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Hundreds of Anti-Obama Protests Planned for Today

Hundreds of anti-Obama protests are being staged today nationwide, as the grassroots group Overpasses for Impeachment takes to the bridges above highways in cities and towns around the country to call for President Obama’s removal from office. Thousands are expected to participate.

impeach Obama 2The group, which began in June and has spread to every state in the union, will be wielding banners and U.S. flags and making plenty of noise on overpasses during rush hour – morning and afternoon.

Twenty two protests are planned throughout Florida alone. Other leading states include Georgia, which will stage 19, California, with 14, a dozen each in South Carolina and Connecticut, and eight in Texas.

The group’s website lists numerous grounds it says merit Obama’s impeachment. But, with little chance of Congress acting to try to remove the president based on currently known facts, today’s “Patriot Wave” day of protests seem more an outlet to show displeasure with Obama than an actual drive to impeach him.

The organization, which has been built from a Facebook campaign that started with a national page and now includes pages for each state, has already staged dozens of appearances on overpasses around the country since June and plans to aggressively continue the practice after today’s mass event.

33 thoughts on “Hundreds of Anti-Obama Protests Planned for Today”

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  2. Acts like these, calling for the impeachment of the President, is emotional and makes no sense. It’s exactly the reasoning behind most of what liberals do.

    There is zero chance Obama will be impeached unless he literally grabbed a marine’s gun and starting firing randomly into a crowd of reporters.
    The time to impeach Obama was in November 2012.

    So let’s stop the shenanigans and do something more proactive.

    1. “So let’s stop the shenanigans and do something more proactive.”

      Such as?

      I don’t think demanding he be impeached will go over well with moderates, but should the protesters just stay home?

      1. Yup. Agreed. My father-in-law used to say “Do something. Lead, follow or get out of the way.” And I think calling for impeachment makes a LOT of sense. Make the wheel squeek.

      2. The word impeach is easier to put on a sign than the list of all the reasons he’s a miserable failure as President. There’s so many “phony scandals” that the coverups are becoming much worse than the crime, so to speak.

          1. I don’t think he will be impeached, but I do think constant coverage of such events might wake a few dreamers–no, not kids of the unpapered living here-the Obama voters.

        1. I wouldn’t call the cover-ups, as bad as they are, in the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, in which thousands of Mexican and US citizens have been murdered due to this administration admittedly selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels in an attempt to blame the 2nd Amendment or the Benghazi scandal in which four Americans were abandoned by this administration and were subsequently murdered, as worse than the crimes. No cover-up can be worse than those crimes. What makes the cover-ups so bad is that the media and congress have done all that they can to help this administration hide all of their crimes, and there are too many to count.

      3. We should protest often. but Calling for impeachment hurts the cause. Plus it makes the RINOs scared of everything.
        I think we just have to keep the pressure on the Politicians as best as we can.
        Stay informed
        help others be informed.

        1. We have done that for 5 1/2 years. Boehner refuses to call a House Special Committee on Benghazi. The IRS thing is going no where. At LEASE we are making waves and people are talking. That is good. Egypt started a little at a time to!

      4. Let’s protest Obamacare, let’s protest Congress getting a waiver on Obamacare, let’s protest Obama’s silence on the ‘terror attack’, let’s protest anything more specific. I agree with scottso.

    2. Scottso has it right. His suggestion to “Stay informed and help others be informed” is spot-on. I support these folks right to protest on overpasses, but feel that it will do “the cause” more harm than good. As I’ve said before, right wing craziness is just as bad as left wing craziness. Somebody has to the the adult in the room. We need to stake our claim to the high ground and not get dragged into the silly stuff.

    3. You sound like a troll. We ARE doing something about it. There is nothing more American than protesting and that’s what we’re doing, voicing our opinion as guaranteed by our first amendment rights. Use them or lose them. Everybody needs to continue to speak their mind and openly voice their displeasure over this government.

  3. Go for it. Protest always accomplishes something, even if it isn’t the ultimate goal – in this case impeachment of someone who never should have been elected in the first place.
    Protest can be used effectively to needle, harrass, and harry the enemy. The liberals do it to the GOP and Conservatives all the time. We should fight fire with fire.

    1. I agree Veritas.
      Maybe some of the gutless wonders in congress will take notice.
      If they don’t make any attempt to listen to their constituents, then they are useless to US, and we need to make them aware of that.

  4. If it weren’t for health issues, I would be on the nearest overpass today. It is still a free country, although I imagine Obamadrones will be photographing them all :/

    1. In MO they were chased off a few overpasses. A cop told one group the DHS is watching, video taping ALL the groups. GOOD I don’t give a damn at this point. But talking isn’t doing crap.

  5. I somewhat agree that impeachment isn’t close at hand, but these demonstrations do send a message, a little more than “shenanigans” if you ask me…if I wasn’t 7,640 miles away, I’d be at one of them!

  6. Why bother to write an article about a nation-wide protest being staged by a particular group, then completely omit the name of the group?

    The group’s name, for the record, is “Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment.”

    You’re welcome.

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  8. Attended an Overpasses for Impeaching Obama today. It was a great gathering of people and the positive response was overwhelming!

    1. Ditto Marilyn…. attended on right outside of Chicago and the response was overwhelming….
      It may be just making a statement but IS so much better than just sitting home and complaining about it….
      We should ALL be pro-active….

  9. Obama is but a mear puppet in three scheme of things get another president and we get the same out come and if you trys to stand against them he will be assassinated like JFK

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