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Video || Jay Leno’s Obama Put-Downs

To mark Obama’s appearance Wednesday on The Tonight Show, Politico assembled a collection of Jay Leno jokes told at Obama’s expense. Some of these are funny. Thought you might want to take a look.

7 Responses to Video || Jay Leno’s Obama Put-Downs

      • Sadie, You don’t have anything better to do than pointing out the obvious. Try redeeming yourself, for voting for the worst thing to happen to the United States since King George and supporting oblahblah’s anti-American policies…

        When can we start eliminating liberals?

      • Back to Leno–he seems like a nice enough guy–pretty good writers. But he sort of pussed out on the interview–but that isn’t his area anyway…This is pretty waped, all this. Even if the president did do press conferences, we know what he would say…it’s all canned.