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Obama Still Silent on Terrorist Threat

When will it stop? When will the flood of information and access from the openness administration end?

Of course, as you and I know, the self-proclaimed openness administration is in fact the Greta Garbo administration, taciturn, at least about anything that matters.

Yes, Obama talks a lot, but we get only the information he wants us to have. That’s not openness.

So the openness White House has kept its mouth closed on why we’re shuttering our embassies and issuing travel warnings and so forth. It occurs to me that the president who presides at Ye Olde Openness White House MIGHT WANT TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THE WORST TERRORIST THREAT SINCE 9/11.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s briefing has been moved from 12:45 to 2:00 pm. Maybe that’s to accommodate Obama’s schedule so he can speak at the top of it. Let’s hope so.

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  1. They were all over the place on this on the morning shows–apparently the vast warehouses of data were not a factor in this chatter–supposedly none of the chatter led back to the US (but didn’t they have to check?). Someone else says this is the new normal–people getting bombs implanted in them (if that is true)… No, they are not open–the whole Daddy knows best deal. Or would that be Mommy Rice, while Daddy parties?

    • My husband has a new titanium hip socket and has to carry a medical card through TSA so he doesn’t set off alarms. Makes me wonder what the “suicide bomb” implant could set off ? Then again, maybe these are just for those “crowded marketplace/christian church” attacks ?

      My question for Carney/Obama, Noticed none of the embassys where the new bundling Ambassador appointments were sent to needed to close? AQ pretty much hates us in those countries too?

  2. “So the openness White House has kept its mouth closed on why we’re shuttering our embassies and issuing travel warnings and so forth. ”

    What should he say?

      • How much detail should he give?

        We already have been told that the “chatter” from terrorists is at the highest levels in a decade.

        • According to some Intel sources, BO may have given away too much info. Raising the alert is one thing, but giving away specific locations may not be in the best interest of security. I can hear the chatter now ….. Ooops, better change our targets to Plan B ;)

          • See? He gets criticized for giving too much information while also getting criticized for not giving enough.

            State would get its ass reamed if it didn’t give out target alerts. As to the closing of embassies, State would get reamed if it didn’t announce the closings. It’s not as if no one would notice that certain embassies were closed.

          • Obama HIMSELF is a security risk that would NEVER obtain an actual security clearance based on his checkered past and questionable documents. He’s demonstrated time and again that he will help Sunni leaders any way they can, kill Shi’ites when he feels he has to kill a Muslim for PR purposes, and gives aid and confort to our enemies even to the extent of supplying the Muslim Brotherhood with F-16s and Abrams tanks while telling the Taliban when we will leave them in charge of Afganistan again.

            I wouldn’t worry about the Embassy thing. It’s just small potatoes. They already know we won’t defend our sovereign property or Ambassadors because of the political inconvenience. I can’t imagine that giving them just a little more, like telling them the date they can resume their bombing plans, will really matter one way or another. After all, they probably get the intelligence breifings that Obama himself refuses to go to, at his orders…

          • And no questions on the security clearance for a certain Shawn Carter who not only visited the White House, but also got a very rare and restricted visit to
            the highly classified Situation Room — with the added bonus of pictures of the “crib crash” that went viral. (Talk about street cred…)

            Mr. Carter, AKA Jay-Z, has a “clearance” on shooting someone, stabbing someone, dealing drugs, and selling “music” that debases our society. Seems he also got a pass for “Niggas in Paris”. (Where was THAT “neighborhood watch”?)

            Could it be due to his financial clout? Was Obama right about getting the influence of money out of politics? Looks like we do have a “situation”.

          • Well when you spoil a child’s birthday he’s likely to say anything. You see he was in party mode and they pooped on his party. They all are so inept it’s absolutely scary.
            Say what you will about Bush Cheney they’d never make
            these stupid mistakes.

  3. Because there AIN’T NO THREAT. The state and the ruling class are getting concerned the peasants are starting to ween themselves off the national security kool aid. The Propaganda Reichsminister and his loyal opposition in the republican party need a good ole fashioned wag the dog to balance out the universe again. And the cool thing is, no one can fact check them.

      • Our English allies, apparently since they already know the level of support they can expect from us (combined with a largely Pakistani Muslim population of their own) have actaully out-yellowed Yellow Dog Obama in the terrorist capitulation Olympics, even to the extent of having their troops not wear their uniforms publically – IN ENGLAND!

        I wouldn’t look for heroics from ANY of our ‘partners’. Because of the American retreat in the “overseas contingency operations’, they’ll just play CYA defense and not provide an alternate target when a juicy American one is not currently available…

          • I know. The point is, that they are even more cowardly than we are at this point, so it’s not a surprise that they ALSO jump when Al Qaeda says “SILENCE! I KEEL YOU!!!”

          • Britain is infested with Islamists. I’m not enthralled with the English Defence League, but I can understand their stance on Islamism.

          • Germany, France and Great Britain. Canada closed its embassy in Dhaka.

            Germany, France and Great Britain closed all their embassys in the Arabian peninsula? Did they extend their closings through the end of Ramadan? Do you have a source citation because I would be curious to read about it. Thanks.

            As for Canada –Dhaka only? Less important for me, as I have never heard of Dhaka and don’t know their relationshi Speaks to my own ignorance only.

          • Thanks Mandy. it appears that the agreed upon concern is Yemen where the Western countries cited above have indeed closed their embassys.

            By this article’s count the US went on to close an additional 20 embassys. One might ask why.

            It will also be interesting to see if after the post Ramadan bewitching hour all 21 US embassies remain closed or will be open for business. En masse or one by one?

            I suspect that prison escapes in Iraq, Libya and Pakisan are a factor, as they should be.

            And I learned that Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.

          • You’re welcome, grace.

            “By this article’s count the US went on to close an additional 20 embassys. One might ask why.”

            Beats me. Perhaps the CIA has information about the plans of those escaped AQ leaders.

  4. The news that the embassies will be closed “until Saturday” is so stupid that it insults even the least among us.
    What? Do terrorist’s bombs have a sell-by date, do evil-doers lose interest after a few days, or do Islam radicals consider Saturday “date night” and don’t want to disappoint the little lady?

    Is this threat for real or is it just another distraction dreamed up by the President’s supporters who are afraid that CongIssa is getting too close to the truth?
    If it’s real, if there is genuine concern for our people and property in lands governed by Islamists, then why wasn’t the President personally involved in the unprecedented meeting at the WhiteHouse?

  5. If this was such a huge problem why does he wait until 9:45 for a briefing? This whole warning is just a smoke screen to divert attention away from BO’s ‘phony’ scandals and a way of saying to the American public, ‘…yes you need to be spied upon in this new world order because as you see we are under threat and unless you are one of us we need to spy on you…’

    • What a striking indictment of this Obama administration that when they issue a warning to the people of impending danger here and in foreign lands, no one believes them.
      We’re asking for facts, proof of the threats, because they have lied to us on everything so that nothing they say is credible.

      The shame of it all on them is that if these threats are credible, it’s their fault that the American public isn’t convinced.

  6. This says it all…..

    “Obama Making his Own Laws – Again”
    by Keith Koffler on August 5, 2013, 9:24 am

    The man has absolutely no regard for this country or its citizens.