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Obama Gives Press Corps the Finger. Will it End Friday?

UPDATE: Obama will in fact have a press conference Friday. Below is the article as it originally appeared, before Obama let the cat out of the bag.


Speculation is growing that President Obama will hold a press conference Friday, the day before he leaves for Martha’s Vineyard, and give the press some reassurance that, gosh, he still cares.

Obama rarely takes questions from White House reporters anymore, in any venue. The last press conference he held was more than three months ago, on April 30.

Obama briefing room
Awww, isn’t that too bad.

His last three Q&A sessions seem almost designed to ridicule and diminish the White House press corps. After appearing for a substantive interview Wednesday evening with veteran jokester Jay Leno, Obama sat down the next day with Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff to field questions from homeowners.

Just days before, he granted an “interview” to some guy from Amazon Kindle.

It’s fair to say that if George W. Bush stiffed the press in this manner, there would be deep discussions throughout the media about a crisis of presidential opaqueness and the demise of the public’s right to know.

Meanwhile, reporters on a daily basis generally fail to dislodge much information from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney during the briefings.

But Obama may counter some of this narrative with an appearance Friday.

As The Hill noted this afternoon, Obama indicated during his George Zimmerman verdict appearance July 19 that he would “try to arrange a fuller press conference” in “the next couple of weeks.”

Time’s already up.

24 Responses to Obama Gives Press Corps the Finger. Will it End Friday?

  1. After watching the media cover up all the gaffes in his Tuesday night appearance and their short memory over the DOJ press snooping I just don’t see any press conference making any difference anymore.
    Until the White House press corps grows a pair and starts doing its duty whether Obama lets them play softball catch with him for an hour or so isn’t going to change the most disgraceful time for the American press in its entire history.

  2. Man’s about as transparent as all of the oil he’s blocking by refusing to approve Keystone XL…but that’s another thread.

  3. How about this; you and other co-conspirators pass your credentials to a group of your readers for this presser. We’ll show up with pads/pencils, dressed in suits and ties, coifed and powdered, and look just like the other chair-sitters.
    We’ll ask the questions*, and the follow-ups, and more follow-ups until we get an answer.
    By the time the presser is over, MrO will be crying like a little girl as he limps out of the room, but we’ll have anwers..

    *Where were you the night of the Benghazi attacks?
    *Who gave the “stand down” order that left Americans adrift and alone?
    *If scientists claim there is no “global warming”, why are you insisting it exists?
    *Americans don’t want Obamacare, why keep pushing it forward?
    *Explain the closure of embassies, and why you believe they can safely reopen at a later date.
    *Who in the WhiteHouse is responsible for the IRS targeting of conservative groups scandal?
    *Why did the head of the IRS division responsible for this scandal claim her 5th amendment rights? What crimes is she hiding? Who is she protecting?

  4. Too bad the pool wouldn’t just take the day off. Leave signs on their seats with their names and in big words “PRESENT”

    Of course we all know the Lecturer in Chief will drone on about something, who knows, maybe announce another couple of executive orders, take the pre-setup softballs, declare the country is on the run and see ya – wouldn;t want to be ya, I’m off on vaaaacation.

  5. Dear Leader Obama is allowed to say/do anything he wants re: “media/”WH press corps” does NOTHING… Etc, Etc.

    At this point the “US Govt.” does not care what I have to say.

    The only reason I check WhiteHouseDossier nowadays is just to post some ‘who-f#ck-cares-anti-Obama coments’, and to see those ads from “bad idea t-shirt” with that well-endowed girl ;-)

  6. I wish the Press Corp could give BO a real challenge and tell him he must keep his answers to 2 minutes only. He talks long and says nothing.

  7. Obviously, this press is drastically afraid of “king” Obama and maybe they should be.

    Then again, they signed up to be journalists and if they can’t handle the heat, they should find a new job.

  8. Ask Obama where he was 9/11/2012, why he lied to families telling them it was a video, he said obamacare would not be a mandate and we can keep our dr and we known that is not true and last why does he keep our white house closed to us when he spends millions of our tax dollars of vacations for himself. Ask hard questions!!!!!!!!!!!