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Obama Refuses to Talk to America About Terror Threat

President Obama continues to say nothing to a jittery nation about what some who have been briefed on the danger are describing as the worst terrorist threat since 9/11, declining to either offer reassurance or an explanation of the peril the nation faces.

Certainly, the president does not want to take questions about a threat he had minimized during the 2012 campaign. But what’s striking is that he has not addressed the nation in a formal manner on the potential for a major attack.

Incredibly, the first question Obama might take on the situation could come from a comedian. Obama is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening in California, and the topic is sure to come up. He has an event earlier in the day, but it’s a campaign-style appearance at a high school in Phoenix, also an odd venue to be discussing potential terrorist attacks.

Not everyone has been excluded from receiving a high-level briefing. Vice President Joe Biden has met with members of Congress to discuss the threat, and some of the most specific information about what the United States is faced with has come from lawmakers.

Briefing reporters Monday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney did not minimize the problem. “This threat is significant and we are taking it seriously for that reason,” he said.

But Carney refused to specifically characterize the extent of the danger to the United States itself.

“I would say that the threat is emanating from and may be directed towards the Arabian Peninsula, but it is beyond that, potentially,” he said.

Avoiding sharing much useful information, Carney spoke generally of the administration’s stance on terror. “I think that the threat from al Qaeda and affiliated organizations to the United States and to the American people has been a reality that we’ve talked about for a long time now.”

Instead of a proper grilling on the issue, the best the press has been able to do is shout “happy birthday” to Obama as he returned from two-day celebration with friends at Camp David Sunday.

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435 Responses to Obama Refuses to Talk to America About Terror Threat

  1. I feel the tail wagging the dog, or our fearful leader just wet himself in the face of another issue, funny this comes along now that the NSA is peeking under granny’s dress and got caught…

  2. The obvious answer as to why the President has not talked about this is once he does, people will tie this to him. He’s waiting to see if something bad happens. If it does, then he’s not tied to it and he minimizes the negative. If nothing bad happens, in a few weeks he’ll start talking about the wonderful things he did to protect America.

  3. A “jittery” nation? Did you really write that? You’re crackin’ me up. man. Yeah, I’m shakin’ in my Uggs every time the state issues a formal lie.

  4. There is only one way to save america now. For the next 6 years we MUST vote out every single incumbant on the national level. Every one of them must be cleaned out of there because they have all, each and every single one, let the people of america (except for the wealthy) down and sold us out.

    • I don’t disagree with that sentiment, but “throw the bums out” has been a rallying cry since ’94 at least. The problem is that people disapprove of Congress as a whole…but it’s always somebody ELSE’S Congresscritter that’s the problem. Even in 2010, 85% of Representatives got re-elected, and that was a GOOD year. In a BAD year, 98% of the House gets re-elected.

      AS for the Senate, the best “throw the bums out” year was 1980, but 55% of the candidates still got re-elected.

      When a majority of quote-unquote “representatives” get re-elected every single time, when the citizenry as a whole disapproves of their performance, the game is rigged, and the legislature can no longer be called “representative.”

  5. Will Martha’s Vineyard residents worry about this year’s Obama vacation there, because of all the security alerts about reported terror threats?

  6. Betwen barry saying al qeda is dead, and big sis saying our borders are safer than ever before, yet in the past 4 years how many near misses, and no so near misses??

    Keep lying to us, saying it is Bushes fault….BS, BS and more BS!!

  7. “Incredibly, the first question Obama might take on the situation could come from a comedian.”

    Fortunately its still likely to be a more penetrating question than he is likely to get from the current White House press corps.

    • Leno is an NWO whore? How many Bilderberger meetings has he attended? How many times has he been at Bohemian Grove? Is he a shape-shifting lizard?

  8. He won’t talk about it because he knows it’s a lie. We started and control ciAL-Quedae. He, through the FBI, is funding the homeland attacks. Just get used to the New World Odor.

  9. Just heard that Valerie Jarrett was the one who gave the ‘stand down’ order to nix the rescue at Benghazi. How can this be?? She’s not in the chain of command!!! of did she act on Obama’s order??

  10. Get ready for a NON-ANSWER.

    Obama will spew a little gobblygook and hope that it makes him sound thoughtful. He’ll then talk about focusing on “what is really important — like extending benefits to those who need them.”

    Usually, this is enough to appease his less astute “ask what your country CAN do for YOU” voters.

  11. Funny how Obama avoids talking to anyone that has an education. He has stonewalled the White House Press Corp and is now feeling his oats as the media has created this monster by not keeping him accountable. When the thought police come and everyone is clambering on how could this happen in America, I hope that all those media folks that are taken to be shot remember that it was their doing which got a narcissistic psychopath into the office of President. Try checking him against the DSM psychopathy checklist. I did and he is a full blown psychopath. Thank you main stream media.

  12. I’m afraid that it’s all gone way too far and there is no way to turn back now. WE WILL NEVER KNOW PEACE AGAIN. I suppose all we can do is admit that we are a fascist / totalitarian state and start turning our schools into military and police prep schools. Our survival depends on killing everyone else. Fire up the concentration/Fema camps and start weeding out the undesirables. ALL HAIL BANKS AND MEGA CORPORATIONS.
    I pledge allegiance to the military industrial complex and the bankers and mega corporations.

  13. al Qaeda a threat? How so? They were our allies in Libya, Syria and other dark places. They, Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood are tight, Dawg!

    Why isn’t treason charges brought against our nations leaders?

  14. Are you surprised. The constitutional Republic died with the illegal enactment (not ratification) of the 14th Amendment in July 1868.

  15. What so goddam funny about terrorism that this guy can go on a talk show with a comedian. Him and his most gracious secretary of state left men to die in a terrorist attack and he has time to laugh about it. He received the body of dead American soldiers in an attack on a helicopter that killed a seal team,helicopter crew,and support personal, And we go on a talk show witha bunch of comedians. BULL!!!

  16. so tell me what is happening with reports that the stand down at Benghazi was by someone not authorized to be in the chain of command.

    But we do have to remember, B.O. had an important fund raiser the next day in Vegas, and which is more important for the Commander in Chief, going to a fund raiser or protecting those under his command.

    We got the answer, Fund raiser, and the lame stream media gave it a pass, and let B.O. call it a phony scandal. When it is Ophony that is the scandal

  17. Listen his entire term in office has been a very sick joke. You demorats elected and reelected a “special needs president” who is so corrupt and incompetent he would make the mafia blush. It is fighting therefore for a comedian to bring out his statements.

  18. Koffler, if what the Messiah did is so serious why are you not writing that he must be removed? Or are you just exploiting a readership’s justified disgust so that you keep that readership?

  19. I was reminded of a statement today. Henry Kissinger in 2009 said that Obama is being groomed to head the world order. You better believe it!
    Check back in about 3 1/2 years to see how all that’s working.

  20. typical o’dumpo – too shallow and stupid to discuss anything without his teleprompter. also, too arrogant to be bothered with concerns that aren’t directly related to his comforts! what a pig!!!!!

  21. How come he always sits like a woman when he goes on these shows? Legs crossed, hands clasped in his lap, phoney smile flashing…too creepy for me.

  22. Wag the dog. “I did not have sex with that woman”, then sent cruise missiles into an Iraqi govt office bldg in the middle of the night (their time) killing a hapless and hopeless custodian.

    The community organizer, aka Boy Messiah, Nobel Peace Prize winner, amateur golfer, prolific lobster eater, choomer, and hollywood/rapper groupie………… wants to divert attention to his well known failure as anything requiring any semblance of a POTUS. You voted for the asswipe because he was glib and spoke clean. I never did vote for the halfwit.

  23. Rest assured, Leno will only ask the questions that he is allowed to ask. On the other hand, Leno is on his way out, so what does he have to lose? Here’s hoping he pops a zinger in there to make Obama sweat a little…………..

  24. The Administration has mishandled this. There has been promotion for political reasons and leaks as well. So now there is a lot of publicity about what we are doing.

    Obama underestimates the American people. I suspect he underestimates the enemy as well. After all this attention, and the drone killings, the terrorists are now provoked more than ever. As a result we have additional security at all our embassys and they are needlessly exposed.

    Rather than take them on directly, we have withdrawn and left a security presence. Kind of like leaving troops in Afghanistan at such a low level that they cannot protect themselves.

    If this was a competent President, who took his role as CIC seriously that would be something all together. But this is Obama who only thinks about himself and his image. Discussing this not at all and then on the Tonight Show indicates he thinks he is above it all. He is playing with fire. If something bursts into flames and puts our military even further at risk, I would be hard pressed not to consider the Administration’s handling of the threat.

  25. Our President is a joke. First, Al Qaeda is on the run and now the US is on the run. When will the lies and corruption of this administration end?