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Obama Refuses to Talk to America About Terror Threat

President Obama continues to say nothing to a jittery nation about what some who have been briefed on the danger are describing as the worst terrorist threat since 9/11, declining to either offer reassurance or an explanation of the peril the nation faces.

Certainly, the president does not want to take questions about a threat he had minimized during the 2012 campaign. But what’s striking is that he has not addressed the nation in a formal manner on the potential for a major attack.

Incredibly, the first question Obama might take on the situation could come from a comedian. Obama is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening in California, and the topic is sure to come up. He has an event earlier in the day, but it’s a campaign-style appearance at a high school in Phoenix, also an odd venue to be discussing potential terrorist attacks.

Not everyone has been excluded from receiving a high-level briefing. Vice President Joe Biden has met with members of Congress to discuss the threat, and some of the most specific information about what the United States is faced with has come from lawmakers.

Briefing reporters Monday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney did not minimize the problem. “This threat is significant and we are taking it seriously for that reason,” he said.

But Carney refused to specifically characterize the extent of the danger to the United States itself.

“I would say that the threat is emanating from and may be directed towards the Arabian Peninsula, but it is beyond that, potentially,” he said.

Avoiding sharing much useful information, Carney spoke generally of the administration’s stance on terror. “I think that the threat from al Qaeda and affiliated organizations to the United States and to the American people has been a reality that we’ve talked about for a long time now.”

Instead of a proper grilling on the issue, the best the press has been able to do is shout “happy birthday” to Obama as he returned from two-day celebration with friends at Camp David Sunday.

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435 Responses to Obama Refuses to Talk to America About Terror Threat

  1. This Marxist, muslim, lying sack of $h!t in the occupy White House movement, osama obama, is such a disaster and a failure on so many levels.

  2. What the hell is wrong with you Yanks? Obama called for the youth of Egypt, Libya and Syria to rise up and depose their dictatorships. Give him the same treatment, and do it now!

  3. I have no faith in Obama. He is the leader and should set an example of strength and determination. He shows only weakness which the people who wish to destroy us clearly see.He does not wish to discuss the threat of terrorism nor does he wish to say anything to help calm the American public. I hope he, Michelle and their daughters are enjoying all their fine vacations while Americans are suffering through a terrible economy and the threats we are receiving from our enemies. God bless America , no one else will. Mark Kiryluk

  4. Look, all this terror garbage interrupts the golf matches. No way is he going to miss that for something as silly as a terrorist attack. It’s Bush’s fault anyway.
    He stopped in Phoenix to do a little campaigning for his agenda but couldn’t take the time to address Arizona’s porous Border and what he would do to secure it as that pesky Constitution requires because he had to fly out to be with Leno.
    His mouthpiece Carney is of a like mind and considers Americans too stupid to process the information. We have to forgive him there, as he is used to speaking mostly to Democrats.
    Question is, when is someone going to grow a set of balls and take this fraud to task ?

  5. Don’t you see? It’s all a hoax to take attention away rom the IRS, NSA, etc. etc mess. What a cover! Create a fictitious threat. Have you noticed that no one has identified a specific source?

  6. How could he, with Al Qaeda on the run and of of the scandals that he as labeled Phony. What frightens me is that he is a bright man and therefore, I can only surmise that he is just incompetent with his background as a Community Organizer and agenda is pandering to the far left.

  7. LMAO! This is either a manipulation or obamas planned attack. I wanted Bush impeached, now, I want Bush back in office. So, how long before the media will insist on obamas military arrest as a military criminal? How many lives will be lost, how much suffering, before the media will start using it’s power to protect America , or, are they part of it too?

  8. If they want to attack something, attack the Golf Course Obama will be playing Golf on! The SOB deserves to be taken out! Course, they will never attack the hand that feeds them, which is Obama, feeding them American Taxpayer Dollars! Obama is an Enemy of America and needs to be taken out of commission by any means available! Obama is no better than the lowest Al Quaida member and he is a Cowardly Wimp that purposely told the military to Stand Down and let four American be slaughtered by his fellow Jihadist Brothers! The only thing Obama needs is to be on the receiving end of a reincarnated L.H. Oswald!

  9. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    Threats are lobbed America’s way multiple times every day. This is diversionary yack, yack by the American media to divert attention away from the traitorous and criminal Benghazi stand down order from Obama himself according to Congresswoman and former United States Ambassador to Luxembourg Ann Wagner (R-MO). Additionally, the Constitutionally trashing activities of the NSA needs to have some time to work it’s way out of the notoriously short memory of the overfed and over entertained American public. Give ’em a terror attack or live war to broadcast and all is well. Sheesh!

  10. Why would he talk against terrorism?! HE IS A TERRORIST! He is a friend of terorists, why do you think the liberals fought so hard to elect him?!

  11. “..President Obama said Friday the U.S. will “never” wipe out terrorism completely and he claimed a personal victory in the killing of Osama bin Laden.

    “This is an ongoing process,” the president told a White House press conference of the fight against terrorists. “We are not going to completely eliminate terrorism. What we can do is to weaken it and to strengthen our partnerships in such a way that it does not pose the kind of horrible threat that we saw on 9/11.”
    Obama challenged on terror, al Qaeda claims By Dave Boyer-The Washington Times Friday, August 9, 2013

    President Obama (US & World Policy Makers) have just admitted their strategy (public policy) regards Islamic/Muslim terror has failed.

    The cultural relativist ethical nihilist strategy of containment of adherents of a genocidal construct has inevitably failed. Such adherents place their doctrine first ahead of any rational notion Other may have regards defined relationships informing a life which enables maximized independence and happiness.

    Instead of the cause being targeted the Islamic foundation codex which causes from generation to generation terror, subjugation of women and ‘major schism’ the US & world policy makers target symptoms. It is the same as treating someone with cancer with pats on the head – . “President Obama said Friday the U.S. will “never” wipe out cancer completely and he claimed a personal victory in the killing one melanoma last week”. Appalling relinquishing of the responsibility to rid humanity of terror where clearly although it will take generations it is possible.

    Weakened (muslim terror) compared to what? 9/11? 2,996 immediate (attack time) deaths now becomes the terror strike benchmark?

    This immediately sets for Muslims a goal to surpass whilst at the same time pretending terror which achieves Boston like proportions of three people killed are acceptable hazards of living with a culture who despite claiming to be ‘peaceful’ enables terror to occur constantly and increasingly on our streets.

    Appalling betrayal of the security of US & World citizens. How many more across the world have died since 9/11 directly due to the Islamic construct of Other – 2,996 in number terms is a pittance – what Obama and his fellow cultural relativists fail to understand is just ONE life lost is one that could have been saved if humanity had long ago said ‘Enough no more, your Islamic genocidal construct is not allowed into the public square.’ Change it or get out.

    As we have seen there has been increasing not diminishing Islamist strength across the globe. Why the recent panic?

    Al-Qaeda expands in Syria via Islamic State WP By Liz Sly, Tuesday, August 13 2013
    Al Qaeda Threat in Yemen Greater Than Ever NG Joshua Hammer August 12, 2013
    Terrorists say jump, US says how high? Peter Hartcher Sydney Morning Herald August 13, 2013
    “Islamist jihadi violence didn’t start in 2002. It arrived in Indonesia in 1803. …

    .. the movement then turned its anger against the newborn Indonesian secular state in pursuit of an Islamic one under Islamic law. The movement was called Dar al-Islam, ”abode of Islam.”

    And if you don’t live in an ”abode of Islam” under Islamic law, there is only one other zone you can live in, in their view of the world – Dar al-Harb, ”abode of war,” where unbelievers live. Unbelievers means anyone who doesn’t follow their fundamentalist interpretation of the Koran, and that includes almost all Muslims…..

    ”The resilience of the Indonesian jihadi movement is impressive,” writes Solahudin. ”It has survived under varied political circumstances, from authoritarian to democratic rule.”

    Why? Because of the power of its motive idea, the idea of upholding Islamic law, not man-made law, throughout Indonesia and through all the lands of Islam. …

    Does Indonesia’s recent strong economic growth and vibrant democracy do anything to channel the energies of potential recruits into more acceptable forms? No, says Solahudin, because terrorist attacks are rising even as growth continues.”

    When will humanity face the reality despite the continuing existence of so called liberal moderates in any fascist construct such as Islam and the Nazi, terror and attempted violent subjugation of Other is and will be the result?

    You encourage a cultural foundation codex which determines Other unable to be persuaded by reason because they are the ones who are deaf, dumb and blind and not your own Culture, Other are evil and by their very nature happenstance (Nature, God) will cause their inevitable grief of grievous harm or severest penalty without your culture lifting a finger – genocide occurs.

    Whose hands are bloodied, whose hands throw the acid,… Nature and God could care less? Humanity know with certainty – whose hands.

    Humanity has seen this repeat itself infinitum yet we still do not act against Islam it beggars belief history has been written for fools to ignore.

    A secular construct=religious construct the outcome is the same. Tell me why it will not be – the body count means nothing?

    Humanity either forces change to the Islamic/Muslim foundation codex construct of Other and women or nothing changes in fact as the number of adherents increase the Cultural feedback mechanisms are are able to be reinforced and enable strengthening terror and attempted subjugation not a weakening – it really is a lie of tragic proportions.

    Tragic because as Tony Blair said Islamic/Muslim terror is going to be difficult to confront unless humanity are ‘honest’ and accept Islam inherently contains within its cultural foundation codex informed Muslim behavioral variance cultural/individual ‘spectrum’ terror and ‘major schism’. Therefore far from weakening if the current US & World strategy is followed terror is to get much worse.

    “A more telling anecdote follows: According to Polo, a certain “Achmath” (probably “Ahmed”), one of the few Muslims to have had great influence over Kublai Khan, habitually abused the largely non-Muslim subject peoples without the Khan’s knowledge: he put to death anyone he pleased, robbed them of their possessions, and, most notoriously, he and his sons regularly raped and coerced into concubinage countless women. Due to Achmath’s many atrocities, he was eventually assassinated. When the Khan later discovered the extent of Achmath’s crimes, his”

    “..attention [went] to the doctrines of the Sect of the Saracens [i.e., Islam], which excuse every crime, yea, even murder itself, when committed on such as are not of their religion. And seeing that this doctrine had led the accursed Achmath and his sons to act as they did without any sense of guilt, the Khan was led to entertain the greatest disgust and abomination for it. So he summoned the Saracens and prohibited their doing many things which their religion enjoined.”
    Source: Was Marco Polo an ‘Islamophobe’? by Raymond Ibrahim on April 16, 2010

    Plato said the errors of poets regards the Gods led inexorably to heinous acts, Kublai Khan had no doubt foundation text (doctrine) enabled atrocities by Islamists against Other without any sense of guilt and Tony Blair’s comments and those from the Tony Blair Foundation are indicating the ‘slovenliness of religious language’ are leading to an inherent Muslim terror and subjugation of Other seen clearly by Kublai Khan as being informed by Islam (religion).

    Are there not human beings of sufficient stature intellectually capable of seeing the truth of humanities unchanged state – Islamic terror is by no means a recent event it has been informed from the start in the seventh century? And the only way to stop the Islamic terror and attempted and successful subjugation of Other is the removal of Islamic/Muslim cultural foundation codex from the Public Square.

    Failure is not an option if the age of enlightenment notion of the benefits of maximised relative independence are to be held close in the impending bloody conflict which I believe in large part could be avoided if Humanity in particular the public policy makers are ‘honest’ and faced the fact squarely fear of Islam is completely rational. Not to be afraid of what Islam/Muslims have done and can do is the irrational.

    Silence when we know,however difficult, how to stop the Muslim terror and such a massive waste of resources and precious lives day after day, year after year, century after century?

    Whilst Rome burns…… This is a strategy? Works for whom?

    Just Fine? My Guess is if you ignore the existence of a ‘spectrum’ and integral to the existence of terror networks are the ‘admired’ security is not assured?

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