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Obama to Hold Press Conference Friday

Well, earlier this afternoon I noted there was speculation President Obama would hold a press conference tomorrow.

This just in, from the pool report on Obama’s meeting with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaris:

At the end, Obama waved off several questions from the pool about skipping the Moscow summit with Putin, and one question about awarding a medal to Oprah Winfrey.

POTUS responded: “Guys, I’m going to be having a press conference tomorrow, so why don’t you ask that question tomorrow.”

No time set yet. I will live stream it for you whenever it occurs.

26 Responses to Obama to Hold Press Conference Friday

  1. ok, so could one of you reporters PLEASE ask:

    “Where were you the nite of September 11, 2012, when our embassy was under siege in Benghazi, and what were you doing?”

    • Krauthammer says that is the most important question of all on Benghazi, and on, the site of Investors’ Business Daily, the headline reads Valerie Jarrett Gave Benghazi Stand-Down Order. I think Obama should respond to that.

  2. Post Ramadan press conference – how thoughtful. Wouldn’t want to upset jihadists while they’re fasting, they may get bent out of shape and start breaking into prisons or something.
    He’ll defer answers with a ‘Carney’ – I’ll have to refer you to [fill in the department here] or from today’s send me money email:

    “I’ve always said that no party has a monopoly on wisdom, and I still believe that. But the policies Republicans are proposing right now aren’t going to help grow our country from the middle out — they’re only going to put the progress we’ve made at risk.”

  3. What, the David Letterman Show was unavailable?

    I will not watch his charade “press conference” under any circumstance. Mark my words, it will be:
    1. Republicans are bad
    2. ObamaCare is good
    3. I am for the Middle Class, but excuse me, I’m late for my 1% vacation.

    There, I’ve saved you from watching too!

  4. And by the way, I am furious, teeth-gritting furious, that Obama is giving the Medal of Freedom to race baiting Oprah. The Medal of Freedom has lost its cache and is no more than My Best Friends list. Ugh.

    • Also good one, 65. The Medal of Freedom should be given
      to someone deserving the medal.l Certainly not Oprah. She
      has done nothing to preserve freedom that I am aware of.

      • No joke. So doing a highly-rated TV show is worth the highest civilian honor in the land? Whoever next, Pat Sajak?

        (No disrespect intended to Mr. Sajak, by the way: if Oprah is the bar, Sajak clears it easily. He’s a dedicated conservative, well-versed on current events, and–bonus–a die-hard hockey fan. He also emcees arguably the most successful show in the history of syndicated television, which also happens to be one of the last family-friendly shows on the air.)

    • He must have a guilty conscience about throwing her under the bus after he won the first election. Her giddiness and adulation over the first black Preezy cost her half of her viewers and eventually her entire show. What was it she said? “Michelle Obama doesn’t like fat people waddling around the WH”? Well, as it turns out….Michelle Obama doesn’t want ANYONE waddling around her house!

  5. Let’s make this interesting:

    Guess the following:
    The number of time he utters ‘uh’ or ‘um’ as he answers questions:

    How many times he explains away a problem by blaming it on:
    Tea Party:
    His administration:

    How many time he cites that there is still ‘work to be done’:

    How many reporters who wish him a ‘Happy Birthday’:

    Number of questions about Benghazi:

  6. If Obama had a son he wouldn’t look like the white boy beaten on the bus in Florida by three Black juvenile hoodlums. Heads need to roll as for this Bulls**t. Punk Obama won’t utter an er or um or I haven’t heard about this yet. My new moniker for Bambo : POOTUS..

  7. Press conference? Barry don’t need no stiiinking press conference!
    Didn’t he provide answers to everything the other night on Leno?