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Quote of the Day || August 6, 2013

“If anyone attacks us we’ll hit them hard – I’m talking sanctions, insults, whispering campaigns – the whole thing.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. On an unrelated topic, listened to Jerry Corsi promote his book “What went wrong” last night on C2C. He attributed BHO’s success to his brilliance (but I say Ax, Plouffe, & Messina) in mining databases to get out the vote. This morning I emailed him to ask “What about foreign contributions and IRS voter suppression by denying tax exempt status to 501c4s?” He said “True, but they wouldn’t let me say it.” Now, if that’s the case for C2C who lives on the edge what reason would you think Bezos would buy the WAPO other than become more of a BHO propaganda machine?

    • In my opinion, WAPOS can’t be any more of a leftist rag than it already is. Since Bezos is another Obama worshiper, chances are nothing will change. At least he has deep pockets and can keep the paper out of bankruptcy for a while longer.

        • I agree–it was for the influence over taxes, regs, etc that affect his real business. The Post is not what it once was–yes, in my not so humble, it veered too far left, even to a dopey degree with reporters on MSNBC all the time, etc. But it was a world class paper–and now..who knows. I can’t stop a little schadenfreude…The reporters seem so smug (I used to write for it occasionally but was not on staff)…Now they will see what an involuntary buyout looks like…etc. Welcome to America!

    • Yeah! They can take their fast-drying, undetectable explosives and their dinky little bomb knee replacements or whatever…wait a sec-do we think we will be protected?

  2. Good one, Keith. Can only imagine what those sanctions might be and the chances of Preezy Revenge actually enforcing them. No Army contracts for al Qaeda-related companies! Uh scratch that, it’s against their “due process rights”. Okay, we’ll cut off financial aid to any country that storms our embassy and raises the al Qaeda flag! Uh scratch that too. If we stop funneling them money, they’ll really hate us.

      • You’re welcome. I thought it was funny, but I am not sold that this is a CNN prancing pivot. Note that it seems to be a bit sanctioned — with that comment about Jay Carney having a sense of humor. Still….

  3. The military has evacuated non-essential personnel from the embassy in Saana, and has told other citizens to leave the country.