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Erin Burnett Zings the Openness White House

I don’t know. I don’t watch her show. Does she usually do this? Is the MSM catching on? Anyway, I thought this was cute.

H/T Nice Deb.

20 thoughts on “Erin Burnett Zings the Openness White House”

  1. I’ve seen her a few times (channel surfing) and yes, she did “stir the pot” so to speak.
    -snip via wiki-
    Shortly after arriving at CNN, on October 4, 2011, Burnett did a segment on the Occupy Wall Street protests titled “Seriously?” in which she mocked the protesters.

    1. I’m taping the CNN special on Benghazi. It’s hard to watch mother’s try to talk about their sons who died there. Seeing the actual video of the terrorists dragging the Ambassador down the street is hard, too Looking at the bloody face and torn clothing of a man we were told died of “smoke inhalation” is when you realize the brutality of that night.
      The first 15min are pretty straightforward and Burnett is doing a good job of explaining how the events unfold..

      1. Ah, but then it all came to CNN making the point that Republicans were politicizing the issue of Benghazi and that CNN can put together a little tribute to the dead men.

        Not enough for me — they didn’t inquire what the Boy Prez was doing, showed only one photo of Stevens being roughly handled by the crowd as they “rushed” him to the hospital (as the original story went, and didn’t examine why Boy Prez and Girl Prez-Wannabe sent Susan Rice out to spread lies on Sunday talk shows.

        Just more CNN b.s.

        1. There were clearly some empty spots that could have been examined, and questions that are still unanswered, but it was hard not to notice that they played MrsClinton’s “what difference…..” remark many times.

          I did catch an offhand-type reference to why the CIA was there and what MrStevens was doing at the time; the CIA was buying-back or just buying arms and ammo left over from the Kadaffi regime. IMO, a lame and unbelievable excuse for their presence on the country.

  2. Burnett is kind of like CNN’s version of Meaghan Kelly.

    She came from CNBC and is smart and tough. Wish there were more like those two.

        1. I heard she is taking a two-hour evening slot. Not sure who she will replace since O’Reily and Greta have just signed long-term contracts.

          1. I doubt Roger Ailes would give up 2 hours of prime-time to ANYONE given the success FOX has with the Bill, Sean and Greta. Do a shuffle for an hour? Yeah probably. I think he had to do it keep Megan.

  3. The truth behind Benghazi was nothing but white wash. It never once asked what the President did during the evening of the attack. It tried to blame the State Department and Military for being unprepared. It stated that the northern African Command was stationed in Germany and because of money a base had yet been built. So, it blamed the House of Reps for not spending money. Funny, how we have Air Force bases in Italy and Germany. Yet, no jets were sent. There were no carriers in the Med ?

    The conclusion was the 4 who died were heroes. The Democrats stalled for re-election and the Republicans are acting on revenge.

  4. You people just don’t get it. You don’t need to know what your superiors in government are doing and why they are doing it. You’re too dumb to understand anyway: it takes a superior mind like an Ivy League educated elite to guide you and nudge you and to determine what you should and shouldn’t know. You folks are to just follow the dictates of your superior elites and never question their transcedent wisdom, superior breeding, and first-rate Ivy League educations.

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