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Quote of the Day || August 7, 2013

“I think we are providing plenty of information to the public. And what’s more, the president will have much more to say about the terrorist attack after it has occurred.”

– Jay Carney

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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    1. Are you kidding? I’m sure that, as the puntative leader of Al Qaida in DC, he’s kept apprised of current operations, so he knows when to step out with Jay-Z and the boyz…

      A hundred years ago, when I was in high school, smoking was permitted in designated areas. Some students (no, not me) enjoyed an occasional, eh, “choom” as well. We had a VERY liberal teacher watching the area at the time (’70s) that was not opposed to this sort of thing himself, but still felt he had to act like an authority sometimes, so he couldn’t “see” it. It became known that students could get around this by simply saying as he was walking up, “Hey Mr. J, look over there”, and he would simply walk past with his back carefully to them, so he didn’t “see” nothin’…

      At best, this is what our so-called Prezzy does. At worst, he collaborates. Either way, he’s not stupid; he’s very well aware that this stuff is going on – he just doesn’t mind that it does, and won’t do anything about it when someone points it out to him. Golf, anyone?

      BTW, “Mr. J” was fired because the school system wasn’t completely overrun by the teacher’s union at the time, so they had an undercover Police officer in the area that “narced” him out, and the school board wasn’t having it, not with all that well-documented evidence in front of them.

      I wonder why Congress can’t be like that school board? Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s 40 years later, and that means it would be racist to actually CARE about the law as it pertains to the “First Black”…

  1. Loose lips these people are inept dangerous rank ametures. Obama as
    CIC should be held to the same standard as the military he commands
    If he was doing his job he would but he’s not.
    He’d very likely be guilty with his minions of dereliction of duty and by
    commiting troops to Libya without Congressional approval. There are probably like the big lies on Benghazi and the absolutely heinous act
    of calling Ft Hood ‘workplace violence’ thus denying them the benefits they so deserve and the guilty terrorist gets paid. Also depriving our
    men and women serving a cooked breakfast while he and Michelle dine
    on only the most expensive meals and liquor.

    1. “ on Thursday posted documents in which Maj. Nidal Hasan renounced his U.S. citizenship and soldier’s oath and denounced democracy. Hasan is charged in the November 2009 rampage that killed 13 soldiers and wounded more than 30 people at the Texas Army post. His court-martial is scheduled to start Tuesday.

      The renunciation of U.S. citizenship is contained in a handwritten note dated Oct. 18, 2012, Fox News reported. A typewritten note that does not have a date says it is not “permissible” for someone to prefer American democracy over traditional Islamic Sharia law, the network also reported. Hasan wrote that Muslims should not “compromise their beliefs” for the sake of non-Muslims.

      Hasan also wrote about Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical U.S.-born Islamic cleric killed by a drone strike in Yemen in 2011. The government has said that Hasan, a U.S.-born Muslim, had sent more than a dozen emails to al-Awlaki starting in December 2008. Hasan described al-Awlaki as his “teacher, mentor and friend,” Fox News reported.”

      Nope, no Islamic terrorism here, just a disgruntled worker…SQUIRREL! Say, you hear about those Republicans are racist, and how they are keeping all the money for themselves so we can’t have any White House tours? Grr, lets get THOSE guys! They’re WORSE than terrorist, are you with me? C’mon, you need to have Prezzy’s back on this!

  2. Well, Barry didn´t say much about the “threats” yesterday and not much about the Snowden affair either but he had a lot to say about gays rights in Russia. It seems to be a great concern. The Russian Duma has decided that they want to curtail apparent advocatyre of homosexuality ( = Pride Festival like behaviour ) but according to Barry this is discrimination and persecution. He has never said anything about the Muslim laws concerning homosexuals though. They are a tad more brutal….But we undestand, Barry, Putin made you look so bad that you had to do something about it, like “you´re not better than me!!!”

    1. That is an excellent point. Just where is he on gay rights in the Muslim world? He does a lot of cherry-picking on civil rights.

    2. Just read that Obama will not be meeting one-on-one with Vladimir Putin but going to Sweden instead. Lucky you. : – ))

      1. Just heard it too. We are a little surprised over here .Why ??????
        I will be eternally ashamed of my country if there are not fierce anti- spying demonstrations while he is here. Because I am certain that our spineless politicians won´t bring up the subject.

    3. “He has never said anything about the Muslim laws concerning homosexuals though. They are a tad more brutal.”

      Makes me wonder about the intelligence of the members of Queers for Palestine.

  3. Duck hunting, deer hunting, and new drone hunting. The small town of Deer Trail in eastern Colorado has begun officially issuing drone hunting licenses after passing a controversial ordinance this week.

    The town is also considering offering monetary rewards for anybody who’s able to shoot down a drone and provide proof.

    Phillip Steel, the resident who wrote the ordinance, stated, “We don’t want a surveillance society here.”


    1. Brings to mind; last year (?) KathyBates had a sit-com where she played a liberal-progressive lawyer.
      One episode; she heard a noise in her backyard, grabbed her rifle(!) and shot down a drone.
      Impressive, but not exactly PC for her liberal-progressive character.

  4. OT in Ft Hood wasn’t the guilty Hassin a Doctor? If so then having taken
    the Hippocratic oath to ‘do no harm’ surely his medical license would be
    revoked and wouldn’t that result in a reduction in pay I mean it’s bad enough he gets paid at all but he’s doubtful to be executed. Unless the
    Military is different you cannot execute an unwell person. And Obama
    has to sign.

    1. He is a psychiatrist, Lizzy. Before he went on his jihad, his job was to counsel soldiers suffering from PTSD. With all the suicides among veterans returning from Middle Eastern hell holes, he probably has a few more notches on his belt other than the Ft. Hood slaughter. Hasan is not sick, he’s an Islamic terrorist.

      If he is sentenced to death, he’ll have years of appeals before execution. God willing, by that time our new president will be a member of the Whacko Bird party and Preezy Revenge will be back in Chicago community organizing and building his presidential library.

        1. No, no books. Books can’t be easily changed, and require a literacy that Union-ruled inner-city schools can’t teach any more to use, and are therefore elitist/racist. It’ll be mostly podcasts of his “great” speeches, ITunes of his “great” speeches, lots of socialist-style pointing-to-the-future-while-looking-like-you-just-farted “artwork”, idols of President Idol (I understand Indonesia isn’t using the boyhood statue they made of him any more, that might be a good start), and thin client terminals permanantly linked to the White House Web site where “historical” documents are updated daily.

          Library? Ministry of Truth, more like….

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