, toward the Obamas’ destination — Chilmark, for those who know the island. Small groups of locals have gathered to wave in welcome, some setting up roadside encampments to await the fleeting view of the First Vacationers, or at least their vehicle(s).

Just passed a big group at the small town center of West Tisbury that had gathered.

FWIW, the Obama daughters are not yet with their parents, and this pooler is told they are not here yet. But we have no further information.

At 4:13 we are holding in a field-turned-parking lot near the road, two gray-shingled residences nearby. POTUS went on up a road, which is closed to your pool and everyone else.

They’ll be there until August 18.

84 thoughts on “Obama Arrives on Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Residents, for the most part, welcome this as they did their visitors in “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!”

      1. That’s a funny remark picture WWE smack down Obama vs Putin.
        He’d run screaming like a big girls blouse unless they sent Michelle and her toned arms:-)

  2. “With all those extra people showing up on Martha’s Vineyard, I hope the island doesn’t tip over into the Atlantic.” Rep. Hank Johnson (dim. – GA)
    (note from our attorneys….this is not a real quote, but it could be!)

  3. It figures… We have to pay for more than one airplane to shuttle the royal family around on their pleasure trips. Guess the girls are away at camp, or maybe they just didn’t want to make the Florida leg of the trip?

      1. ” WAVE IN WELCOME ” as their $$$$ leaves their wallets LOL

        Perhaps when OBOZO leaves they will give him a 1 finger SALUTE

          1. ValJar owns a home in the Oaks Bluffs area of Martha’s Vineyard, so no doubt she’s vacationing with the grifters. Skip Gates of “the police acted stupidly” fame also owns a home in the area that is frequented by the black elite.

            Great idea to restart WH tours while they’re out of town. There is no need for the SS to monitor the self-guided tours when the family is vacationing away from the peoples house.

          2. A better idea yet would be to lock and bar the doors when they get back and tell them Motel 6 is now their new Tear Down America HQ.

          1. Speaking of which, we got our first mailed, on-paper warning about a sex offender one block from here. He did 12 yrs—not a pedo–adult woman stranger was his victim. Sort of creeps me out. I guess this is a service, and I know you can go online and see where these people are, but I prefer not to freak. I have mixed feelings. Has anyone else gotten one?

          2. Yes. It’s part of the “Megan’s Law” that was adopted by many states after the tragic death of the young girl by a known sex offender.

            I don’t mind so much, but it does make the offender’s return to society that much harder. I’d like to think that at least some of them have turned a leaf on their behaviour.
            I think I’d like to know if a convicted burglar, murderer, or drug pusher moved into my neighborhood, too.

          3. I guess as a rape survivor I am not into the repaid his debt to society deal on these people. Yes, some are tagged with it but for lesser offenses–it said on the paper, they don’t get a mailing. The stats show this behavior does not often get rehabbed away. It put it in a sep category.

          4. I, too, don’t think sexual offenders of any stripe are amenable to rehabilitation. I don’t know what to do with them after they get out of prison, but if one comes my way again, hell be a ventilated sack of meat.

          5. Get a Rottweiler, Star! My daughter has two of them – a rapist would never escape intact if he broke into her house.
            If you don’t already have one, a neighborhood watch is the next best thing. You all could make life so miserable for this guy – he would request a change of venue.
            The letter is a good thing – at least you can take steps to protect yourself.
            ***Obama is so gung-ho on rehabbing Detroit, why not turn it into a permanent rehab center for violent criminals.

          6. I don’t want him to know anything about me or my daughter. I have a dog–but I am afraid if someone broke in, he would make them a sandwich–“Would you like cheese on that?” I don’t think this guy will break in, but now I have visions of him coming through the back gate…I am trying to throw them off. We will be OK. I kept a friend’s Rottie once–her name was Precious. I can still remember her glaring thru the glass doors with red eyes…I don’t think so.

  4. And of course the 2 spoiled little omombo girls will fly down on a taxpayer paid G-5 and Beau the omongo’s third child will fly in amn Air Force C-5A. Bastards, better start packin for kenya cause that’s gonna be their new home after he gets out of prison.

    1. How about just driving the girls up to the Vineyard in an SUV that takes regular gas?

      If they leave now, they can be there in the morning.

  5. American taxpayers will not have the added expense of transporting daughters when HRC is president. She will be elected, too. America is a democracy; more non-productive takers voted than taxpayers, as the last election proved. The electorate has no comprehension of what a representative republic is. The late, great America has become a democracy. It borders on a cacocracy. The Washington elite, including feckless republicans, will protect itself. It better build an impregnable moat around the “shining city on the hill;” that shine is the accumulating feces on which American government is built.,

    1. “American taxpayers will not have the added expense of transporting daughters when HRC is president. She will be elected, too.”

      Are you claiming that Chelsea Clinton somehow will be elected if her mother is elected?

      I don’t get it.

      Chelsea is a settled, married woman. Her, and her husband’s net worth likely is more than the Obamas can attain at this time.

      1. Chelsea has already been anointed as an heir apparent. The Cumalot gang from Arkansas want nothing more than to be seen as Kennedyesque.

        Chelsea will be thrust upon the nation in the same manner as Caroline.

        Honk if you love cankles!

  6. I’m all for criticizing the vacations the parents of Malia and Natasha have arranged, and for which we’ve paid. I’ve criticized these situations repeatedly. And, I’m pissed off that they were not on the plane with their parents today.

    However, from making a joke about their being sexually assaulted to mocking their names…the level of vitriol directed against these two girls is beneath contempt.

    Shame on those who stooped so low that you have to reach up to touch the gutter. Shame on you.

    And, how dare you?

          1. I remember reading about her name during the first election. I don’t know why it stuck with me. Well, one thing is the association with Natasha and Boris, Commies.

    1. Mandy I agree some comments are off color and inappropriate for this blog and children should be off limits. That said, let’s revisit the treatment of the Palin children.

      As for the comment regarding the Clintons I read
      She will be elected, too.” as an affirmation that Hillary Clinton would be elected.

      1. Right on Mandy.
        Hopefully these 2 first daughters are having fun somewhere else.
        Can’t blame them if they ran away from this White House.

      2. The Palin kids were put in reality shows, etc–and even aside from that were treated in a gross, ugly way that does not fit what most Americans want for children. That does not make this right, tho!

      3. I hope she wont be elected because she’s a ruthless person. Anyone who’d put up with the bullshit Bill dished out to her in order to climb up the ladder of success is too hungry for power for my taste.

  7. Our condolences to the pool reporters who will spend the next seven days lurking in parking lots, trying to peer into passing security vehicles for familiar faces, or spending hours of intense boredom waiting while the O’s publically enjoy a snow cone or dash into an upscale restaurant.

    MrO’s job approval has sunk to 41% according to Gallup. That he even has that high of an approval rating is amazing considering that he insists that he’s not responsible for anything going on in DC, nor is he admitting that he actually has a “job” that requires him to do something.

  8. It’s not enough that the taxpayers are paying for a big chunk of their multi-million $$$ vacay, they had to make a pit stop in Orlando to use the disabled vets to cover the rest of their expenses via their personal slush fund, OFA. Shameless!

    On the bright side: Obama’s latest approval numbers are down to a low of 41%; and the local ice cream parlor on the Vineyard is featuring a new flavor – Impeach Mint.

    1. On the bright side: Obama’s latest approval numbers are down to a low of 41%; and the local ice cream parlor on the Vineyard is featuring a new flavor – Impeach Mint.

      (Emphasis mine.)

      LOL! Is that ice cream line a fact, or are you just being silly? Either way, you just totally made my Sundae.

      Oops. Now you’ve got ME doing it.

      1. Good one, Darkangel…and, yes, it’s just ‘Sundae’ silliness. But who knows – maybe the local tavern proprietor will come up with an Impeach Mint Julep!

        1. I would guess, a priori, that somewhere in the South, some barkeep somewhere already has.

          As for Impeach Mint ice cream…I’m seeing chatter from 2013 that Ben & Jerry’s is already on it. Who’da thunk it?

          1. One more: Ben & Jerry’s renamed their Butter Pecan ice cream to “YES PECAN! ” after the ’08 election to honor Obama/Biden and their slogan “YES WE CAN! ” The profits were donated to charity.

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  10. Of what useful purpose is having reporters on scene in Martha’s Vineyard? They won’t ask any meaningful questions and will just report on all the fun activities that the first grifters are having at taxpayers’ expense.

    “Pool Report” I’ll bet it is literally being reported from the poolside at some hotel where all of the “reporters” are wining and dining and charging it off to their expense accounts. What a sham.

    1. What useful purpose, ask you?

      I will tell you what useful purpose it serves. It will serve as a reminder to the citizenry how King ObeyMe is lording it up, while real unemployment is at 14% and record numbers of Americans are falling further and further behind.

      This purported man of the people is a man of only one person: himself. And the more the People see this, the more likely they will be to demand his removal from power.

      1. “A man of only one person: himself.” Truer words were never spoken.

        Obama enjoys watching us watch him. His narcissism knows no bounds and was never more pronounced than the night of his victory speech in Grant Park – 2008. The stagecraft was manipulated by the master himself. He walked out onto the stage with his wife and daughters – they leave, he stays; the Bidens walk out…and leave. Obama the Singular remains on the stage- alone with himself as he delivers his victory
        speech – savoring this moment in history only with himself. Listening to the thundering applause in a trance-like state, he floats back down to earth after a few minutes when his wife and kids suddenly re-appear from the wings, along with a few chosen ones.

        Has there ever been another President-elect in history who has ever pulled a stunt like this before? Too selfish to share the moment even with his family! It’s all about HIM!

  11. I’m surprised that Her Worship traveled on the same airplane as The One. But it seems the Princesses Obama are flying on their own airplane, so the girls are learning the ropes for their future as American royalty.

  12. I am sure that Keith will take your advice and just go away.
    After all, we all hang on your every word.
    We can’t wait for your next entry.

  13. Just saw a picture of the dog being flown in on a helicopter. USA Today or one of those rags. Those lowlifes don’t give a damn about that dog. That’s a photo op. AF1was too full of hangers on. God, I detest those scumbags. They don’t own a home, but they vacay in luxury. While 0 plays samari golf, eats ice cream and blocks traffic. Meanwhile Valjar is lurking in the background, following 0 to the toilet, handing him toilet paper. Aaah….the good life for the Royals. May they rot.

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