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Obama to Speak at Lincoln Memorial on MLK Speech Anniversary

President Obama will deliver remarks at the Lincoln Memorial on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech, the White House announced this afternoon.

I know we won’t be reliving the electrifying eloquence of King’s speech. But hopefully Obama will at least leave faux-civil rights heroes like Trayvon Martin out of it and say things that will actually promote unity, hope, and the advancement of African Americans rather than divide the country with words of blame and anger.

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      1. I know I am weird, but I was thinking would Obama and King buddy up? They are both Alpha Dogs, at least in their own estimation. I never see Obama with the other Alphas in the race area–Sharpton and Jackson. Does that BET guy hang at the White House? What about Cosby? He would never want anyone to put him in a shadow.

  1. “Obama to Speak at Lincoln Memorial on MLK Speech Anniversery”


    1. BTW, “Barack Hussein Obama” ‘s whole “career” as a ‘community organizer’ is based on “words of blame and anger”.

  2. I wonder how the King family really feels about Obama usurping King’s achievement. We’ll not know because it would be politically incorrect to the nth for them to speak out.

    1. I bet Alveda King won’t be there, she has too much love in her heart.

      I attended Glenn Beck’s rally on MLK’s Dream anniversary a few years ago, the National Mall was packed for positive uplifting speeches for our troops and all of mankind. Alveda was one of the speakers, also Sarah Palin. Amazing experience. Never made the news. Especially when they asked for donations for wounded warriors via cell phone, that crowd raised over 2 million dollars in 5 minutes. Did I already say “amazing” ? :D

    2. How racist is it to assume that a family would be too “politically correct” just because they are black? Wow.You definitely are a good example of not being politically correct, but uh…. Not in the good way you pat yourself on your racist back for…….

      1. Julie, I don’t see anything racist about your remark. I don’t think Jeremy is a regular poster here, he doesn’t know you very well.

        The King family members have more class in their little fingers than Barry could ever imagine having. But surely even the Kings are tired of Barry and his rabid race baiting ways.

    1. “professional race industry” = race baiters, racists, etc. (aka: Obama’s alleged “community organizer career” in Chicago…)

  3. “But hopefully Obama will at least leave faux-civil rights heroes like Trayvon Martin out of it and say things that will actually promote unity, hope, and the advancement of African Americans rather than divide the country with words of blame and anger.”

    We can always dream.

    1. “We had a dream”…

      That Americans would be judged by their character, rather than by the color of their skin. Then we elected a community organizer more interested in “dreamers” and “dividers” than in the majestic words of a real “King”. We elected a man who — just yesterday, stated that he makes it a habit not to judge rashly. This from the man who’s done that with Officer Crowley, George Zimmerman, and a film maker whose name Obama likely has trouble pronouncing — as the man sits in jail to make Obama look more powerful.

      We had a dream, that the following words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be understood and taken to heart by Americans:

      “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.

  4. Yes, I’ll watch and listen as the Prez talks about the great strides Black Americans have made and how the racial divide that threatened to tear apart out country has been replaced with acceptance of people for the character, not the color of their skin.
    Then, I’ll saddle up my pig and we’ll fly off to LasVegas where I will win a lot of money.

  5. I have a dream too, that Obama KNOCK IT OFF WITH ALL THE SPEECHES!

    I made the mistake of having the TV on when Obama was yacketty yakking to the Marines today. Typical background – the black Marine right over his shoulder in perfect camera view. Fortunately, Jake Tapper saved the day when his show The Lead started at 4pm. Thanks Jake.

  6. USSA under King & Queen Hussein Obama

    Why isn’t the King speaking at the Chinese manufactured MLK statue that his administration commissioned?

    1. Great statue. King in a dictator-style pose, complete with slanted eyes and the botched MLK quote, which will cost $800,00.00 to fix. What a failure. And why, oh why, was it made in China by a Chinese sculptor?

  7. Not Nabob the Knothead

    In my opinion. as long as AMERICANS with darker pigmentation continue to classify themselves as African-Americans, the use of racism will be a tool used for leverage to promote White guilt.
    And us crackers are allowing this to continue. So my thought is F**k you ignorant twits, go live somewhere else if you think you are mistreated. Join Al-Queero if it bothers you that much.

    1. No. Mr. Koffler, his blog and the regular posters here are just too intelligent for the likes of you. You, sir, are the “fucking bonehead”.

  8. People need to read The Real Lincoln. Then you’ll understand why Obama loves him so much. Lincoln and his minions introduced this country to the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT and CENTRAL PLANNING. Obama and the civil rights bunch perpetrate the myth that Lincoln was anti-slavery. That wasn’t the case. He was anti-anyone who opposed the central government… and that was the south in 1861. Sound familiar?

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