As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Do You Have a Question for Obama?

What would you ask? Let’s hear what you want to know from President Obama.

Maybe some reporter who will get called on will read this and ask it. I mean, okay, I doubt it, but who knows?

So ask!

93 Responses to Do You Have a Question for Obama?

  1. “The Secret Service keeps incredibly detailed logs of your whereabouts which include the time you enter and exit rooms here in the White House. Do you have any objection to them releasing those records from 7pm September 11, 2012 through 7am September 12, 2012 and if so, why?”

  2. Since you are in favor of distribution of wealth, that the “have” should give to the “have nots,” why don’t you give all of your salary, offshore account holdings, and your millions to these “have not” people?

  3. Why did you cancel the mtg with Putin the day after you told Jay Leno that you were ‘frustrated by Russia’s decision to grant Edward Snowden asylum but the two countries must work together”.
    You also referred to the fact that Russia was helpful in the Boston Marathon attack, along with the missile defense treaty.
    Is it because of Russia’s persecution of Gays?
    Inquiring minds would like to know, Mr. President.

  4. Mr. President, is your refusal to admit Obamacare is a disaster due to the fact that you don’t want to embarrass yourself, or is it just your inpenetrable arrogance?

  5. “Mr President … can you tell us what you will be doing on the night of September 11th next month? If you tell us now, you won’t have to dodge the question for the next year.”

    • Very good question which is likely to be asked by a brave reporter who ‘accidently’ get called upon. Be prepared for a ‘new take’ on bho’s whereabouts on Sept. 11th.

      Q: (Will never be asked…) Since you have little appreciation for America’s Judeo-Christian foundational principles and values and laws as delineated (Congress/Judicial/Executive) in the Constitution, do you believe that your Prez Edits, daily mis-leading and mis-information utterances, and outright power-grabs from the citizens’ elected officials are ‘possibly’ WHY your approval numbers are on a downward spiral?
      Hummmmm? jb

  6. What do you do for ALL those HOURS you fly around the country and/or world on Air Force One? When does the plane ever go in for maintenance?

  7. Mr. President, Have you read the comments by locals in the two Martha’s Vineyard newspapers suggesting you try Nantucket next time!

  8. Why does my health care premium now cost me more than my mortgage, when you said it would go down by $2500?
    No, the rebate doesn’t come close to covering the price increase.

  9. Mr. President,

    Given the state of affairs in the Middle East, with the closure of US embassies within that region, do you still support the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has had direct ties to terrorist organizations?

    As a follow up, how do you think it possible that a two-state solution of the manufactured concept of a Palestinian people can work, given the extremist attitudes by a majority of the Palestinian leaders?

    Mr. President,

    Since you have insisted that the NSA’s metadata mining operation is not a domestic spying program, would you be willing to release the phone, email, and other information gathered by the NSA to the respective owners of said phone numbers, emails, etc.?

  10. Question 1: When are the people responsible for the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and company going to be put on trial, beginning with Hillary Rodham Clinton?
    Question 2: When is Eric Holder going to be held accountable for ‘Fast-N-Furious’ gun-running program, and why is he still the US Attorney General?
    Question 3: Since you believe in ‘distribution of wealth’ and ‘distribution of income’ – when I am going to get my share in order to secure a mortgage for the home I am presently renting?

  11. Are you capable of taking responsibility for anything as President? How
    can you look the relatives of those 4 dead souls from Benghazi and lie?
    How surprised were you to hear Putin sent best wishes to George W Bush after his heart surgery when he won’t speak to you? Did you wish
    him well?

  12. As CIC did you give the Benghazi stand down order? If so, why? If not, who did? Did you authorize that power to issue a stand down order be given to that person?

    Again, on the Middle East. You advocate the removal of Assad from power in Syria. Will you support the Syrian rebels? If so, which faction of the Syrian rebels do you support? Are you aware that AQ is infiltrating the Syrian rebels and are a faction thereof? Are you aware that by supporting the removal of Assad and supporting the Syrian rebels there is great potential for your position to be one of supporting AQ who is our sworn enemy?

    And finally, are you aware that John McCain is a jackass aka donkey?

    On the lighter side,but no less important to the nation, what does Mooch think of Beyonce’s new short hair cut? Will she do the same now that she has tired of the bangs?

  13. Kim Strassel’s piece in the WSJ today talks about one out of 143 refineries that was exempted from the Ethanol mandate. It’s a huge financial windfall to that refinery and the EPA won’t say which one got the exemption or why. Perhaps Obama could clear up the mystery for us.

  14. There have been more 21,000 Islamic terror attacks worldwide since 9/11, when will the Tea Party and veterans be delisted as terrorist threats and ISLAM designated THE global terror threat?

    • I do watch Fox. Watched MSNBC until the nite Olbermann berated Hillary. Now I dislike her, too, for going to the admin. Never liked CNN. What is left? I am not thrilled with Megyn going to Hannity’s slot–Hannity was Johnny one-note, but he was an OK backup channel during commercials on the evening entertainment shows. I like Megyn, but her noon show had way too many commercials–it they do that, how can I use her as a backup channel.

    • 1) Do you still condemn the comment of Rep. Joe WIlson, now that you have proven it to be true?

      2) (Of course) Why can’t you manage to get to your own scheduled speeches on time? What do you do during the time you are supposed to be on stage, and why do you have such little respect for the time of others?

  15. Why is it that Congress can enact laws for the citizens of this country but find it acceptable to exclude themselves from these laws?

  16. Q: How many millions of dollars have you and your family spent of the ‘struggling’ under/unemployed tax-payers’ on vacations since you took office?

    Q: Do you think you and future presidents should pay for their own vacations, along with limiting the number golf outings per month, especially during a national and inter-national crisis?

    Q: If you had to pay for your own vacations, would you limit the expenses to a mere $2 million, or less?

  17. Why is it that Congress can pass and force the implementation of laws for the citizens of this country but find it acceptable to exclude themselves from these laws, especially as it relates to the subsidies granted to Congressional members and their staffs.

  18. CBader

    What considerations were made,as far as having the necessary amount of medical practioners, before you added 35 million more people to your bill? Also, at this late date, I still do not know, if undocumented alliens will be added to this plan.

  19. Can’t link Twitchy, but you have a moment go over and read some of the questions. Laff riot!

    Don’t despair, WH reporters: Tweeters think up more questions for Obama presser

  20. Barry. Since you don’t know anything unless you read it in the papers, here’s something you might have missed in today’s Chicago Tribune. ” Whitaker… released a statement following the indictment of Quinshaunta R. Golden who was his C. of Staff at the IL. Department of Health.
    Golden is accused of conspiring with state grant recipients to divert federal money into their own pockets, then trying to cover it up.
    You remember Whitaker don’t you? You golfed with him last weekend on your birthday. He also worked with Michelle the University of Chicago in 2007.
    Certainly you must know Golden, she’s the niece of U.S. Representative Danny ” Hoodie ” Davis, and is the 13th person to be charged.

  21. Well, too late. I found something better to do than listen to Obama today. I watched the PGA. But if I could have asked a question, it would have been “Who made the decision not to relieve Ambassador Stevens and the others who were murdered in Benghazi?”

  22. glad to see that “Where were you on the nite of September 11, 2012, while our consulate in Benghazi was under siege?” is getting a lot of votes here.

    too bad none of the reporters had the chutzpah to ask it today.

    cheer up tho folks, we’ll have plenty of time to ask Hillary about that and more during the 2016 campaign, starting any day now!

  23. Why after your golf instruction with Tiger Woods in Florida ,teaching him how to play the game is Tiger 10 shots behind at this year’s PGA Championship.?

    • Unscrambling Obama’s questionable background is a herculean feat, Beckwith. The Obama File is a treasure trove of information.
      It’s water under the bridge now…but doesn’t the Constitution clearly state that a President must be a ‘natural-born citizen’ -not native-born? Any way you slice it, neither BHO, Sr or Lolo Soetoro were U.S. citizens.
      If one of Bin Laden’s many ex-wives happened to be a U.S. citizen and she gave birth to a son on American soil, would that child ever be eligible to run for President? Just sayin’…..