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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10:00 am PDT || Interviewed by Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff; Los Angeles
12:50 pm PDT || Delivers remarks; Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
2:20 pm PDT || Departs Los Angeles
10:05 pm || Arrives White House

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24 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, August 7, 2013”

  1. Dog n’ Pony Show/Times subject to Hope and Change.

    “I think the important message is he’s very strongly in support of government engagement in the market and a government guarantee to make sure consumers have access to credit,” said Barry Zigas, director of housing policy for the Consumer Federation of America.

    As part of his housing push, Obama will answer questions from homeowners, renters and prospective buyers at 1 p.m. Wednesday EDT in a virtual housing roundtable with online home buying site, Zillow.

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      1. Zillow (real estate web site). No small operation. It will tell you what your house is worth +/- plus what your neighbor’s house sold for or was rented out for etc. It’s real estate central on the web. Sometimes when I am in the mood, I look for housing in the $6-$8 million dollar range on a private beach. Then I look at my bank statement (((sigh))).

          1. Denise: The site must get lots of “just looking” traffic. The game can also be played at Nordstrom. Be sure to try on the designer dresses with price tags that can buy a new car or a vacation for 12. LOL.

          2. Zillow is for-fun…I love a certain house in DC and when I put in the address, it comes up as 3 bedrooms, then five, then six, etc depending on which site. I read the name comes from a play on pillow–like where your pillow would be…I don’t get that from the name and part of what I do is name things.

    1. Now he wants to nationalize the mortgage industry and decimate personal property rights. For being an anti-colonist, he’s quite the empire builder.

      1. These Marines will be wondering, “why did our Commander leave our comrades on that roof in Benghazi, didn’t he know the motto- leave no fallen warrior behind”. Because of this, Obama deserves no respect from these Marines.

      2. What, you don’t think they like his rewriting of The Rifle Creed?

        “This is my President’s umbrella. There are many like it, but this is the one I hold for him. My President’s umbrella is my best friend. It is my life. I must make the President my master it as I can’t master my life without the Government.

        My President, without me, can do anything. Without my President, I am useless. I must hold my President’s umbrella true. I must hold my President’s umbrella over my enemy who is trying to kill me because my President says so. I must let him shoot me before I can ask permission to shoot back. I die… ”

        That may be why Obama wants to replace the current armed services with a praetorian guard that is loyal only to him (viz. Homeland Security). He knows he has been unable to mask his hatred and contempt for the U.S. Military and all it stands for, and since he has no concept of honor himself, he doesn’t trust that THEY have enough to not overthrow him as his buddy Morsi was overthrown.

        A finger? He is deserving of SO much more, and in another country, “Present Arms” to someone who’s abused his Country’s soldiers as HE has would signal regime change. Won’t happen here, though. Despite HIS best efforts, WE’RE still decent people here in the country he hates, ESPECIALLY in the Armed Services he loathes.

        Rest easy, fake President. THOSE people have a sense of duty, honor, loyalty, and other things you wouldn’t know if they bit you. You face no threat, whatever your imagination and Muslim ethos may tell you.

        There may come a time, though, that we in this country will take a cue from you and simply refuse to follow YOUR illegal laws any more, as YOU refuse to follow those laws that you disagree with.

        As Mohandas Ghandi once said; ““. . . [N]o Government …can subsist if the people cease to serve it.” THAT would be the BEST way to deal with your ilk, and I’d LOVE to see the expression on your always angry face if you were told “NO!” by MILLIONS…

        But, whatever they may justifibly think of you privately, the Marines will treat you with a dignity and respect FAR above your merit. Don’t be confused, though. This is respect for the OFFICE. This is NOT respect for YOU.

        You deserve none.

  2. Zillow Presents: A Better Bargain for Responsible Homeowners: President Obama Answers Your Questions.

    Question; Please explain to our Zillow listeners how convicted felon, Tony Rezko, helped you to purchase the $1.6M mansion on Greenwood Ave in Hyde Park. And while you’re at it, please tell us why you sued CitiBank under CRA for ‘red-lining’ – forcing them to issue high-risk loans for minority buyers.

  3. My heart goes out to Zillow users but mostly to Marine Corps in my former backyard that have to listen to this no doubt blather he will spew.

  4. “As part of his housing push, Obama will answer questions from homeowners, renters and prospective buyers ” – Keith Koffler

    “Mr. President? Question; why have you destroyed my house’s resale value with your poor economic policies and by having your minions foist Section Eight housing into already damaged neighborhoods, and then do nothing as their “free” houses deteriorate next to the one I had to pay for while crime runs rampant due to the rootless people you used my tax dollars to relocate next to me?”

    “Mr. President? Why have you made it impossble for me to purchase a new house by forcing my employer to cut me and many of my co-workers to 29 hours?”

    “Mr. President? Why have you further reduced my house value by having your Department of Education ignore massive discipline problems and teacher fraud in public schools, as well as allowing teacher’s unions to drive the cost of education to the point that it requires crippling property taxes to sustain, while all the while the lack of quality in the same schools keeps prospective buyers with children out of my neighborhood?”

    Think he’ll get any like that, or answer them if he did.

    No, neither did I. If he won’t answer to Congress about Benghazi, I seriously doubt he’d have anything meaningful to say to mere peasants…

    1. of course they will not get answers. in a forum “virtual” round table they can pick and choose who gets on and what is asked. More controlled spin.

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