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What? Republicans on Offense?

Could it be that Republicans aren’t just sitting around waiting for someone to hit them?

The call by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus for NBC and CNN to cancel planned Hillary Clinton hagiographies if they want to host Republican debates is more than a principled stand. It’s a signal that maybe this election cycle, Republicans are going to look to shake things up and not just get their behinds handed to them by President Obama or the upcoming Clinton Machine.

Here’s some video from the RNC:

On MSNBC this morning, Chuck Todd exclaimed that the documentary was a “total nightmare” for the NBC news division.

Sorry, but I don’t get how such a documentary could be a big problem for a news outfit that makes absolutely no secret of its liberal bias. And while Chuck is probably technically correct that there is a “firewall” between the network and the news division, I’d be surprised if some reporters aren’t at least subtly influenced by the people who wire money into their checking accounts every two weeks.

Whatever the merits of Priebus’s argument, he’s letting the Democrats know the GOP’s defenseless deep sleep is coming to an end. Having revived the RNC from the near-death experience of Michael Steele, Priebus may be planning to take it places.

13 Responses to What? Republicans on Offense?

  1. next step: insisting that Bret Baier (or other Fox anchor–maybe Million-Dollar Megyn!) be one of the moderators for the 2016 pres/VP debates. nobody should EVER again get the kind of favoritism that we saw with Candy Crowley and the rest of that sorry crew in 2012.

  2. Priebus needs to play their game. The Hillary documentary begins with Monica-Gate. Why doesn’t the RNC get together with some Hollywood types, i.e. Clint Eastwood, and do a documentary on Hillary’s life beginning in the Arkansas Governor’s mansion and ending with the her departure from the WH. I don’t believe the DNC will feature anything about Hillary’s last days as FLOTUS when she stole everything that wasn’t nailed down and had the stuff shipped to Chappequa. There is enough baggage on Hillary for a mini-series. Hillary-Care comes to mind immediately..

  3. If CNN and NBC have some kind of bet to see who could produce a “special” with the lowest ratings, then making MrsClinton the feature would guarantee that both networks will meet in the abyss without a clear winner.
    It would be hard to imagine a less interesting story than that of MrsClinton’s less than spectacular reign as FLOTUS, her brief stint as a USSenator, and of course, her complete failure as Sec of State to accomplish anything of note or importance. The networks are certainly not going to showcase the ill-fated “reset button” with our Russian friends, nor are they going to even mention the disaster at Benghazi or it’s continuing fallout.

    Good for MrGOP, make some noise and issue some threats, but he doesn’t have to worry about some poofy fluff programming that makes MrsClinton look like more than she is, because no one will be watching it.
    As for the liberal moderators that have been less than impartial at the debates, it’s time to go a different way and have impartial moderators from other venues other than the MSM.

  4. I agree with Reince Priebus: it is a good start. The Democrats and the liberals have been sabotaging the Republican primaries. But I would go one further with Rush Limbaugh and advocate the Republicans pulling out of the presidential debates as well. No more Candy Crowley episodes! The presidential debates should go back to being moderated by the League of Women Voters. Get the MSM out of it.

  5. Good for you Reince. You’ve got a spine of steel when it comes to party politics. Too bad you don’t show the same courage and determination when it comes to promoting conservative values and principles. No matter how much smoke you blow, the GOP isn’t getting ONE RED CENT from me.

  6. An apathetic America has allowed all of this to transpire. It is disingenuous to behave as if it is news. The time for removing all these anti-American politicians from office has been overdue for decades, not just the past four and a half years. The only difference with this administration is that Obama simply doesn’t care what ANY American thinks. He is a dictator and people are afraid to say it. He has been allowed to do whatever he has wanted and to hades with everyone who does not fall in line. Before his first election he stated quite clearly what he was going to do. It was spelled out In a weekly magazine for the world to see.
    Speak the truth and stop pretending all of this is new. Stand up and be counted. Remove anyone who has anything to do with the Immigration bill or Obamacare except to remove them. Remove anyone who will not follow our Constitution. Stand up or sit down and take it.

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