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Obama Refuses to Talk to America About Terror Threat

President Obama continues to say nothing to a jittery nation about what some who have been briefed on the danger are describing as the worst terrorist threat since 9/11, declining to either offer reassurance or an explanation of the peril the nation faces.

Certainly, the president does not want to take questions about a threat he had minimized during the 2012 campaign. But what’s striking is that he has not addressed the nation in a formal manner on the potential for a major attack.

Incredibly, the first question Obama might take on the situation could come from a comedian. Obama is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening in California, and the topic is sure to come up. He has an event earlier in the day, but it’s a campaign-style appearance at a high school in Phoenix, also an odd venue to be discussing potential terrorist attacks.

Not everyone has been excluded from receiving a high-level briefing. Vice President Joe Biden has met with members of Congress to discuss the threat, and some of the most specific information about what the United States is faced with has come from lawmakers.

Briefing reporters Monday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney did not minimize the problem. “This threat is significant and we are taking it seriously for that reason,” he said.

But Carney refused to specifically characterize the extent of the danger to the United States itself.

“I would say that the threat is emanating from and may be directed towards the Arabian Peninsula, but it is beyond that, potentially,” he said.

Avoiding sharing much useful information, Carney spoke generally of the administration’s stance on terror. “I think that the threat from al Qaeda and affiliated organizations to the United States and to the American people has been a reality that we’ve talked about for a long time now.”

Instead of a proper grilling on the issue, the best the press has been able to do is shout “happy birthday” to Obama as he returned from two-day celebration with friends at Camp David Sunday.

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435 thoughts on “Obama Refuses to Talk to America About Terror Threat”

  1. o’bama is a coward who doesn’t have a clue how to lead. He will, of course, be the first to take credit if any good comes out of the attacks though. (We all remember how he nude(?)wrestled bin Laden to submission and threw him to the sharks.)

    btw: Any American in Yemen kind of deserves what they get.

  2. What difference does it make(aka Hillary) quote. They let 4me die last time they will have it wrong this time. Its just smoke and mirrors to make people think we need the NSA programs to keep us safe

  3. “Terror” is such a downer, you know? How about “man-caused anxiety attack” instead? File that next to a picture of Major Hassan with the caption “workplace violence” on it.

    1. “Man-caused”?


      How about “human-caused”? We don’t want to leave out the loverly Black Widows from Chechnya.

  4. Why won’t Obama say anything about this so-called threat? If there is a threat did Obama’s irresponsible behavior cause it and is that why he won’t talk? If there is a threat by closing so many embassies it would appear we are slinking away with our collective tail between our leg like a true coward.

  5. You can’t talk about something that doesn’t exist…cough and choke.
    By looking at his schedule today he doesn’t care hence Benghazi.
    Man must have no reflection when he looks in the mirror probably
    frequently. I’m not a conspiracy person but I’m starting to wonder who
    or what was buried at sea Bin Laden?

    1. …buried at sea” – as usual, we have no evidence, nothing to go on except their word for it. This whole administration reads like the Potemkin Village.

      1. They just mentioned something currently in Yemen and this time
        God forbid if anything happens we’ll know how concerned he was on the Tonight show. I can’t use the words I’d like to but I’m sure
        we can all fill in the blank.

  6. O/T: I’m not easy about amazon’s Bezos buying the WP. Although the WP and the NYT have been the administration’s press offices, amazon’s “exclusive interview” with the o, after amazon’s employees ponied up a bunch of $$ for the o- well, it makes me uneasy. If I have to, I’ll boycott amazon, if it turns into another arm of this administration.

      1. I respect Bezos as a businessman with vision and for what he has accomplished with Amazon.

        I believe that he has now turned a corner and decided to find a vehicle that will espouse, and support his liberal causes. In addition to the internet taxes he gave a lot of financial support to gay marriage. It is his right to do so. Instead of hiring a lobbyist or joining an association of like minded individuals Bezos will use WAPO as his presence in WDC. No doubt WAPO will change and thrive under his direction But it is unfortunate that now his politics will be active and public and in my opinion, taint his business success. For me.

        Unlike Bill Gates, who is retired as an active force in Microsoft and operates through his foundation Bezos joins Immelt, the Google Boys and others I cannot call to mind.

        Rambling because I am tired. And disappointed.

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  8. Jittery? I haven’t heard a single hallway comment or sensed any kind of angst from anyone around me about the latest “terrorist threat.” This latest “warning” is likely just more of the same Kabuki Theater from DC.

  9. Any other President would have had a televised Oval Office speech to the American people, but I can understand why he wouldn’t want to walk down the long hallway to the East Room. It would bring up memories of his Osama Bin Laden is dead triumph.

  10. So, what YouTube Video is responsible THIS TIME? Hillary? Horseface Kerry? Owe-Bama? Big Cyst? Who is in charge…here?
    this is why you should NEVER LISTEN to the mainstream Propaganda. What good did it do? You have an incompetent president, crooked sleazebag political appointees, a lying press, Cabinet level administrators who have no idea what is going on, who is doing what, or where to find out who is responsible. You can’t get any help from the propaganda readers either.

  11. This is crying wolf. Nothing is going to happen, nothing is projected.
    This is a joke. The press has jumped in 100% and nothing is going to happen. When the month is over, the President will say, “we protected you and stopped the danger”. The press will eat it up!!!!

  12. Obama is a gadfly. It does not surprise that he would discuss terror threats with Jay Leno and most likely, expand on it in some other inappropriate venue like The View.

    1. I like the reference, but he’s too immature to be “Papa” anything.

      InfantDoc Barack, maybe? It even doubles as an insult of his abortion stance.

  13. “the best the press has been able to do is shout “happy birthday” to Obama”
    Not a surprise. He owns them. They only comment on subjects the POTUS wants to talk about…and the terrorist threat to America is not one of them.

  14. Why would he say anything? It does not involve golf, food, or vacations.
    Maybe he can had out Skiddles to everyone to prove they are innocent. He is on Leno tonight, too bad they did headlines last night.
    Maybe he can do a cameo on JAYwalking….Jay can ask him where Benghazi is or when did puerto rico become a state.


  16. On the day he announces the embassy closings, he goes golfing. On the day he orders the evacuation of Yemen, he goes on TV to joke with Jay Leno. He’s working way too hard. It must be time for another vacation.

  17. So I am just wondering. Big, mysterious threat. Maybe something significant gets blown up and people die. Is this a false flag? Is this where BHO declares martial law “for the good of the nation” and declares himself the sole authority?

  18. In my opinion, this is a wag the dog event to take the heat off all the “phony” scandals swirling around this demagogue. Using late night talk shows to peddle his distractions is par for the course with Preezy Revenge. Still remember his first discussion of the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack was on the David Letterman show one week later. He was still lying about some obscure video causing the attack and bragging about “decimating” al Qaeda.

  19. In all my life I never thought our country would turn into something like it has. No real jobs, a healthcare system nobody understands and the majority do not want. Congress and their minions opt out of what they force regular Americans into. Americans die in Bengazi with nobody held accountable. US running from Al Quida. Americans being spied on at every turn. No media holding people accountable for thie actions. And on and on and on…
    Is this still America?

    1. ” Congress and their minions opt out of what they force regular Americans into.”

      I don’t think this is the first time Congress has exempted itself from laws the rest of us must obey. OSHA and NLRA are two that come to mind.

  20. Did I read that correctly that members of the press corpse could not even muster a question about the “threat from al qaeda”. Instead they shouted happy birthday?
    Please say it ain’t so.

  21. Obama has already submitted and NBC has approved any questions that Leno may ask…..This will be nothing more than a pep rally for the Obama


  23. Wag the dog. I pray the American people aren’t that stupid to thinnk that this real. Yemen has been attacking us (The USS Cole for one example) for decades. All O bummer wants to do is deflect from the REAL Benghazi scandel and the IRS, (just to name a couple). THis POS thinks he is King and is trying to destroy us from within. I feel for the low info,information voters because they really are taught diviseness. Much like the children of the Middle East are taught to hate America. IMHO

  24. I don’t believe anything he says, he lies through his teeth all the time. Gosh, when you can’t believe your president and can’t trust your government, what’s left? All I can think of is , how were the American people so duped about this very evil man and his cohorts and what can we do about it? There’s just so much, too much to digest, so many really awful things our government is doing , it’s hard to know where to begin. But, what I can see is that we (the American people) have had our fill of this regime, we’ve been patient and forgiving but, enough is enough, this craziness, this evil craziness, has to stop, one way or another. We’ve been pushed too far and I feel that we’re about to push back… and we are a force to be reckoned with!

    1. Very cool post. I agree with everything except the last statement. Under these clowns we used to be a force to be reckoned with. Now political expediency is what is reckoned with. That, and that alone.

  25. Al Queda is decimated! Bin Laden is dead!
    Now, let’s say that over and over and over in exactly the same rhythm and cadence to everyone we see and it will become true!

    See how it works?

    I can’t wait to hear Obozo tonight on Leno laughing it up. Not really. I wouldn’t watch it if you paid me.

    1. “Al Queda is decimated!”

      Depending on the number of members of AQ who were killed at the time, that could have been true if FCMABBHO had used the correct definition of “decimated”.

  26. Obama is a SOVIET style TYRANT! If one wishes to comprehend the man, read the book DISINFORMATION!

    American government has become so very corrupt laws are ignored while bullies abuse their power acting like Royality!

    We the People have the DUTY to hold those abusers of power fully accountable to the Law!

  27. Obama does not make any statement about anything and hasn’t in the five years he’s been office. Reason is, he doesn’t care for America, nor its people be them Black, White, Hispanic or Asian.

    Obama cares about one thing and that’s Obama. If he could he would think nothing about putting the two adopted daughters on the auction block and getting rid of this transvestite, he’s been living with since Rev. Wright hooked them up in Chicago. No, Obama is out for two things and that’s to bring down America and to take good care of himself, because that’s what Muslims do.

  28. Dear Mr. President,
    1. We didn’t hire you to constantly go on vacation, play golf, and smooze around with Hollywood star high school dropouts who feel important cause they get to pretend to talk policy to you.
    2. AS our EMPLOYEE, we deserve you telling us a few things. Y’know, like a EMPLOYEE would report back on progress of a JOB HE WAS GIVEN TO DO? YOU were hired, cause you bemoaned George Bush’s DEBT, the ‘phony war on terrorism’ that you either deny is still happening, or don’t believe is happening, and as you put it it,’George Bush went to the Bank of China and took out a credit card in our children’s names. THAT”S UNPATRIOTIC” (yet you borrowed more than 40 other presidents TOTAL?)
    4. YOU are the RACISTS Mr. President. TRAYVON MARTIN is not your son. Certainly not because instead of being race neutral, you are falling in with RACE AGITATORS. YOU bemoan the state of race relations, yet you are the one who is making it worse. Trayon, Black Panthers, “typical white people” as you said, and “the police acted stupidly.”
    The only people I am mad at more right now, is the do-nothing congress. YES, mad at the GOP for failing to stand up to you but SPECIFICALLY HARRY REID. Dictator of the Senate.
    I await the day you leave office Mr. President. Your last speech will be tinged (i’m guessing) with talk of “how good you did as president.”
    I would prefer you talking from a Jail Cell, about your impeachment and conviction for: GUN RUNNING in Mexico/Libya, LYING to the American people and the DEATHS of 4 Americans in Libya. ALONG with the deaths of NAVY SEALS for revealing WHO killed OBL.

  29. The big comedian,Obama,will discus (maybe) the threat by the Muslims.with a comedian.
    Note the big smile on his face in spite of all the problems in the world and in this country.
    He is no Winston Churchill and he is no President

    1. Ah, but is it, now? He doesn’t give a damn about the 1st, 2nd, 4th, or 5th Amendments, so why NOT ignore the 22nd while he’s at it?

  30. My question is why is Obama making a campaign stop at a High School in Arizona? Does he think the Democratic party is losing support in the 17-18 year old demographic? If those kids understood how much money this guy has borrowed in their name…they would not give his a warm welcome.

  31. My question is why is Obama making a campaign stop at a High School in Arizona? Does he think the Democratic party is losing support in the 17-18 year old demographic? If those kids understood how much money this guy has borrowed in their name…they would not give him a warm welcome.

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