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Americans Still Blame Bush for the Economy!


You know how President Obama is constantly placing fault for the economy on George W. Bush? Ridiculous at this point, right? Well, not so fast. Apparently those White House operatives know what they’re doing.

Fully 69 percent assign a moderate or great deal of blame to Bush for the state of the economy, compared to 53 percent who blame Obama, according to a poll last month by Gallup. And the numbers basically haven’t changed for three years!

Respondents, as you can see, were given an option to assign blame to both.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 5.05.29 PM

Either Obama has succeeded in warping perceptions by constantly blaming his predecessor, or people just grew so angry at Bush that they can’t change their view.

But Bush didn’t even cause the financial meltdown. That was courtesy of liberal housing policies pushed mainly by Democrats that placed people in homes they couldn’t afford – and that they eventually stopped paying the mortgage on.

No wonder Bush went in for a stent today!

23 thoughts on “Americans Still Blame Bush for the Economy!”

  1. Keith, Keith, Keith – trying to explain DETAILS behind the root cause to people is more than the voting public wants to take the effort to understand. It’s MUCH EASIER to just read bumper stickers and laugh at the jokes on Comedy Central – this is where most Americans get their information on political events. With an on-going education like this, no one should wonder why we’re still “Blaming Bush.”

  2. All you need do is read the NYT or WaPo any day to see that they reinforce, in no subtle way, that Bush is the cause of all our economic woes. It’s therefore no surprise that the nation believes it as well.

  3. Yeah, yeah, Bush’s fault.
    Some idiot talking head on MSNBC claimed Repubs and Whites are responsible for Detroit’s failure.
    Phony scandals, sure.

    OT: sorta
    I had the awesome experience of actually watching what happened inside a family member’s chest as he had a stent inserted. They send a teeny video camera up the artery along with the stent into the heart so the surgeon can see what he’s doing and it’s recorded. A. mazing!

    1. It is amazing the medical advances that have been made since my mother-in-law had open heart surgery 30 years ago. She was laid up in the hospital for quite a while. President Bush gets to go home tomorrow!

      Heard a snippet of Preezy’s Arizona speech where he mentioned seeing protest signs calling him a socialist. You go Tea Party!!!

  4. Two things are responsible for these poll results, in my opinion. First of all, the liberals have been repeating the “blame Bush” meme since he won the 2000 election. Unfortunately, George Bush always turned the other cheek, so Karl Rove never countered their hateful accusations. Secondly, Obama is really good at employing the Limbaugh Theorem, so he is never held accountable or responsible for all the damage he and his policies are wreaking on America.

  5. No big surpise. On Fox, when they have two sides, supposedly, one side will say something and basically the other side starts out, “Yeah, but Bush…”

  6. No surprise. America is now stuffed full of low information voters and people who seek to place blame for their human condition and are dependent on the government to feed, clothe, house and provide medical care for them. As long as there are funds to redistribute this will not change.

    And now, before the 2014 elections , the Obama clean up crew is going full swing on Benghazi — Brennan’s letter saying come on down and testify my little CIAers, and today there is talk of the arrest or preparation to arrest some of those involved in Benghazi. No doubt they will be given all the rights of American citizens when it comes to their trials under the Eric Holder system of justice.

    And then tomorrow I think we have the President’s break out appearance on Jay Leno where he will once again convince all those people who blame Bush for the economy that there are indeed unicorns and that only the mean and awful Republicans, whites, and terrorists must be defeated in order for every American to have their very own unicorn.

    The America in decline will be the Detroit these people deserve.

  7. Nonsense Keith it was all W. You want accountability get congress to fund the justice department so they can prosecute the WS crooks before the statute of limitation run out.

    1. Lack of funding is a lame excuse. Seems the DOJ had plenty enough cash to run guns to the narco terrorists across the Southern border, and sue those same Southern states for trying to protect their borders. Money is no object for these commies. My guess is perp walking Obama campaign donors (aka Wall Street crooks) isn’t one of Eric the Red’s top priorities.

  8. “O” voters responding to a poll on economics? Should have been required to take Econ 099 first. Not gona happen i.e. low info voters. They skew the poll just by taking up space.

  9. Didn’t someone describe Ronald Reagan as the president who made us comfortable with our prejudices? Then it can truly be said with equal qualification that Barak Obama has made a voting majority of Americans comfortable with their ignorance. The only reason not to write stupidity rather than ignorance is because of Bertrand Russell once said we all born ignorant but are made stupid by education. Barak Obama is also trying to resolve that with his education policies.

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  13. Perhaps if the liberal media were willing to actually report the facts of the economic situation, the analsys of the meltdown’s cause as given by anyone other than Barney Frank or Obama, and the reasons why this “recovery” differs from every other recovery in the nation’s history, those numbers would be different. But alas, no. We are stuck in a land of fantasy newsreaders, no more truthful than Pravda at the height of the Societ Union.

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